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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2234

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Zhou Yunpeng had never heard of a medicinal pill like this, how could he not be shocked?

Medicinal pills that could help cultivators enhance their strength was considered priceless in the world. If someone had this kind of medicinal pill with them, they must treasure them very much instead of taking it out for others. Such a thing did not follow the general principles, so he did not really believe it. 

One should know that refining medicinal pills was something irrelevant with the strength of the alchemist. Hence, Zhou Yunpeng was very shocked at Jiang Chen. Moreover, how could Jiang Chen possibly create so many dreadful medicinal pills within such a short period of time. This kind of medicinal pills were even more mystical than the medicinal pills created by the sect alchemist. If the medicinal pills were really mystical, who would not be moved?

However, Zhou Yunpeng was still holding a skeptical attitude towards what Jiang Chen said.

“I am still a bit skeptical.”

It was under Jiang Chen’s expectation that Zhou Yunpeng would have such doubt. Since he was only a Mid Void God, why didn’t he use the medicinal pills for himself? Jiang Chen had thought of using the medicinal pills for his own benefit but he gave up the thought. He knew that he needed to achieve advancement without a shortcut. He needed to make progress gradually. He could not take a huge step one time because that would only bring himself trouble in the future. 

“My brother’s medicinal pills will definitely bring out such effect.”

Yue Er was very confident in Jiang Chen but Ling Yun just remained silent while standing behind Jiang Chen. 

“Test a pill later. I will find another two people to test it. The three of you will consume these pills together at the same time. If you can break through your cultivation realm here, then it would be the best proof.”

Jiang Chen looked at Zhou Yunpeng and said. 

Zhou Yunpeng opened his eyes wide. What he heard was unbelievable.

“Are you really going to give out thirty Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones?”

“If it doesn’t have the desired effect, who is willing to pay for it?”

Jiang Chen asked back Zhou Yunpeng with a faint smile. 

“You have a point. However, an ordinary person like me only has around one thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones as my whole life assets. Some people might even have lesser than me. Who is willing to spend so much money to buy it?”

Zhou Yunpeng was not worried about the curative effect anymore, but he was still very concerned about the price. 

“Brother Zhou, you worry too much. Fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind.”

Yue Er curled her lips and said.

Zhou Yunpeng smiled embarrassingly. Among the external disciples of the entire Profound Feng Sect, he was a small potato but there were also many people who were not as talented as him. If they only relied on their annual wages, they would have six hundred Low-grade Divine Origin Stones. If they went out to Deer Mourn Mountain to hunt for some beasts, they might obtain some monster crystals under lucky circumstances. Then it might not be a problem for them to get thousands Divine Origin Stones. However, if they fail, they will lose their life.

“There’s no need to worry whether great things can be sold out or not. And you have said that there are both internal and external disciples here. If there are no external disciples interested in these pills, there are still many wealthy people amongst the internal disciples.”  Jiang Chen said.

“A medicinal pill that could help one breakthrough to the Middle and Late Void God Realm. Becoming an internal disciple is not a dream anymore! If the pill doesn’t work, I’m gonna repay you twice the amount you’ve paid. Breakthrough is here. Daybreak Pill can solve all of your problems. If there’s a problem that it can’t solve, then you will only need two of the pills. Right now, I am looking for two people to try the pills without paying anything. There’s no pressure on you as you get to break through your cultivation realm here. There’s no bottleneck at all if you have the Daybreak Pill. Each person can only buy a pill. It costs thirty Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. First come, first serve!” 

Zhou Yunpeng followed Jiang Chen’s words and started to promote the pills. After a while, more than thirty people gathered around them. 

“Is your medicinal pill really that mystical? Can it really help me to break through to Late Void God Realm?”

“How can I believe this? How would it be possible to have such a mystical medicinal pill?”

“Yea, I never heard of anyone who is able to refine such a medicinal pill. It’s unbelievable.” 

Many people gathered around and started feeling skeptical about Jiang Chen’s Daybreak Pill.  

“Are you willing to test the pill? We’re gonna know if it really helps to break through on the spot by experiment. If this is the case, there’s no way to cheat.”

Jiang Chen looked at the people around with a smile.

“Can we really test this pill?”

“Yea, it’s thirty Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. Don’t you think it’s better to just go rob the stones?”

“Even if it can help with breakthrough, only the rich people are able to buy it. We can’t afford thirty Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. I guess very few of the disciples of Outer Sect could afford this.” 

“ A bunch of poor guys. Let me try first. If it works, I’m gonna buy one for my woman.”

Some people doubted if the price of the Daybreak pill was too high and some people doubted if the medicinal pill could really bring such effect. However, these were not Jiang Chen’s concerns at all. If they tried the Daybreak pill, they would experience a breakthrough and then there would not be anyone doubting him anymore. 

“I am Man Shuai*, I would like to try the pill as well since it won’t kill me. I have remained at the peak of Mid Void God for a few years without any progress. This time, I’m gonna see how incredible this medicinal pill is to make me breakthrough. If it really could help me to breakthrough, I am going to pay you thirty Middle-grade Divine Origin Stones.”

A robust man walked to the crowd. He did not wear any mask and he looked simple and honest although his eyes were extraordinarily sharp.

“I know him. Isn’t he ranked seventy-seventh on the Hundred Battle Ranking?”  

“His name matches quite well with his appearance. He’s indeed quite handsome.”

“Hahaha. Interesting. Man Shuai is actually quite powerful. Some experts of Late Void God could not match him.” 

“We’re going to have a good show today. If there’s really such mystical medicinal pills, I guess the entire Outer Sect would get insane of the pill. It might even shock the entire sect.”

Following the public discussion, there were more and more people gathering around Jiang Chen and Zhou Yunpeng. People were always busybodies and they loved to watch shows.

“Alright. Man Shuai, Li Desheng and Zhou Yunpeng, the three of you can swallow the Daybreak pill now. Then, you sit down to refine the pill in your body. Within fifteen minutes, once the Daybreak pill works in your body, you will break through your current cultivation realm.”

Jiang Chen explained.

Everyone found it magical but still remained skeptical. No one believes the existence of such pills. If such pills really existed, it would definitely bring chaos to the world. If three of them managed to breakthrough, they would witness the moment when a miracle happened. 

“Are you ready?”

Jiang Chen moved his finger and threw the medicinal pills to Zhou Yunpeng, Man Shuai and Li Desheng. Three of them gave Jiang Chen a glance. Zhou Yunpeng looked especially unbelievable but he hoped that the pill could bring him transformation.

Zhou Yunpeng held the Daybreak pill with an incomparably solemn face. There was nothing more exciting than the medicinal pill at this moment.

*Man Shuai: Man Shuai literally means quite handsome in Chinese pinyin. 

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