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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2233

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“Alright. I’ll ask my friends whether they have all those ingredients. If they don’t, we’ll have to get it at the Donghua cave trading market 7 days later.”

“Thank you, Brother Zhou.”

“Rest assured, Brother Jiang. I will do my best.”

After bidding farewell to Jiang Chen, Zhou Yunpeng did his best to search for those medicinal ingredients. Jiang Chen did not wait for too long, as Zhou Yunpeng delivered all the ingredients in less than three days. 

“Hahaha, I give my extreme thanks. Brother Zhou.”

“No worries. Even though my cultivation is just average, I am still knowledgeable with regards to the outer sect. If you need any help in the future, just say the word and I’ll do my best,” Zhou Yunpeng said with confidence. 

Zhou Yunpeng was just an average guy with an average talent, and he could not go past the Peak Early Void God Realm. For him, it’s not easy to collect 10,000 Low Grade Divine Origin Stones. After all, they only get 30 Low-Grade Divine Origin Stone per year, and it’s never enough. 

“When I’m done with these pills, let’s go to the trading market. After that, I will help you break through your cultivation realm.” 

Zhou Yunpeng shuddered from Jiang Chen’s words. At this moment, one could almost see tears in his eyes. He was stuck in the Peak Early Void God for many years. Without Divine Origin Stones, without a perfect coincidence, advancing to the Mid Void God Realm was as hard as reaching the heavens for those with limited talent. 

But now, Jiang Chen wanted to help him reach the Mid Void God Realm. How could Zhou Yunpeng not be excited?

“Brother Jiang, how could I ever repay such gratitude? ” 

Zhou Yunpeng felt like crying out his heart. He was an emotional man.

“Say no more. I treat you like my friend.” 

Jiang Chen’s trust and help made Zhou Yunpeng think of one sentence—there’s warmth in humanity. He admired Jiang Chen’s magnanimity and chivalry extremely. 

Jiang Chen took out all the ingredients after Zhou Yunpeng left. Volt Bone Dementor Grass, three Ginkgos, edaphosaurus root, heavenly fragrant hemp leaf, and repose grass. He wanted to concoct two pills, one that nourishes the soul—Soul Stabilizing Pill. The other one would be a pill that could help increase one’s realm by a level—Daybreak Pill!

Daybreak Pill could help those Peak Early and Mid Void Gods to breakthrough with 80% chance. But this effect only applies to Void Gods, those who have reached the True God Realm will find this pill useless. 

But, even so, any one of these pills will surely stir the whole outer sect. 

“To think… you’re an alchemist.” Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen. 

“There are still many things you have not thought of. Haha.”

“Big Brother, Grandpa said your techniques are better than him, is that true?” Yue Er asked. 

“Your grandpa’s cultivation realm is higher than me. But when it comes to the art of alchemy, I am better than him. ”

“Aren’t you confident.” Ling Yun said. 

“Since the two beautiful ladies are doubting me, I’ll finish concocting and boast afterwards.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He summoned the True Dragon Fire as the flame had the best effect in refining pills. Moreover, the intent of the true dragon will seep into it, making the grade of the pills higher. 

“The grades of medicinal pills are separated into five grades, High Grade is quite okay. Supreme Grade is rare, Immortal Grade is extremely treasured. Divine Grade will be one of a kind. As for Saint Grade Pills, rumours are that it had never appeared in the Divine World before, it’s just what an alchemist crave. I wonder what grade you can achieve?”  Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen with eyes exhibiting a rare curiosity. 

“I hope I won’t disappoint the two beautiful ladies!”  

Jiang Chen concocted pills for two hours and the result was 200 Soul Stabilizing Pills and 200 Daybreak Pills. 

“The pill fragrance is thick, Supreme Grade. Not Bad.” Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen’s finished products and evaluated. 

She was quite mentally shocked because she had never seen these two pills before. Moreover, by looking at the process, these pills are definitely exceptional. Even though it may not be of any use to her, those below True God Realm would probably think of it as a saintly item. 

“Pretty good. It looks like it’s even greater than grandpa’s product.” 

Yue Er played around with one of the pills. Even though she was young, she was quite knowledgeable in regards to the arts of alchemy. After all, her grandfather was an alchemist. Unfortunately, she did not have much experience because of her young age, plus she didn’t show any exceptional talent in regards to this field. 

“I plan to sell these two pills in exchange for Divine Origin Stones. I’ll be able to fully concentrate in my cultivation after that. Haha, it excites me just by thinking about it. These two pills will certainly be able to sell for a good price. Swimming in a sea of Divine Origin Stones. Hehehe.” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“Vulgar.” Ling Yun said and turned towards the cave and continued her cultivation. 

“Low.” Yue Er too followed behind.

Jiang Chen was at loss and gave a wry smile. These two pills could stir the whole Profound Feng Sect, but to think the two ladies were uninterested in them. 

The following day, with the two ladies in tow and with Zhou Yunpeng leading the way, Jiang Chen headed to the trading market. 

The trading market of Donghua Cave, which only opens once a month, was big.  There are thousand stalls in the market, causing Jiang Chen to be dazzled. There were all kinds of things being sold, from demon crystals, medicinal ingredients, medicinal pills, weapons, animal hides, pets to demonic beasts, and many more. 

“Let’s set up here. The medicinal pill section has a higher fee, it’s probably around a few hundred Low Grade Divine Origin Stones.” Zhou Yunpeng said quietly. 

Looking at the others, they were all wearing masks. Jiang Chen and the others too were wearing a mask. Hence, he was not worried that Ling Yun would cause unnecessary ruckus. 

“We need to go to a place where people are gathered to buy pills. There’ll be more buyers there.” Jiang Chen said. 

He did not care about those few hundred Low Grade Divine Origin Stones. Only Zhou Yunpeng was feeling the pain.

“At what price are you going to put?” Zhou Yunpeng asked. 

“Thirty. It’ll be bad if it’s too expensive. No one will be able to afford it.” 

“Thirty is expensive? An average pill range between 30-50 Low Grade Divine Origin Stone. If your pills are of good qualities… it won’t be a problem to even sell it at 100 per pill. Don’t look down on those people that came to buy pills. Each and every one of them are wealthy.” Zhou Yunpeng said. 

“It’s thirty Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones.” Jiang Chen corrected. 

“How much? Thirty Mid Grade Divine Origin Stone? This…. is a bit too much.” Zhou Yunpeng was instantly dumbfounded.  

“It should be 30 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones. If it became any cheaper, wouldn’t people just come and buy it all? Do you know what pills these are?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“No idea.” Zhou Yunpeng shook his head. 

“A pill that can help you break through. Do you think it’s worth the money?” 

Zhou Yunpeng gasped. He had never heard of a pill that could help a person breakthrough. His expression became extremely solemn. 

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