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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2232

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Sui Zhenkai deserved death because he was a despicable man in many disciples’ eyes. There’s nothing wrong with Jiang Chen for killing him. Moreover, Jiang Chen killed him in the arena, a place where one could kill the opponent. If one was capable enough, what’s wrong with killing others? 

In this world where life was fragile, Profound Feng Sect could be considered as a relatively peaceful place. The world outside would be much crueler and more miserable. Killing someone would be just a normal thing and it was the easiest trick to survive. If one does not kill someone, then one would only die in someone else’s hands. 

No one could change the principle that the powerful are the winner while the weak are losers. If you lived under someone else’s hands, then you were doomed to be a loser.

After going back to his mansion, Jiang Chen decided to focus fully on cultivation. However, the Divine Origin Stones he had right now was not enough. The Divine Qi he absorbed daily could also not bring much effect to him. Jiang Chen was confused. According to Ling Yun, an average cultivator only needed ten thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones to break through to the Middle Void God Realm. However, he had consumed five hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones to break through. It was a very huge consumption and even shocking to others.

Jiang Chen was well-aware that 1 million Low-grad Divine Origin Stones might not even be enough for him to break through to the Late Void God Realm in the coming days.

Therefore, he thought of a way to earn money, which was to refine medicinal pills! Refining weapons could also be a way of earning, but it would attract many people’s attention. If he wanted to refine weapons and sell them in bulk, it would not work because only wealthy people would be capable enough of buying Divine Tools. Right now, if he took out a piece of Divine Tool, he might alarm the sect master immediately. All the people in the sect might fight for the Divine Tool fiercely. That was why Jiang Chen decided to refine medicinal pills. 

In terms of skill, Jiang Chen’s refining skill was definitely higher than Old Gang Tou. More importantly, he could control the realm of the medicinal pills better than the old man. Refining medicinal pills in Divine World was completely another level from refining medicinal pills in Nine Region Immortal World. Old Gang Tou’s words had brought wisdom to Jiang Chen and helped him to advance his skill in refining medicinal pills.

This time, he was going to see how much advancement his skills in refining elixirs had achieved. 

Jiang Chen thought of meeting Zhou Yunpeng as he had been an external disciple for more than twenty years. Zhou Yunpeng would definitely have some way to help him sell medicinal pills. 

When Jiang Chen summoned Zhou Yunpeng with the talisman, Zhou Yunpeng rushed to Jiang Chen immediately without hesitation. Jiang Chen never expected that he would act so quickly.

“Haha, brother Zhou. I never thought that you would come so quickly,” Jiang Chen said with laughter.

“I should do this. Brother Jiang, you are a well-known figure amongst the external disciples right now. You don’t know there are so many people who would like to see you right now. I didn’t know that you’re such a formidable figure last time. Hope you don’t mind about that.”

Zhou Yunpeng smiled bitterly and said. Jiang Chen was really popular right now. Hundreds and thousands of external disciples were crazy about Jiang Chen after what he did to the Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng. Those who wanted to challenge Jiang Chen before had given up such thought. An expert like Jiang Chen would at least be ranked on the twentieth position in the Hundred Battle Ranking. Who would find such trouble for themselves? 

When Zhou Yunpeng saw Jiang Chen again, he could not help feeling a bit regretful in his heart. When you are a strong expert, no one would dare to bully you. Jiang Chen had already killed a few people here, his imposing presence was irresistible. 

“Nothing much. Hehe, brother Zhou. This time, I need your help for something.” Jiang Chen said seriously. 

Zhou Yunpeng became serious as well. He would definitely help Jiang Chen and he would use his utmost effort in doing so. Knowing an expert like Jiang Chen would help him gain respect and power. Zhou Yunpeng was not a person who bullied others through any powerful connection, but there was no harm for him to befriend an expert like Jiang Chen.

“Tell me and if I can make it, I will do it with my utmost effort,” Zhou Yunpeng said.

“I want to sell some medicinal pills to earn Divine Origin Stones for cultivation.” 

Zhou Yunpeng looked at Jiang Chen with shock. 

“Do you have medicinal pills? Normally, no one is willing to sell good quality medicinal pills. Do you have a lot of them?”

“I have a lot of them,” Jiang Chen replied clamly. 

“Between the internal and external disciples, we have an underground place for transactions every month. The Dong Hua Cave of Feng You Mountain is the place we do our transaction. However, some internal disciples normally don’t want to reveal their strength and face, so they wear masks to enter the place. As time passed, the external disciples also copied that as well. There are people selling everything, including monster crystals, medicinal pills or even False Divine Tools. As long as you have enough Divine Origin Stones, you can buy anything,” Zhou Yun Peng said.

“What kind of medicinal pills do you have? Can I have the advantage to have them first as I am connected to you. Haha.”

“Of course. But I haven’t refined them yet.”

Jiang Chen’s words had really stunned Zhou YunPeng. Are you kidding me, brother?

“Are you an Alchemist?”

Zhou Yunpeng’s disbelief showed in his eyes. Isn’t this man too terrifying?

“You can say so. I can refine some simple medicinal pills but I am not sure if they can be sold with a good price,” Jiang Chen said.

“Incredible. You are really a genius who can’t be compared to the ordinary people like us. You can even make medicinal pills and sell it. If you have any great medicinal pills, don’t forget about me, brother Jiang.”

Zhou Yunpeng looked at Jiang Chen with great admiration. 

“Are you willing to help me collect some herbs? You are the only one I can trust in Profound Feng Sect.”

What Jiang Chen said really made Zhou Yunpeng tremble for a moment. His face had also become serious as he felt that it was his honour to be trusted.

“Are you serious?”

Jiang Chen’s trust and respect made Zhou Yunpeng feel really excited in his heart. Jiang Chen was not an arrogant man and he did not put himself higher than Zhou Yunpeng. If it was someone from the Hundred Battle Ranking, that person would definitely look down upon Zhou Yunpeng and order him to do something for them. To be honest, people from the Hundred Battle Ranking actually had the right to be arrogant.  

“Of course. Here is one hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. I need you to help me collect some herbs. Fu bone soul grass, three gingkos, edaphosaurus root, heaven fragrant hashish, as well as nourishing grass,” Jiang Chen said.

One hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. Jiang Chen gave him one hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. Zhou Yunpeng felt the weight on his hand, but it was not only the weight of the Divine Origin Stones. It was the weight of Jiang Chen’s trust and respect.

“I have three hundred Low-grade Divine Origin Stones for you. Please take it.”

“I can’t take these, brother Jiang!” 

But Jiang Chen insited, saying, “Take it as this is what you should get. Three hundred Low-grade Divine Origin Stones are not much for me. Help me collect the herbs and ingredients. Maybe you can help me sell some of the medicinal pills after I refine them.

Under Jiang Chen’s advice and persistence, Zhou Yunpeng had no choice but to keep the Divine Origin Stones. Holding the one hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones, he felt that his mission was actually quite heavy. 

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