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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2231


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At that time, he had killed twenty three people continuously, however he was not put to death penalty by the sect. Instead, he was confined for three years. That was why he could not ignore the law of sect as this mattered to him.

“You are lucky, kid. I will take my vengeance on you next time.’”

As soon as he finished his words, Yan Cheng turned away and left. This scene had made many of the external disciples’ eyes fill with admiration. Although it was under Bai Yun Fei’s assistance, Jiang Chen still managed to escape from Yan Cheng after having a neck and neck battle with him. They knew that the rise of 

Jiang Chen would be irresistible, provided that he would not be killed by Yan Cheng.

“Thank you so much, Bai Yun Fei senior,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“ A piece of cake. If he wanted to take action against you, he would actually break the law of the sect. After today’s battle, I guess you would be well-known amongst the external disciples. Haha.” 

Bai Yun Fei laughed light-heartedly, then gave Ling Yun a profound glance.

“She’s indeed a beauty but she has attracted too much attention and definitely would be the spotlight wherever she goes. Hehe, you know what I mean. Take care of yourself.”

When Bai Yun Fei was about to leave, he was called by Jiang Chen. 

“Senior Bai, I would like to ask you something. What kind of place is the Hidden Secret Realm?

Jiang Chen’s eyes carried some kind of eagerness. He believed that the Hidden Secret Realm must be an interesting place as Yan Cheng valued it so much.

“You would like to know about it as well? Hehe, it’s okay to let you know. Every hundred years, there is a Secret Realm trial at Linhe Boundary. The Hidden Secret Realm would be the gathering place for all of the young men of Linhe boundary. Monsters, beasts and relics could be found everywhere inside the secret realm. Cultivators with great luck might even be able to experience a transformation and become peerless experts. That’s a place to nurture great experts. There are eight cultivators from the Profound Feng Sect that are allowed to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. Five for the internal disciples and three for the external disciples. In the coming days, I am going to challenge the third ranker on the Hundred Battle Ranking in order to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. It’s worthy to have a life-and-death battle to get that chance,” Bai Yun Fei said and smiled. 

“Three spots for the external disciples?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Our eldest senior’s strength is really terrifying, and even the internal disciples wouldn’t challenge him. Yan Cheng is the king of demons whom no one is willing to bother. You better go far away from him.”

Bai Yun Fei had already left, but Jiang Chen’s eyes shone at this moment. Hidden Secret Realm and there were three spots for external disciples. He was thinking about fighting for that chance and his target would be Yan Cheng!

Everyone there was really impressed by Jiang Chen and admired him. Jiang Chen had first killed Sui Zhenjiang then battled with the Li Huo Demon Yan Cheng. After today’s incident, his name would surely spread amongst the external disciples. At this moment, Jiang Chen could be considered as being the focus of public attention. A battle like this had attracted both men and women to watch, and they were all excited when watching the battle. 

One should know that Sui Zhenkai was an expert in the Hundred Battle Ranking while Jiang Chen was only a new disciple. The most dreadful thing that Jiang Chen did was ignoring others to kill Sui Zhenkai ruthlessly. After killing Sui Zhenkai, he challenged and suppressed Yan Cheng. This was the dreadful part about Jiang Chen. Yan Cheng was one of the most outstanding experts amongst the external disciples. Except the eldest senior, Yang Jian, no one could be compared to him.

However, Jiang Chen had made it. The mightiness of his palm had made him stand neck and neck with Yan Cheng. Although he was just showing a part of his true strength, he had already startled everyone. Undeniably, this act of his left a huge blow in everyone’s heart. Astonishment already bloomed in everyone’s heart. Many of the new and weaker disciples all showed great admiration to Jiang Chen because he brought them a different kind of hope. Who said there were no outstanding experts among the disciples with lower realms? Jiang Chen was obviously an exception.

“When will we be able to reach Jiang Chen’s level?”

“In your dream. Jiang Chen had killed a Late Void God while just being a Middle Void God. It’s not something an ordinary genius could achieve.”

“That’s right. Seems like there will be a new expert on our Hundred Battle Ranking soon.”

“Yea. I am really looking forward to the battle between Jiang Chen and Yan Cheng. Who will have the upper hand?”

“Although Jiang Chen is strong, Yang Chen has been a powerful expert for many years. He has been ranked above hundreds and thousands of people among the external disciples. In terms of glory, reputation and strength, Jiang Chen might not be a match for him.” 

Those people watching outside the arena were envious of those who fought inside the arena. However, who knew how much challenges and obstacles Jiang Chen had gone through all this time. How he took step by step to enter Nine Region Immortal World from the human world and how he stepped into Divine World from Nine Region Immortal World. No one would understand the hardships he went through. 

Jiang Chen stood with pride then walked towards Ling Yun and Yue Er slowly. He did not disappoint the two girls. At this moment, he had become their hero.

“Luckily, you are still here.”

“Brother, you’re really awesome. Although there are still some gaps between Sister Ling and you, you already did a good job.”

As soon as Yue Er finished her words, she looked at Ling Yun and smiled. Ling Yun looked calm and did not bother what she just said. 

“My strength might not be as strong as you at the moment, but I will catch up to you one day.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“Chase Sister Ling?  Are you really confident, brother?”

“Of course.” Jiang Chen said proudly. 

Suddenly, he saw Yue Er laughing cunningly, only then did he know that this little girl was playing with her words. Luckily, Ling Yun did not show any facial expression at this moment.

Ling Yun touched Yue Er’s head softly and grabbed her to leave the place.

“Hopefully, that day will come.”

What Ling Yun said stunned Jiang Chen for a while. Do you really want me to catch up to you in terms of strength or chase you? But, if his strength could not catch up to Ling Yun’s, most probably he would not have any right to chase her. 

Jiang Chen touched his nose and ridiculed himself. Unexpectedly, he was somehow hopeful. Ever since he had entered the Divine World, he had been seeing many beauties. Jiang Xin Xin and Goddess Luo were both outstanding beauty. But, only Ling Yun somehow touched his heart. Although he worried that he would disappoint Yan Chenyu and the others, he knew that he could not control his feelings. 

In the bottom of his heart, Jiang Chen started feeling something towards her. Although it was not very strong, Jiang Chen knew that this lady had walked into his heart silently.

“Cheer up! Brother.”

Under everyone’s admiration, Jiang Chen left the arena with Ling Yun and Yue Er. The events of today started spreading amongst the external disciples: Jiang Chen killed Sui Zhenkai and fought Yan Cheng afterwards. Topics like this had naturally become everyone’s conversation.

Jiang Chen’s image also became more and more impressive in Profound Feng Sect. It was rare that such a formidable disciple had suddenly appeared amongst the external disciples. Moreover, this disciple was accompanied by such an unparalleled beauty with him. This had really made most people feel curious about him.

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