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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2228


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Every man dreamt of having such a country toppling beauty to be by their side. Otherwise, what use is there in conquering everything under the heavens? What use is the title of being the strongest under the heavens? An expert is fated to have a company, an admirer, this was the ganghu (martial world), this was life. 

In the eyes of Sui Zhenkai, only by having such a beauty by his side will the title of ‘hero’ be well deserved. To be ranked within a hundred amongst a hundred thousand disciples. Such arrogance was definitely not something that could be compared to an average person, untamable and cold. 

At least, he’s not someone that could be compared to the likes of Huang Tianba. 

“Looks like that fellow doesn’t dare to come for today’s battle. Haha.” 

“Predictable. This time, Sui Zhenkai has gone too far. His opponent is just a new disciple of the sect, for four days! He has already been challenged, and it’s an expert from the Hundred Battle Ranking. I wouldn’t come if it was me.”

“Yeah, there is only one end to those who like to play the hero, and that is death.” 

“Having both talent and ability, why be afraid of a challenge? The heroes under the heavens are born under the same generation as us. What use is there to cultivate when one doesn’t dare to accept such a challenge?” 

“You’re right. But I think the result of this battle has already been decided. Sui Zhenkai is here for Huang Tianba’s sake. But he certainly has other motives. Hehe.”

Countless people were discussing, but Sui Zhenkai ignored the chatter. Nobody could tell him what to do nor stop him from acting. 


“He’s coming, he really came! That fellow came to accept the challenge.”  

“Of course, he had to come. After all, a whole bunch of new disciples and seniors witnessed what happened.  Otherwise, how could he stand his ground in the sect? ”

Jiang Chen came to the area from the sky with the two ladies beside him. One was a little girl and the other was a beautiful lady. The latter was wearing an azure mask to cover her face, yet her beauty could not be concealed, mesmerizing countless heroes in the process. A woman like her was fated to bring chaos to the world, eventually overthrowing the world. 

Little Yue Er was energetic. Even though she was young, she was slowly becoming a pretty little lady. In the future, she would certainly grow into a beauty too. 

Ling Yun held onto Yue Er’s arm. Jiang Chen walked towards the front, making countless people envy him in the process. But at the same time, countless people felt sad for him. 

“The peaceful days of the family of three will finally be broken apart. This stage could decide the life and death of the contenders. Even though this clash is not fair, no one forced him to come. This rookie is still too green.” 

“Isn’t it? Strength must be accompanied by ability. His woman is truly drop-dead gorgeous. Whereby if he doesn’t have the strength to even protect his own woman, then he’s fated to become a stepping stone of others and his woman shall become the wife of others. Hehe, this is such a world where the strongs steps over the weak. The powerful shall forever be the one standing on the top. If you feel that this is unfair, then, you’ll have to defeat him first.” 

Jiang Chen listened to the mockery and disdain of those people quietly, completely indifferent. No one wanted to replace him, his appearance had caused the audience to feel ashamed. The current Jiang Chen had become stronger once again. He had no worries in facing Sui Zhenkai now. 

As for those people who thought Ling Yun was his woman and Yue Er as their child. Jiang Chen only listened to what he wanted to listen, otherwise his blood would boil, and he’d die due to anger. 

Ling Yun was already used to it. Even though she did not say anything, Jiang Chen could feel a slight annoyance from her, even anger. But what could they do about it? The others will definitely think of them as a family of three. Of course, Jiang Chen would face the most danger. Because he needed to accept the challenges and provocations from numerous experts at any moment, protecting a woman that was not his wife was his daily life now. 

“I thought you’re not going to come.” Sui Zhenkai looked at Jiang Chen with a smile, but his gaze was more focused on Ling Yun. He completely disregarded Jiang Chen as his equal. 

“I thought you’ve become blind.” Jiang Chen too gave a slight smile in response. 

“You’re forcing me to kill you, forcing me to kill you in the swiftest way possible. Know this, it’s not that hard.” Sui Zhenkai said disdainfully. 

“This time, let’s see you try getting away from my grasp.” 

Huang Tianba’s eyes were cold while watching from the sideline. But his heart became warm just thinking about Sui Zhenkai killing Jiang Chen. That fellow’s cocky days shall be over. His vengeance for his severed arm and his little brother’s death shall be avenged. Huang Tianba has already decided that the death of Huang Qiuyin was the responsibility of Jiang Chen. If not for him, his little brother will certainly not die. Even though there weren’t any clues, he was sure that it was done by Jiang Chen. 

“I ought to be able to replace you on the 69th rank on the Hundred Battle Ranking after killing you, right?” Jiang Chen said. 

“Yes. But the prerequisite is that you have the ability to do so. Why don’t we make a bet? Maybe, this could save your life.” Sui Zhenkai said with a smile and playful eyes. 

“My ears are all open.” 

“How could there be no prize if there’s a competition? I won’t kill you if you lose, but she will become my woman instead. If you win, whether I die or become a cripple, it’ll be decided by you.” 

“This is what you meant by the prize? Hehe. Truly disappointing. You’re not fit to be called a man, an expert, or a hero. Pity, you’re just trash.” Jiang Chen scolded loudly. 

“You dare scold me?” Sui Zhenkai’s expression became cold and dark, Jiang Chen had thoroughly angered him. 

“So what if I scold you? I’ll just kill you later. Women are not merchandise. What is the difference between me and an animal if I use my own woman as wager? But it looks like you’re much more of an animal than me.”

Jiang Chen’s words affected quite a number of people. The one that was moved the most was Ling Yun. Even though she was not Jiang Chen’s woman, his words definitely moved her heart. She now saw Jiang Chen in a different light. Such a man could definitely take responsibility.

She’s not easily moved by others. But Jiang Chen’s words had really moved a part of her heart. 

“Big Brother is truly a good person.” Yue Er murmured. 

Even though she’s only about 13 years old, how could she not know? At this moment, tears could be seen in her eyes as she was proud of Jiang Chen and Ling Yun. They knew Jiang Chen was not a selfish man. Even though he may not be extremely strong, he gave off the warmth and steadiness like that of a giant mountain. 

Yue Er knew it better than anyone. Jiang Chen was definitely a man of affection and faith. Even if Big Sister Ling does not like him, countless others will certainly like him. 

Men are born to fight. Unwilling to use a woman as a wager was a form of respect, and women should be protected. Whereas, Sui Zhenkai did not have such awareness. 

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