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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2223

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“I have never expected that you would still be here. Hmph. I thought that you had found a cave to hide.”

Huang Qiuyin said in a cunning tone while staring at Jiang Chen with towering killing intent. 

“Elder brother, he is the one who beat me up badly.” 

Huang Qiuyin looked at Huang Tianba and complained about Jiang Chen.

Huang Tianba gave Huang Qiuyin a glance.

“Rubbish. You have shamed me, get out of here.” 

Huang Tianba said coldly then turned his body around, looking directly at Jiang Chen. 

“Are you the one who injured Qiuyin? A new disciple dares to be so reckless. Do you really think that Profound Feng Sect is your house? Hehe. The young generation today is really disappointing.”

Huang Tianba sneered.

“That’s right. Some guys would never know how high the sky is and how big the earth is. They just take action against anyone without rationale. They should go to the mirror and see if they have such capability.”

“Brother Tianba, I think we should throw them to the ravine and feed them to the dogs. Haha!”

“Yes. Qiuyin has just arrived here. How can he get bullied like this? Don’t worry. We won’t let a new disciple get bullied like this. This isn’t a place for anyone to bully others.”

Huang Tianba hadn’t even finished his words but the guys behind him had already spoken. They seemed like they were afraid of nothing at all, and said that they wanted to take the  territory back for Huang Qiuyin.

“Are you guys here to find trouble? Taking the territory back, right? What if you guys lose to me? I am also a new disciple but you lot are already bullying me like this. Is this just? Although you guys are the deacons of outer disciples, you should not be so unfair,” Jiang Chen rebutted calmly.

“Being so arrogant, so what? Being so tyrannical so what? In this place, we talk with our strength. If you can defeat me, we will forget what happened today. However, if you lose, I’m afraid that you might suffer severe injuries,” Huang Tianba said. 

His body was robust and looked vigorous. Just by looking at his body alone, one could see that he must be known for his strength.

“Otherwise, there’s another option. Ask your woman to come out here to kowtow to my brother thirty times. Then, I will let today’s matter go.”

“You have been severely overestimating your brother. Or do you really think that you are the most formidable person under the heavens? A deacon of the outer disciples? Your status doesn’t hold anything here.” Jiang Chen sneered.

“Seems like you want to compete with us!” The people around Huang Tianba said.

“Not bad. Since you guys are here to fight, then let’s discuss the rules of the battle. I don’t want something like this to ever happen again in the future, otherwise, I won’t have time to cultivate anymore.”

“All right. You tell me what’s the rule.”

Huang Tianbao threw away the hammer in his hand then crossed his arms over his chest, looking at Jiang Chen as if he’s interested in what Jiang Chen was going to say.

“Let’s bet Divine Origin Stones. What do you think?”

“Sure. How much Divine Origin Stone do you want to bet? I am willing to humor you.” 

Huang Tianba’s eyes looked ruthless and said coldly.

“Thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones! How about it?”

Jiang Chen moved his finger then thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones appeared behind him. At this moment, everyone took a cold breath and was stunned when they saw the amount of Divine Origin Stones. It’s estimated that only those experts in the Hundred Battle Ranking would have such a huge amount of wealth.

The people around who were waiting for a show suddenly became really excited. Thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones was not a wealth that normal people could imagine. It was equal to thirty Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. Who wouldn’t be stunned by such a huge amount of Divine Origin Stones?

“What’s the background of this guy? Such a wealthy background. He just took out thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones.”

“That’s right. I never saw so many Low-grade Divine Origin Stones in my life before. Is this guy having a mental problem? Doesn’t he know that he should not show his wealth like this? I am afraid that many people are going to target him.” 

“He’s really too young. I guess Huang Tianba would be thrilled. This guy used so much to challenge Huang Tianba. Huang Tianba’s strength is at the peak of Middle Void God Realm, but this guy is just at the Early Void God Realm. I wish I could also share a part of that fortune. Haha.”

The people around were incomparably excited. Who wouldn’t be moved by thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones? 

Huang Tian took a deep breath while his eyes were staring at the thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones. 

“How about it? If you lose, are you going to give me thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones as well?” Jiang Chen said with pride.

“All right. Since you are willing to give such wealth to me, how could I refuse your generous offer? Haha. I am going to accept these thirty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones with gratitude.”  Huang Tianba’ eyes carried excitement. 

This guy was really rich because Huang Tianba only had around one hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones and around ten Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. It was really mouth watering when looking at this guy’s wealth. He definitely had more Divine Origin Stones. 

“If you guys want to make a bet, take out your Divine Origin Stones. I still have around twenty thousand Divine Origin Stones, I am going to bet everything today.”

Jiang Chen looked at the people around Huang Tianba who were tempted to make a try. Jiang Chen’s words even brightened their eyes and they started taking out their Divine Origin Stones. 

“I bet three hundred Low-grade Divine Origin Stones!”

“I bet five hundred. That’s all I have. Haha/”

“I bet eighty.”

“I bet a hundred!”

In a flash, there were around three hundred people joining the gamble. The twenty thousand Divine Origin Stones were already in front of their eyes. Everyone was looking forward to the battle because they knew that it was impossible for Huang Tianba to lose. Although he only stayed on the Hundred Battle Ranking for three days, it was enough to arouse people’s envy.  Otherwise, he would not be qualified to become the deacon for external disciples. Huang Tianba had been cultivating in Profound Feng Sect for more than twenty years. His aptitude was already quite incredible.

“I will take away these thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones,” Huang Tianba said proudly. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes carried some kind of cunningness. If he showed out all of his Divine Origin Stones, he might cause people to doubt him. That’s why he only took out fifty thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones. He would already be satisfied if he won fifty thousand. Right now, Jiang Chen has fourteen hundred thousand Low-grade Divine Origin Stones, and one thousand and three hundred Mid-grade Divine Origin Stones. This was already quite a huge amount of wealth.

“I don’t think you have such capability.”

Jiang Chen gave the crowd a glance. He planned to cheat everyone here. Since you guys love to watch shows, then you should pay some price to watch my show. 

“Garrulous, simple-minded. All of your Divine Origin Stones will be mine.”

Huang Tianba said faintly. He was extremely confident in himself. Those waiting for the show to start also looked forward to Huang Tianba defeating Jiang Chen, and to reveal his true colours.

“These people might not be a match for brother Jiang.”

Yue Er said in a low voice.

“He’s pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger. But these people deserved to lose.”

At the entrance of the cave mansion, Ling Yun smiled gracefully and looked devastatingly beautiful. 

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