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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2218


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“Such a terrifying Dragon Transformation.” Ling Yun murmured. 

The current Jiang Chen who was only an Early Void God was strong enough to fight against Late Void Gods. Moreover, these disciples were not weak. If he managed to reach the True God realm, then he’ll surely cause  mass destruction. 

But time waits for no one. Maybe, the moment he reached the True God Realm he’ll be in his deathbed. The Divine World does not lack geniuses and prodigies. These prodigies are fated to be lonesome, as it’s lonely being at the top. Possibly even die young. Talent and abilities play a major part. Another part of it was fate. If one ‘manages’ to grow, then he’ll become a true expert. Otherwise, some might not even appear on the world stage even if they’re talented. 

“Attack at full strength! Do not hold back! I’ll grant whoever that manages to kill him a Divine Tool!” Yan Feng roared furiously. 

He will be in danger if these people fail. Plus, he was also a Late Void God, if these many people couldn’t put Jiang Chen down, then he alone would face grave danger. 

The ten of them felt like they were given drugs. Divine Tools were akin to a supreme treasure for a Heavenly God. If they really managed to get a Divine Tool in their hands, then they’ll be invincible in their respective realms. 

As the saying goes, a courageous warrior will come forward with great rewards. Yan Feng’s reward was one they couldn’t resist. 

“Iron Locks River!”

“Rainbow Breaking Sword!” 

“Invincible Tornado Kick!”

Each of them unleashed their most powerful attack. But Jiang Chen wasn’t going to back down with his draconic form. He endured the barrage of attacks without flinching, causing Xiong Yan and the others to be shaken. 

“It’s now my turn right?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

He took a step forward and a great aura engulfed the group,  forcing them to take a step back as their expression went sour. 

“A Single Sword Shines Upon the Fourteen Regions!” 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword was unstoppable, everything became ash wherever the blade touches. Their weapons shattered and they suffered severe injury from the sword qi eating into their bodies. 

The sword strike was silent. But at this moment, Yan Feng’s expression utterly changed. Because Jiang Chen was walking towards him. 

“I am the Young Sect Master of Profound Feng Sect. My grandfather is the Great Elder of the sect. What are you trying to do? What do you want? I’ll grant it all to you.” Yan Feng took two steps back. 

Jiang Chen’s aura had completely overpowered him. 

He had totally forgotten  how to resist even if he was a Late Void God as fear enveloped his whole body. The foldable fan that was in his hand was even lost. 

“I originally did not want to kill anyone.  But you guys forced me to do so. Why?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter laugh. 

“Don’t kill me! You will be hunted down by Profound Feng Sect if you kill me. I promise you, I’ll do anything to give you what you want. I beg you, I do not want to die.” Yan Feng cryingly said. 

“I can’t stay calm if you’re not dead!” Jiang Chen pointed his sword at Yan Feng. 

At this moment, his ten subordinates chose to be silent. But Jiang Chen wasn’t planning on letting any one of them go. It was not his style to not tie up loose ends.

“I’ll bring you down with me even if I die!” 

Yan Feng suddenly raised his head,  his eyes were extremely cold with an evil smile on his face. A white powder was scattered in front of Jiang Chen and Yan Feng attempted to pierce Jiang Chen with a hidden blade in his hand. The final dying strike of a Late Void God was not something to be taken lightly.

Jiang Chen’s gaze became cold. The Five Elemental True Fire instantly burned the white powder and Jiang Chen rotated his Heavenly Dragon Sword to defend against Yan Feng’s piercing strike. It instantly cut off Yan Feng’s arm, causing him to shriek in pain. The latter then quickly retreated, but Jiang Chen did not allow him to do so. 

A piercing sword strike was launched. puncturing Yan Feng’s body. 

“Old Ancestor save me!!!” 

A figure suddenly appeared on the air.

“Who dares to harm my grandson?! Prepare to die… ” An old voice resounded.

Ling Yun snapped her finger and the figure instantly disappeared. 


Yan Feng’s eyes were filled with fear. But the moment Jiang Chen retrieved his blade, Yan Feng’s chest was split open and fell towards the ground. 

“Who are you?!” Xiong Yan looked at Jiang Chen with shock and fear as he took several steps back. 

Their expression was extremely unsightly as they felt like death was approaching them. 

“We’re the guys you’re looking for.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“The guys we’re looking for?! You killed the people of Feng Man Lou and Guo Chendong”

Xiong Yan’s expression changed as he stumbled backwards. He knew that his days were numbered.

“If there’s something you want to blame, blame your eyes on choosing the wrong master, and you guys going against me!”

“Die!” Jiang Chen struck with his sword without leaving any witnesses behind. 

Jiang Chen managed to gain 20,000 Low-Grade Divine Origin Stones and 1000+ Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones from them. 

“Vulgar.” Ling Yun said palely. 

“Haha, you hail from a great sect, you naturally wouldn’t understand how pitiful us rogue cultivators are. But I think you’re ‘colder’ than your elite status.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Ling Yun did not reply. 

“Thanks for earlier. “

“It’s nothing. I would be in danger too if that body double came.” Ling Yun said. 

“We need to leave this place fast!”

Jiang Chen knew that figure will not let this go. 

Ling Yun took Yue Er’s hand and continued their journey. 

Profound Feng Sect, within the Qi Yun Cave. 

“I will destroy you!!!  Arghhhh!!! “

An old man with a rugged robed and a cold expression, roaring furiously as if he could swallow his enemies blood and flesh! 

“Feng Er, wait for me!” The old man instantly flew out with burning killing intent. 

However, when he arrived at the scene where Yan Feng and his party were killed. Yan Feng’s corpse was already cold and the trio has been long gone. 

The old man hugged Yan Feng’s corpse and cried pitifully. 

“Feng Er. Grandfather has disappointed you. Your father asked me to protect you before he died, yet I am unable to do so. Regretful! Regret!!! This vengeance must be paid with blood! I will find out those culprits even if it’s at the ends of the earth!” Yan Jun’s roar could even be heard 800 Li away. Jiang Chen heard it and quickly increased their pace, leaving the area. 

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