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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2217


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The trio had quite a peaceful journey and Jiang Chen had more or less understood the situation in the Divine World. Since this was not the Immortal World, there could be powerful experts just randomly appearing out of nowhere. True God realm experts are not something that Jiang Chen could contend against without relying on the Twelve Fire God Guards. 

“Where are you guys from?”

Suddenly, eleven figures blocked the trio’s path. 

“What does it have to do with you to ask where we came from?” Jiang Chen replied. 

“Looks like you guys are seeking your own death. Do you know who my young master is?” A rough, sturdy looking youth said arrogantly towards Jiang Chen. 

“Is this road owned by your family? I go whenever and wherever I want to, what does it have to do with me who your young master is?”

Jiang Chen’s calmness made the other party’s expression turn cold. 

“Listen carefully, my master is the Young Sect Master of Profound Feng Sect, the Grandson of the Sect’s Elder. Who doesn’t know of our Profound Feng Sect in this several thousand Li radius? Lad, looks like you’re eager to die.” The sturdy looking youth looked at Jiang Chen angrily. 

The Young Sect Master of Profound Feng Sect!  Jiang Chen thought. 

Could this fellow be trying to seek trouble with the village because some of their guys were killed? 

“The pretty lady beside you is truly gorgeous, I cannot contain myself from just looking at her face.”

A youth wearing an extravagant robe accompanied with a foldable fan in his hands and an extraordinary demeanor said. But a hint of evil, perverted colour could be seen in his eyes, obviously aiming towards Ling Yun. 

“Perverted trash. ” Ling Yun said. 

“Such a hot and beautiful lady. Me likey. Heh heh. Spicy, hot. Kill the extra. I’ll gladly accept these two pretty ladies. The small one…   hehe…  she’ll surely become a fine lady after a few more years.” Yan Feng’s feminine face looked at the trio with a perverted eyes. 

“Big Brother, I don’t like him. He’s disgusting.” Yue Er held onto a part of Jiang Chen’s robe and said quietly. 

“Your Big Sister Ling Yun already said they’re just trash. Why should we get worked up over some trash? Wouldn’t WE become trash too? Haha.” Jiang Chen patted Yue Er’s head and said. 

Yan Feng’s gaze became cold and stared at Jiang Chen:

“You dare talk back?  Hmph hmph, looks like you really don’t care about your meagre life.”

“You have no plans of letting me go from the very start right?” Jiang Chen shrugged and said. 

At the same time, he too was not going to let these guys go. Old Gang Tou would be in trouble if they enter the village. So, why not kill them now and be rid of the trouble. 

“Lad, you’re smart aint ya. Pity, you’re too smart for your own good. No one will come to save you. Only death awaits you.” Yan Feng said. 

“Xiong Yan, kill him. No mercy! “

“Alright, Young Sect Master. Let’s go brothers.” Xiong Yan’s expression became serious. 

As one of the top rankers of the outer sect, he was a Peak Mid Void God expert, and he could even defeat some of the Late Void Gods. Moreover, there were three Late Void Gods, six Peak Mid Void Gods in their group. It’ll be a piece of cake to kill these two Early Void Gods. The little one could be ignored. 

“I, alone, am enough!” Xiong Yan sneered and looked at Jiang Chen. 

The latter wasn’t afraid, making Xiong Yan angry. This fellow dares to look straight at me?! Xiong Yan was one of the arrogant ones in the outer sect. Plus, with the Young Sect Master supporting him, who dares stand against him? 

To think there’s someone who dares to stand against them outside of Profound Feng Sect. Ignoring the fact that they’re  much stronger than him. This made Xiong Yan angry and excited, it has been quite a long time since he stretched his body. 

“Big Brother, be careful.” Yue Er said worriedly and was pulled aside by Ling Yun. 

Xiong Yan was prepared to attack Jiang Chen, he did not initiate the attack to avoid injuring the girls beside Jiang Chen. Since they’re the ones the young lord wanted. It’ll be bad for him if they were injured. 

“I’ll give you a free shot. ” Xiong Fei looked at Jiang Chen and smiled. 

“Okay!” Jiang Chen nodded.

He then unleashed the Nine Phantom Wolves and the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, causing Xiong Fei to be sent flying. Xiong Fei was stunned while looking at Jiang Chen. He then felt angrier by the second. Yan Feng and the others frowned. This fellow is…  quite strong? 

“Good…  Great! You have thoroughly angered me.” Xiong Yan roared angrily. 

He then rushed towards Jiang Chen and clashed against one another. Terrifying shockwaves vibrated and shook the whole battlefield. Xiong Yan was pushed to the corner by Jiang Chen and was completely forced into a passive.

“You’re still not my match.”

Jiang Chen unleashed nine consecutive punches on Xiong Yan’s chest, making him fly backwards and his expression turned extremely unsightly. How is this possible? How can I lose to an Early Void God?! 

“I don’t believe it. ” Xiong Yan harrumphed. 

He then unleashed a sweeping strike with the spiked mace and forced Jiang Chen to retreat. Hence, the two were instantly separated. But Jiang Chen did not back down and rushed forward. He then grabbed the spiked mace with his hands with gigantic strength. He then took the weapon from Xiong Yan’s hand and threw it away. 

“You’re not my match,  you will never be.” Jiang Chen’s words reverberated in Xiong Yan’s ears whose expression was as ugly as a ‘pig liver’.

Xiong Yan wanted to attack again but was stopped by Yan Feng. 

“Don’t hold back, attack all at once!” Yan Feng said coldly. 


The nine people behind Xiong Yan simultaneously attacked Jiang Chen altogether. 

“Human-wave tactics eh? Let me play with you guys.” Jiang Chen roared. 

His body underwent a big change, Using his dragon transformation, turning him into a half draconic man, stunning Ling Yun in the process. 

“Could he be a clansmen from the Dragon Clan? But why is he in a half dragon form? ” Ling Yun murmured with a curious look in her eyes. 

“Halfling. Let’s see how long you can be arrogant.” Xiong Yan sneered. 

The ten of them attacked all together but Jiang Chen’s strength has already reached the Late Void God realm. He instantly forced two people back in a single attack. They did not have any strength to fight back. The dragon transformed Jiang Chen was hard to fight against. No matter if it was a tackle or striking, for Jiang Chen, it was a pointless effort. 

Even though Jiang Chen’s body became immensely strong, his strength and speed has also risen x10 more. Xiong Yan and the others continuously pounced on Jiang Chen but was blocked by Jiang Chen time and time again, completely overpowering them. The six of them were even badly injured by one of Jiang Chen’s attack. 

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