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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2216


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“You… is your brain full of sh*t? Old Gang Tou is one of the best alchemists in this area and had been helping others concoct countless pills in the past. Why would he seek such an unwarranted reputation? ” 

Some of them who were observing from the shadow had some opinions. Some felt that Old Gang Tou was eyeing on the position of the Village Chief and orchestrated this ‘play’, to eliminate all threats thoroughly, killing off the father and son. 

Resolute cold-blooded murder! This child will certainly be something big in the future. Old Gang Tou looked at Jiang Chen with complicated feelings and slightly nodded his head. He did not care how others think of him but he absolutely would not allow others to talk behind his back. But with the situation at hand, he was forced or destined to be at the front of the village. Plus, six people from the Profound Feng Sect had died here, the future of the village will surely be not peaceful. 

“This is a world of the survival of the fittest. The law of the jungle. If you don’t kill them, they will kill you. You’ll gradually be disqualified from the stage of the Divine World if you’re merciful towards your enemy.” Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen and said. 

“I only kill people who deserve to be dead.” 

“Big brother. It’s great that you’re alright. I’ll help you kill those people if you’re tired of it. I will not let you be harmed if there is someone threatening you.” 

Yue Er looked at Jiang Chen with firm sparkling eyes. But Old Gang Tou could only sigh while shaking his head bitterly. 

“Big brother will protect you. Your pair of hands are so pretty, how could it be used to kill?” Jiang Chen rubbed Yue Er’s petite head and said with a smile. 

“But I’m worried about Big Brother getting bullied in the future. Yue Er doesn’t want to see Big Brother getting hurt.” Yue Er murmured with her head down. 

“I’ll guarantee you that no one will be able to bully this Big Brother in the future.”

“Then, can I? Hehe.” Yue Er smiled and stuck her tongue out. 

She was as pure and cute as always. But there was a sense of responsibility and destiny in her heart. 

“Haih, it’s not good to stay here any longer. Leave now, Jiang Chen. You’ve killed the disciples of Profound Feng Sect. They will surely come and investigate in a short while. At that moment, when True God experts come, it’ll be hard for you to leave.” Old Gang Tou said seriously. 

“Yeah, I’ll leave immediately, I will not trouble the people of the village anymore.”

Jiang Chen knew the people of the village would be in trouble if he stayed any longer. But Old Gang Tou would be punished if he left. 

“Rest assured. I still have quite a reputation in these parts. Nobody will push the blame on me. Hehe.” Old Gang Tou saw through Jiang Chen’s worry and said. 

“Very well, I’ll leave right away. This one shall never forget the gratitude that senior has bestowed. I shall take my leave now.” Jiang Chen said while clasping his fist. 

Jiang Chen was immensely grateful towards Old Gang Tou’s guidance and teaching. 

“Big Brother, please don’t go.” Yue Er was said sadly, softening Jiang Chen’s steel heart as he saw her. 

“With your approval, I would like to take Yue Er to enter my sect. I will bring her there two months later. For now, she’ll stay with me while I’ll follow Jiang Chen.” Ling Yun said.

Old Gang Tou looked at Jiang Chen and then looked at Ling Yun and Yue Er. He then sighed and nodded. 

“But…  Grandpa… I don’t want to leave you, either.” Yue Er became conflicted with the two options. 

“A great man can venture across the world, so as women.  Follow the Big Sister to her sect. Remember, follow her. ” Old Gang Tou exhorted. 

Yue Er jumped into Grandpa’s grasp and cried. 

“Remember this: The heavens can change, the sun and moon can be the witness. Great winds blow from the edge of the heavens, the stars of the skies change its position. My heart is like the flying crane in the sky, flying to anywhere it wants. My heart is like a bright lamp that could stabilise the flow of time.” 

Old Gang Tou whispered in her ears. Jiang Chen and Ling Yun frowned, as they couldn’t understand the meaning of it. 

“Grandpa, I don’t understand.” Yue Er shook her head. 

“It’s okay to not understand. You’ll understand it… one day… Remember, your surname is Helian, your root is in the east.” Old Gang Tou smiled and rubbed Yue Er’s little head, exhibiting reluctance and love. 

Jiang Chen didn’t understand. But Ling Yun’s expression suddenly changed as surges of waves swept through her heart. 

“Helian… East… ” Ling Yun murmured while her gaze became incomparably serious. 

“Senior, rest assured. I will certainly not let you down and will not disappoint Yue Er.” 

Jiang Chen was slightly moved by Ling Yun’s words. 

This lady is usually arrogant, yet she has a shred of respect towards the weak old man? It had made Jiang Chen somewhat confused. 

“Please.” Old Gang Tou nodded, as if a wish of his has been fulfilled.” 

“Let’s go. Yue Er.”

Jiang Chen knew that Ling  Yun would not leave him and Yue Er will follow Ling Yun back to her sect to cultivate. Hence, at this moment, he had to lead two women out of the place. 

“Remember what Grandpa said. One day, you’ll understand. Listen to what big sister says.” Old Gang Tou said while waving goodbye. 

“Grandpa, Grandpa…” Yue Er was still a 10 year-old girl. This was her first time leaving her only family member, her grandfather. She cried like there was no tomorrow. 

Old Gang Tou once again sat down beside the ancient tree that was beside the village. He lit up a smoke and slight anxiety could be seen from the edge of his lips. Haih, I wonder if that girl understands my intention. She must take Yue Er away, she cannot be with Jiang Chen. 

“The Heavenly Evil Lone Star is fated to be lonely throughout their lives. Countless calamity brought by affection in countless reincarnation. Such a person is fated to have extraordinary life and the ones beside him will not have a good end.”

Old Gang Tou looked at the stars above. The Big Dipper was getting dimmer and dimmer. But the Heavenly Evil Lone Star is getting brighter and brighter. As if it was a hungry wolf devouring everything under the heavens while descending upon the world. 

“Do you know the senior’s background?” Jiang Chen asked as he held onto Yue Er’s hand.

“What does it have to do with you?” Ling Yun replied palely. 

“Bah, consider me not asking.”


“Big Brother, Big Sister, will Grandpa be okay?” 

Even though Yue Er was young, she was quite considerate. Especially towards her grandpa that she had lived for her whole life. How could she not have any attachment? Even if she were to leave with Ling Yun and Jiang Chen. 

“Rest assured. Grandpa will be alright.” Jiang Chen rubbed against Yue Er’s little head and said with a smile. 

But deep within his heart, he too was worried about Old Gang Tou’s safety. He hopes that what Old Gang Tou said was true. 

“Where are we going now?” Jiang Chen asked as he was clueless about the Divine World. 

“This is the boundary of the Deer Mourn Mountain and the Profound Feng Sect is a medium sect in this area. Let’s go to the eastern boundary, it is where the Profound Feng Sect is situated.” Ling Yun said. 

“Going to the domain of the Profound Feng Sect? Hehe, that is what I’m thinking of.” 

Jiang Chen’s eyes squinted. Profound Feng Sect, I, Jiang Chen, have come. I shall see for myself what this Profound Feng Sect is. By understanding thy enemy only could one win the battle perfectly!

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