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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2213

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“Be careful!”

Old Gang Tou warned. He knew that he had suffered a severe injury right now and was almost killed. It’s futile for him to continue struggling, so he took a step back.

“Young man, finally you are here. Come with me and you might still be able to keep your life,” Feng Manlou said proudly.

“Hmn? When did such a beautiful lady appear? A lady with azure scarf covering her face, even I can’t help feeling affectionate towards you. Ah, hahaha.”

Feng Manlou’s eyes suddenly became sharper the moment he noticed Ling Yun who was standing behind Jiang Chen. Although she was wearing a veil, Feng Manlou still managed to imagine how unparalleled her beauty  was. A beauty like this was destined to be a spotlight wherever she goes.

“Bring this lady back for our young master.”

The man who stood behind Feng Manlou said in a low voice. Feng Manlou frowned as he initially planned to keep the lady as his mistress. But, since his senior brothers had already made such an order, he could only bring her back to the young sect master. Such a long-tongued man. Feng Manlou felt unpleasant in his heart, but he did not show it on his face.

“Exactly what I am thinking.”

Feng Manlou grinned and said. He gave a glance full of cunningness and lust to Ling Yun. Such a beautiful woman, I really want to take her veil off and enjoy her beauty. She must be devastatingly beautiful. 

“These people should be killed.”

Ling Yun said faintly.

“I never thought that you have a sharp tongue. I really like you, little sister. Haha.”

Feng Manlou sneered. 

“Great, we are of the same mind. Then I am going to kill all of them to prevent any troubles that will happen in the future.”

Jiang Chen gave Ling Yun a glance then took a step forward, rushing towards Feng Manlou.

“They count on you? An injured Early Void God? I don’t know where your confidence comes from, daring to challenge me. Seems like I am going to give the people of Peng Tou Village a lesson. Those who don’t know about life and death will not live for too long eventually. Since you’re so stubborn, I am going to fulfill your wish. Today, not only Old Gang Tou should die, you should also be buried together with him. Then, the two ladies will fall to me.”

Feng Manlou was so confident and he disdained Jiang Chen. To him, he could kill this opponent easily, why should he be worried?

“The ignorant deserve death.”

Ling Yun said faintly. She knew about Jiang Chen’s competence and that he was not afraid of these people at all. This Feng Manlou was also only like an embroidered pillow that was only good to see but has no uses. Once he encountered an expert, he was useless.

“Indeed. This guy is really overestimating himself. People like him deserve death.” 

Jiang Chen nodded and said. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness and his killing intent was spreading across the entire sky.

Old Gang Tou was a bit shocked as he could see that Jiang Chen was really not simple.

“Take action now, otherwise, you will never know what death is.” Jiang Chen said.

“Don’t be so reckless before you taste my blow.”

“Small trick.”

Jiang Chen smiled while taking a step forward, grasping Feng Manlou’s False Divine Tool. The long staff was withstood by Jiang Chen easily, and Feng Manlou was sent flying a hundred metres away. 

Above the void, Feng Manlou’s seniors were all stunned. Whether an expert was truly an expert, one could see that from his skill when he took action. Jiang Chen’s skill had really terrified them as he managed to grasp the false Divine Tool and threw Feng Manlou away. This was really shocking.

“This guy is really quite capable.”

Old Gang Tou smiled while wiping away the blood that was on the corner of his mouth. This time, he had saved the right people who might be able to help him go through this crisis. 

After all, even if Jiang Chen was not here, Feng Manlou would still come back from the Profound Feng Sect in order to show his power in front of Old Gang Tou. Feng Manlou even thought of killing Old Gang Tou to help his father gain more power. Old Gang Tou’s authority was much more powerful compared to his father, which meant that Feng Xian was a terrible village chief. 

However, Old Gang Tou never had the intention of fighting for power or authority even if the others, especially the Feng Family, did not believe it. That was why Feng Xian allowed his son to do this. Old Gang Tou never dared to go against the Profound Feng Sect because he knew that if he did that, Feng Manlou would take the opportunity to slander him. 

Jiang Chen held both of his hands behind his back while striding across the void. Each step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps was heaven-shattering and terrifying. Each step was filled with a mysterious aura. 

Feng Manlou felt incomparably tense as this guy had brought him a sense of crisis. He dared not to underestimate Jiang Chen anymore. Even though Jiang Chen was only an Early Void God, it was even hard to confront him compared to Old Gang Tou.

“Ao Tian Divine Staff!”

Feng Manlou held the long staff in his hand, sweeping across in all directions in an unparalleled and overbearing manner. At the same time, the fifth step of Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Step had already darkened the sky and earth. Feng Manlou sensed that the void above him was already completely suppressed by Jiang Chen and he lost the strength to make any counterattack. It was difficult for him to take any action and his staff was completely useless against Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Step had solidified the void and crushed the void above Feng Manlou. Such a sudden pressure made Feng Manlou completely stunned as he even had a hard time breathing. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth and his facial expression looked extremely terrible. 

“I am going to kill you!”

Feng Manlou roared in rage while his face looked deathly pale. At this moment, he did not hold the attitude of leaving things to chances anymore. He was going to fight with his life on the line. Otherwise, his reputation would be ruined. It would be ruined by a nobody whom no one knew where he came from. On the other hand, he, Feng Manlou, was a disciple of Profound Feng Sect.

“Since you dared to offend me, that means you are already sick of living in this world. Today, I must kill you.”

Feng Manlou took action, rushing towards Jiang Chen again. This time, his staff technique was astonishing, however, Jiang Chen’s figure was flashing around, using his Nine Phantom Wolves. Feng Manlou could not catch his figure at all. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen took his opportunity and landed a heavy blow using the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal on Feng Manlou’s chest. Blood spurted out from his chest while Feng Manlou’s face displayed great fear. That terrifying technique had made Feng Manlou taste the sense of death .

“Guo seniors, help me!”

Feng Manlou screamed for help yet Jiang Chen did not delay his attack and pressed against Feng Manlou fiercely. Jiang Chen had already decided to kill him.

Suddenly, a figure flew out of nowhere and pressed against Jiang Chen. His strength rose to the Middle Void God Realm and was much more powerful than Feng Manlou. Moreover, it was undeniable that a disciple from a great sect like him was normally stronger than an ordinary Late Void God Realm. 

“Get away!”

Guo Chendong roared in a deep voice while kicking towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen immediately defended with a kick as well. Both of their strengths were neck and neck so none of them had the upper hand in the battle. However, Jiang Chen would not give up only because of the arrival of Guo Chendong. He decided that he must kill Feng Manlou!

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