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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2211

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Jiang Chen looked at the white-robbed lady and found out that she had been poisoned by the Profound Ice Azure Snake’s Cold Qi. Right now, the dreadful Cold Qi has already spread across her body, attacking all of her meridians, and her dantian was almost frozen.

“Hope that the Fire of Sun will be able to relieve your condition slightly.”

A flame rose from Jiang Chen’s palm and he then casted the Fire of Sun into the lady’s dantian. Suddenly, the lady felt incomparably refreshed and relieved. No one could understand the suffering she bore because of the erosion of Profound Ice Azure Snake’s Cold Qi. 

The Fire of Sun was the hottest one of the Five Elemental True Fires. Its dreadful heat was unimaginable, that’s why it was the most appropriate to use to withstand the Cold Qi in her body. 

However, as soon as Jiang Chen removed his fire, the lady’s facial expression suddenly became complicated.

“What happened?”

Jiang Chen said with a frown.

“The Fire of Sun that you instilled is indeed quite useful in suppressing the Cold Qi in my body. However, it still wasn’t able to relieve my condition for a long time. The Cold Qi of the Profound Ice Azure Snake can’t be underestimated as it was an expert at the Late Heavenly God Realm.” The lady said softly but her words were full of hatred towards the Profound Ice Azure Snake. 

“Did you mean that my flame can only give you temporary relief but can’t get rid of the Cold Qi?”

Jiang Chen asked in a low voice.


The lady nodded slightly, but her face was filled with disappointment at this moment. However, she could not blame anyone, especially Jiang Chen as there was nothing else he could do.

“Let’s try this. I guess this is the only way to work it out. I will try to use my Five Elemental True Fire to eradicate the Cold Qi in your body.” Jiang Chen offered. 

She then sat opposite of Jiang Chen and then pushed her palms against his palms tightly. At this moment, she was a bit shy as this was the first time a man had touched her hands. Meanwhile, ice and fire were blending with each other between them. Even though Jiang Chen had not started yet, the lady was already  startled by Jiang Chen’s strength. He was just an Early Void God, but his strength could not be underestimated. The Five Elemental True Fires in his body were even terrifying. If an ordinary person had these flames, they might have been burnt to a crisp already.

Feeling Jiang Chen’s body temperature, the white-robed lady bit her lip lightly while she blushed under the cover of her azure veil. 

Their fingers were locked together tightly, and this was the first time she had this kind of intimacy with a man.

“Calm your mind, I am going to refine the Cold Qi in your body. Relax yourself and don’t resist, otherwise, the progress will be very slow and it might fail.”

Jiang Chen said, then he started instilling the Five Elemental True Fires into the lady’s body. Although it was just a little essence of the Five Elemental True Fire, the lady already felt the extreme heat. The Cold Qi suddenly transformed at this moment and became like a fierce wave, flowing out from her body.

The Cold Qi tangled with the heat which made the lady feel even more suffering. Although Jiang Chen could not see her face right now, he could imagine the misery she was feeling right now. 

The white-robed lady felt that she was surrounded by a heat wave while her dantian was engulfed by Cold Qi. It was actually not easy for the essence of Five Elemental True Fires to break through the corrosion of the Cold Qi.

“I don’t believe that you’re that strong. Deadly thing, I am going to haunt you.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly became ruthless and he enhanced his strength to instill more essence of Five Elemental True Fire into the white-robed lady’s body. Eventually, the dreadful Cold Qi retreated slowly while the Five Elemental True Fire engulfed the white-robed lady and became extremely hot. 

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen shivered for a second because he felt weak as well. Although he was still in the process of recovery, he had instilled most of the essence of the Five Elemental True Fire into the white-robed lady’s body.

The lady squinted her eyes while looking at Jiang Chen. This guy was really quite capable as the Cold Qi in her body had been restrained now. However, she could feel that the Cold Qi was still like a sharp knife hanging above her dantian that could explode anytime. Meanwhile, it would be harder for her to recover her strength, compared to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s clothes were already completely soaked by his own sweat. The white-robed lady looked at him, feeling a bit moved by Jiang Chen. 


Jiang Chen took a deep breath and looked at her with a solemn facial expression. 

“Although I haven’t reached the realm to help you to eradicate the Cold Qi in your body, I have at least helped you alleviate a part of your pain. The poison of Cold Qi will probably not cause any issue to you within a short period of time.”

“Thank you very much.”

“There’s a way to eradicate the Cold Qi in your body. Hehe.”

Yue Er suddenly appeared next to Jiang Chen at this moment and said with a smile.

“Who are you?”

The white-robed lady looked at Yue Er.

“Sister, I am his little sister. I will tell you secretly.” 

Yue Er whispered to the white-robed lady. Jiang Chen was too lazy to listen to what they were talking about. This little girl just knew the lady but had aldready started telling her secret that he could not hear.  

As soon as Yue Er finished whispering, the white-robed lady blushed immediately. 

“I am telling you the truth and this is the only way.”

Yu Er said seriously. Her little face looked honest but also carried a sense of maturity. 

“What’s the way? Yue Er, tell me about it.” 

Jiang Chen could not help being curious.

“You shouldn’t know and shouldn’t ask.”

The white-robed lady said coldly. Jiang Chen was stunned and wondered why he shouldn’t know and ask about it. He was the one who saved her life just now, however she decided to turn away herself now.

“I might follow you all for two months until my strength recovered to its peak condition. At that time, I will be able to suppress the Cold Qi in my body by myself. Don’t worry, I will also reward you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the white-robbed lady held Yue Er’s arm and walked towards the foot of Deer Mourn Mountain. 

“Follow us, big brother.”

Yue Er grinned and said in a playful manner.

“How can you still be that arrogant when you’re blackmailing me? Can’t you control your goddess temper?” 

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes while following the two girls down the hill.


Under an old tree, there was a shadow of a sitting old man.

“Why are you coming back home so late?”

Old Gang Tou looked at Jiang Chen and Yue Er and said. He noticed the lady beside them and knew immediately that she was not an ordinary human. Her eyes looked extremely arrogant and sharp and she seemed like an overbearing phoenix. 

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