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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2210

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“I did not see anything.” Jiang Chen frowned. 

He never thought the first thing the lady asked was what he saw. Would I even tell you if I really saw it? Wouldn’t I be nuts to do so? How could an arrogant woman like you handle it? 

“Who are you? Why are you here?” The white-robed lady was on guard against Jiang Chen. 

“I came to the Deer Mourn Mountain to collect medicinal ingredients and I stumbled upon you writhing in pain, so I wanted to help you. I’ll leave now if you don’t want me to be here.” Jiang Chen too said it with a cold tone. 

Aren’t you cold? I’ll let you see how cool and cold I can be. I originally wanted to help you but you’re this cold. 

“How can you help me?” The white-robed girl said. 

“Hahaha, I never imagined I could see the prodigious girl to be in such a pitiful state. Truly a sight to behold.”

At this moment, not even Jiang Chen had expected that the creature would come back. 

“It must be because of the marble.” Jiang Chen thought. 

“You dared to come back? Profound Ice Azure Snake, I’ll kill you today!”

The white-roed lady leapt up and attacked with her blade. This time, her sword strikes weren’t as scary as before. The creature swept her away with just a tail swipe. She flew backwards while coughing out blood. Her expression was ugly as she was completely beaten down. 

“You are not my match! I came back just to check whether you’re dead or not, If you’re not, I’ll finish the job, thoroughly.” The creature harrumphed. 

But the creature was also gravely injured. It was quite passive at the moment, and it wouldn’t have returned back if he didn’t see the boy beside her was just an Early Void God. 

“Beast!” The white-robed lady said while gritting her teeth, but she did not have any more strength to retaliate. 

“Nobody will know where I am after I kill you.” The creature smiled, moving closer onto the lady once again. 

“Take another step and you’re dead!” Jiang Chen looked at the Profound Ice Azure Snake. 

At this moment, the lady was slightly stunned. 

“Are you talking to me? Hahaha. Is this a joke? Little boy, you’re just an Early Void God. Trying to be a hero, are we? There won’t be anything left to bury in just a little while.”  The creature said arrogantly to Jiang Chen, completely looking down on him. 

“You’re on your last legs, you’re probably not even in the True God realm now, right?” Jiang Chen said. 

“You guessed correctly, I only possess the strength of a Late Void God realm currently, at most. But so what? Do you think you can defeat me? Hahaha, hilarious, truly hilarious!” The creature laughed, looking down much more on Jiang Chen. 

The white-robed lady looked at Jiang Chen. This fellow is truly fearless. Is he stupid? Even if he’s trying to save me, it’s just pointless to sacrifice yourself. She thought he was an idiot. 

“You don’t believe it? Let’s try it out.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He was fearless while he faced the creature. I may not be able to defeat you when you’re strong, but now you’re on your last legs… I would be f*cking useless if I am being bullied by such a weak creature!

“You do not have what it takes to take me down. I, Profound Ice Azure Snake, can easily kill you off with just a single breath.” The creature was arrogant. 

“You’re not his match.” The white-robed lady said coldly. Even if she was going to die, she still acts proudly and with disdain, as if she was a heavenly swan. 

“I’ll give you a free shot. Try and kill me if you really can.” The creature smugly said. 


Jiang Chen wasn’t that kind. Plus, what is there to be courteous against a Heavenly God expert? He wants to kill it in a single strike!

Jiang Chen’s palm moved. In an instant, the Five Elemental True Fire appeared in his palm. The Fire of Sun, True Dragon Fire, True Thunderfire, Qilin Saint Fire, and Vermilion Divine Fire. The whole void felt like it would melt from the five flames. The ten li frozen lake instantly melted from the heat. The creature’s expression instantly became extremely ugly. It did not recognise all five of the flames, but it could feel the terrifying energy coming from them, they were absolutely its bane!

“This……  How did you do it? How is this possible?!” The creature was shocked. 

Even the cold lady was moved. No wonder he said he could help me. These five flames feel dangerous even to me. Quite scary. I won’t be afraid of it if I am still at my peak strength. But now I am injured and my strength has depreciated… This flame could instantly devour her. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” Jiang Chen roared. 

The five flames instantly merged together and the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal struck, causing the heaven and earth to change its colour! 

Jiang Chen’s strength was on par with a Late Void God. Plus, with the creature being careless and the Five Elemental True Fire completely suppressing the creature’s element, hewas on the complete upper hand against the creature. The creature was already gravely injured, it came back just to search for the marble. 

“No! No…. I cannot accept this….” The creature roared. 

But the creature couldn’t even finish his sentence as the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal had utterly devoured it. The creature could not even retaliate as it was devoured by the fire snakes. No retaliation could be made within the Three Thousand Flames Dragon. 

As the flame descended, the creature struggled, and then turned into ash at the end of its pointless wriggling. The scene had made the white-robed lady in a thorough shock.  Isn’t this too terrifying?! The creature must have never imagined that it would die under the hands of a little Void God little lad. 

Devastation, wherever the flame reaches. 

“Who are you?” The white-robed lady asked.

“I’m just a medicinal harvester.” Jiang Chen replied helplessly. 

“Can you really help me?” 

“I should be able to. If I can’t, I can warm you up by using my body. Haha.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

“It’s not funny.” The white-robed lady replied coldly once again. 

“Doesn’t  matter if you believe me or not, I only wanted to help. Seeing you’re in such pain… ” Jiang Chen hasn’t finished his sentence and the lady’s expression changed once again as her hands pressed onto her chest painfully. 

“I’m cold……”

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. Why? Why do you act like a saintess even in such a dire moment?

“Come. This brother will solve it with just a hug.” Jiang Chen thought, but he did not say it out loud. 

He knew that this lady’s character would not comply even if she dies. 

“I will be truly grateful if you can really save me. But if you have any ulterior motives, I will kill you!” The lady said coldly, looking straight into Jiang Chen’s eyes. 

“Relax. A man with great integrity would still lose against me.” Jiang Chen said arrogantly. 

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