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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2207


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Old Gang Tou never imagined that he would pick up a treasure. This fellow brought quite a shock to him. Old Gang Tou had concocted pills for many years, but this was his first time meeting such a prodigious talent. Moreover, Jiang Chen could control the Fire of Sun, this fellow’s future will certainly be bright. 

Old Gang Tou was extremely excited. 

As for Jiang Chen, the excitement of the old man gave him a boost of confidence. 

“It should be a perfect pill. But this kind of pill has a low difficulty to make, I may not fare well on those pills harder than this.” Jiang Chen said in modesty. 

“You little fella, this old man’s eyes are still clear. Do you really think I do not know what you’re capable of? Looks like you’re definitely a pro in pill concoction, even better than me. I have to say, your control over the flame is truly magnificent. Plus, with the help of the Sun of Fire, the result you’ll get would be great.” Old Gang Tou said. 

“I would’ve wanted to compete with you if I had the Fire of Sun too. Haha.” 

“Senior’s pill concoction skill is also extraordinary. It’s just that I’m better at controlling flames.” Jiang Chen replied. 

“No need to be modest. You’re definitely better than me. Lad, I’m right about you. But in terms of the pill concoction art, you’re still lacking other than the flame control.” 

“Please enlighten me, senior.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Your control over the flames has surpassed the control over the ingredients. Meaning that your knowledge and understanding of the medicinal effects of the ingredients are not perfect. There are three important points in the art of pill concoction you have to know. The first is the temperament of the divine power, second is the temperament of the medicinal ingredients, the last is the control over the flame. The temperament of the divine power increases when your strength increases. Whereas for the temperament of the ingredients, you need to use your heart in order to feel the changes in the ingredients.

“You dispel the impurities by using powerful control over the flame. But you had neglected one of the important points of the pill since the medicinal ingredients need to be absolutely pure. You need to feel the changes that occur in the ingredients. Then, an unexpected result will come through. There are even some pills that have special effects. There are myriads of medicinal ingredients. Some of them we may not have seen before and know about its attributes. But you can feel its changes when you’re concocting the pills, you’ll understand that actually there is life in these ingredients. Only by understanding the thousands and myriads of changes that occurs within the ingredients, then you’ll truly become a real master alchemist. At that moment, with the help of the divine power temperament and control over the flames, a peerless pill will surely be concocted.” 

Jiang Chen was in agreement with Old Gang Tou. He nodded seriously and felt extremely moved by the old man’s words. 

Indeed, previously, he only paid attention to the control of the flame and had neglected that point. Thinking that as long as the impurities of the medicinal ingredients were gone, a high-grade pill will surely be concocted. 

“My pill is 70% perfect. Look, this pill may not lesser than your perfect pill.” Old Gang Tou said with a smile. 

Jiang Chen observed carefully. These two pills gave him quite a shock mentally. 

“A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books. Senior’s technique is truly great, this junior is truly amazed. Pity the Heaven is jealous of such talent. If senior’s strength is able to move up to another level, then your pill concoction skill will surely be on a greater level.” 

Jiang Chen felt some pity towards Old Gang Tou. But the current Old Gang Tou does not have the strength to break through the True God realm anymore. 

“Everyone has their own destined fate. I’ve never wished for any extravagant demands, thinking that I can become a true master alchemist. I’ve once relied on my pill concoction skill to improve my strength but my meridians and veins were damaged as a result, causing me to be unable to reach the True God realm anymore.” 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. But Old Gang Tou would never give up if there’s a chance. 

“The fate of man cannot be changed. Especially in the Divine World, after threading on the path against the Heaven, you’ll then know what it means to be condemned by the Heavens. Sometimes, men don’t need to live a colourful life, as long as you live appropriately, then it’s enough. The path of heaven defiance is not easy… hehe… You don’t have enough lives to fight for that tiny chance. I am not without desire, but I know how to feel content. This is my take after two hundred years.” 

Jiang Chen was lost in thought. Old Gang Tou has his own goal. On this point, Jiang Chen had no right to interfere. Moreover, what Old Gang Tou said was right, it wasn’t easy to walk a path that was against the Heaven. 

There is endless enjoyment in contending against man and the Earth. But to contend against the Heaven, then one may not be able to do it easily. 

Has the Heavens forgiven anyone? The most heartless one in existence is the Heaven itself. 

Old Gang Tou was the first person Jiang Chen had met after entering the Divine World. He was also the person who influenced his mentality the most. 

“Life in itself is precious. You’ll definitely have a brighter future than this old me.” Old Gang Tou tapped on Jiang Chen’s shoulder with eyes full of hope. 

On the second day, Jiang Chen had recovered half of his strength. He persistently wanted to go out and train for a while, and breathe in some fresh air. Hence, he and Yue Er went up to the mountain to collect some medicine.  

“Big Brother, be careful. Follow me closely, there are demonic beasts prowling in the woods.” Yue Er said with a smile where a pair of her petite canine teeth could be seen.  

She wore a green cloth attire, carrying a medicinal basket behind her back, looking lively and cheerful. Her liveliness too had affected Jiang Chen. 

“There are demonic beasts prowling around and your grandpa allowed you to come and gather medicine alone?” Jiang Chen said. 

“Hehe. I’m just teasing you. This is the outer region of Deer Mourn Mountain, as the area for the mountain stretches over millions of li, there are certainly powerful demons and beast in the mountain range. Even divine beasts could be found. But in the outer region, there is no beast. Even if they were, they’ll just be at the level of Void God at best. I have a Bi Ling Pill that will make those that are below Void Gods walk away from me. Even if I do encounter Void God beasts or devils, I have the strength to fend it off alone.” Yue Er said with a tsundere tone* (proud, pampered)

“Looks like our Little Yue Eer is confident with her skill? Haha.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

Yue Er took the lead to pick up medicinal ingredients as Jiang Chen followed behind. Jiang Chen too recognised a dozen Divine World medicine. At the same time, Yue Er was also acting as a teacher for Jiang Chen, describing the attributes and condition of the medicines she came across. 

TL: This expression stems from Japanese ‘Tsundere’ and there’s a mandarin equivalent of it 傲娇. Because ‘proudly’ wouldn’t do justice to this attitude/character

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