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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2206


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To put it bluntly, he needs to increase his strength as fast as possible. Otherwise, he’ll vanish in this cold and cruel Divine World. 

“You want to go to the Western Divine Region. Heheh, you better get well first. Those who managed to ascend will definitely get noticed by the great clans of this world. Because each and every one of them managed to reach here with their own sheer effort. Their talent and willpower is something us indigenous people could not compare with. When you have recovered your injury, you can go and search for a powerful sect to train; you’ll certainly go far. If you managed to obtain a great fortune, you’ll have no problem in reaching the Heavenly God Realm and condense your own divine spark.” Old Gang Tou said, giving Jiang Chen a great credit. 

“Thank senior for the advice.” Jiang Chen said. 

“You’re talented. You’ll certainly achieve great things in the future. I do not wish to see a prodigy fall here, that’s all.” Old Gang Tou said while he took a smoke. 

“This one shall not forget senior’s help. I will leave after three days. Otherwise, I will bring trouble to you guys.” Jiang Chen said. 

“But you are still injured, Big Brother,” Yue Er said worriedly. 

“Relax. That kid acts tough only because of the Young Sect Master of the Profound Wind Sect. But will the Young Sec Master personally deal with this problem? As for his father, heh, he’s nothing. He’s the village chief but he never thinks about the people of the village. He’ll never dare do anything to me.” Old Gang Tou harrumphed coldly while his expression turned solemn and proud. 

As the famous alchemist of the Ten Li Eight Village, Old Gang Tou was one that could not be easily pushed around by others. Moreover, he was once a True God expert. Even though he had lost his strength, he was still someone not to be trifled with as the number one expert of the Zhou Family Village. 

“Stay here without worry, at least wait until you recover from your injuries.” 

“Then… very well.”  Jiang Chen nodded helplessly. 

He does not want to receive the hospitality of these two, plus, he would probably bring unnecessary troubles to them. 

At night, Jiang Chen cultivated, his dragon mark appeared, the divine origin qi of the Divine World poured into his body unceasingly. It was many times stronger than the immortal origin qi of the Immortal World. The divine origin qi nourished his meridians, relaxing his mind and body. His body has recovered 50% and his strength has increased tremendously. He’ll be completely recovered after three days. 

“This world is truly different, the air is much thicker compared to the Immortal World. No wonder so many weaklings are able to reach the Void God Realm. Shocking.” Jiang Chen murmured with a serious expression. 

There is still a long way to go in the future. But I do not have much time, a few hundred years feels like it’s long. But for them, a seclusion may last a few years to a dozen of years. It’s but a glimpse in the Divine World. It’ll be hard to break through further if I cannot reach the Heavenly God Realm within a few hundred years. 

In the courtyard, Old Gang Tou was concocting pills. Flames could be seen burning from the cauldron. Old Gang Tou threw in medicinal ingredients into the cauldron continuously. It’s the easiest and most efficient way in concocting pills. With this the medicinal efficiency of the pills would reach the perfect state. But an average flame will not purify the impurity of those ingredients. 

A famous saying states that a medicine has 30% toxin in it. If one could not completely purify the impurities in the ingredients, then the pills will not reach its perfect state. 

After awhile, the flame subsided and the pill was made. But Old Gang Tou’s expression was solemn, one could slightly see the disappointment he had. 

“Senior, I see that you do not have complete control over the medicinal ingredients.” Jiang Chen said as he observed Old Gang Tou concocting pills. He too was itching to try. 

“You know the art of pill concoction?” Old Gang Tou said with a shock. 

“A little, I observed your techniques in refining the ingredients… it’s not at the perfect stage yet. I wonder if senior could also feel it?”  

“Haih. I’ve known about it. Pity, without a proper flame, it’ll never reach a better refinement. A normal flame could not purify the impurity of these ingredients. Hence, it’ll never be perfect.” Old Gang Tou obviously knew about his flaw. 

“I would like to try.” 

Old Gang Tou smiled. 

“Don’t look down on these medicinal ingredients. No matter if it’s the degree of purity or the medicinal effect of the ingredients, it’s not something that could be compared to those of the Immortal World. Do not treat it lightly.” 

“Many thanks for senior’s advice.” Jiang Chen nodded with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. 

Jiang Chen moved one of his arms and a flame arose. The Fire of Sun appeared in his hands and he took three ingredients—the Sun Yi Grass, three-leaved ginko clover and mangrove fruit!

“This is…… the Fire of Sun?!” 

The old man was slightly stunned and his expression became serious. He had been concocting pills for more than 200 years. Even though his strength was average, in terms of pill concoction, he was quite experienced in the field. Now that the Fire of Sun was revealed, Old Gang Tou knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t just your average joe. 

The Fire of Sun was powerful, causing people to fear it. Especially those alchemists, they understood how powerful the flame was. It could even burn the user itself. Not even Old Gang Tou in his prime could touch this flame. Plus, such a flame was way above his pay grade. 

“Refine!” Jiang Chen shouted. 

Three medicinal ingredients were thrown into the flame, making Old Gang Tou even more shocked. He had never seen an alchemist that could refine several medicinal ingredients together. Moreover, the impurity of each ingredient was hard to purify. 

Jiang Chen looked at the Fire of Sun in his palm. The three solid medicinal ingredients that were refined instantly merged together. Three rays of light shot up. At this moment, Old Gang Tou was in awe, he never thought Jiang Chen was this skilful. He must be an alchemist, pretty high-grade nonetheless. One that is above me. More importantly, the Fire of Sun in his hand is not something an average person could get. 

“Is it done?” Old Gang Tou murmured. 

Jiang Chen’s Fire of Sun instantly devoured the three medicinal ingredients. His control of the flame was perfect. After the flame has rescinded. Three white pills appeared in his palm. 

“The easiest Perfect Supplement Pill.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Looking at the colour of the pill, it definitely possesses 100% medicinal efficiency.” 

Old Gang Tou looked at Jiang Chen somewhat excitedly. The easiest thing was also the hardest thing to master. Especially a basic medicinal pill like the Perfect Supplement Pill was something that almost none could perfect. Yet, Jiang Chen managed to refine a 100% medicinal efficiency pill! 

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