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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2205


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Jiang Chen smiled while looking at Yue Er with doubt. He thought that all of the cultivators in the Divine World were under God Realm and surmised that there might not be so many Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns.

In fact, it was as simple as he thought. Although the Divine World was filled with incomparably vigorous Divine Origin Qi, it was not that easy to achieve great advancement in one’s cultivation. 

“The reality is not like what you had imagined, brother. In the Divine World, we are not born with unparalleled strength. However, the indigenous people of this world are destined to be talented as they are nourished by the Divine Origin Qi between heaven and earth. Of course, compared to those cultivators like you who ascended here from another world, we are relatively talented. Basically,  tenagers like me will at least reach Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign or some might even break through to the Void God Realm. Some who are more talented and monstrous will have reached the True God Realm. I am comparatively ordinary.”

After saying this, Yu Er looked a bit disappointed. She was really a girl who cared about how others view her. That was why she could not get over the matter about her cultivation realm. She hadn’t been putting a lot of effort in cultivating, however, no one saw that. Moreover, her talent was mediocre so she stopped putting in more effort when her cultivation realm was only  advancing very slowly.

“Since the Origin Divine Qi is very intense here, ordinary cultivators might achieve advancement very quickly when they first started cultivating. But there are some people who are destined not to be able to breakthrough. Early God Realm is the threshold they can’t breakthrough. Some people might not be able to breakthrough the Void God Realm as they have advanced too quickly at the beginning and they couldn’t digest all the Origin Divine Qi they have absorbed. Unfortunately, this is their destiny in the Divine World. For example, I might never be able to reach the True God Realm.”

“You’re not bad. When I was your age, my strength was even weaker. Hehe. I am not comparable to you. Don’t give up. I believe you can make it.”

Jiang Chen looked at Yue Er and told her that he meant it.


“Of course. If there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as you put effort and work hard, you will never be weaker than others. Someone who just listens to whatever they hear and thinks that they will not achieve anything without talent. Then they give up on themselves and miss out on the best time and chance to cultivate. It’s normal that they won’t improve at all if that happened.”

Yue Er smiled and said:

“What you said seemed very reasonable. I will not give up and I will aim to breakthrough the True God Realm, so that everyone will pay great respect to my grandpa.”

“I believe you definitely will make it. Haha.”

“I’ll listen to you. Brother, your power must be formidable as well. Now, I can also sense that you are definitely stronger than me.”

Yue Er looked at Jiang Chen curiously.

“Me? I am just an Early Void God. Moreover, I am badly injured right now.  I guess I won’t be fully recovered without ten to twenty days of rest. The effort I need to put to cultivate might even more compared to you.

“Actually, not everyone can be immortal in the Divine World. If we can’t breakthrough the Void God Realm, we would be mortal forever. We might only live up to five hundred years.”

At this moment, Old Gang Tou came in with a smile and gave Jiang Chen a profound glance. 

“You must be curious about why you were an immortal in the Immortal World and why it’s a different case in this world.”

Old Gang Tou’s word struck Jiang Chen as he had seen through Jiang Chen’s mind. Indeed, this was what Jiang Chen was worried the most. If he could only live for five hundred years, how was he going to wait for his loved ones? How would he  prepare for their arrival in the Divine World?

“Those who are under the True God Realm would be mortals forever. You might have never heard of this before. If you break through the True God Realm, you will have five hundred years to live. If you reach the Heavenly God Realm and manage to condense the Divine Spark, you will have five thousand years to live. When one reaches the Divine King Realm, he will be immortal. However, those who are under the True God Realm are actually not that different from a mortal. Talented cultivators with great fortune or those who know how to use divine elixirs to prolong their life might be able to live a few hundred years more. However, those who are under the True God Realm will never be able to live more than five hundred years. I have mastered the art of making the elixir of life for my entire life and I once used elixirs to advance myself to the True God Realm. However, after suffering a serious injury from a battle, I became a Middle Void God and it’s hard for me to advance my cultivation realm anymore. My life might end when I reach around one hundred years.”

Life of a hundred years! 

These words were like thunderclaps resounding around Jiang Chen’s ears. At first, the Divine World was a pradarise everyone dreamt of. But now, it seemed like it was even more cruel than the Immortal World. If you couldn’t succeed, you were doomed to be a mortal. If you could not break through, you would fall.

If you could not break through to the Void God Realm, you will not be able to live long. This was the principle. Even Old Gang Tou who was once a True God could only live around a hundred years now. This was incomparably cruel and heartbreaking. 

Jiang Chen was deeply related to Old Gang Tou. He looked at his granddaughter while his eyes carried gentleness and hope as everything depended on her fate. 

True God Realm, Jiang Chen would definitely reach that realm. Even if a Heavenly God or Divine King hinders him, he would still breakthrough their hindrance and stand at the top of the Divine World. He was going to use his own palm and effort to achieve something great in this new world. Otherwise, how was he going to protect those he loved when they ascend here from the Immortal World.

At present, he still did not know where Big Yellow, Dragon Shisan and Tyrant were. The vastness of the Divine World was unimaginable. He had to look for them first. It must be easier to find Big Yellow as he entered the Luo Family. But he did not know where the Luo Family was.

“I have something to ask. Master, do you know where the God Luo Family is?”

Jiang Chen asked.

Old Gang Tou was startled and looked at Jiang Chen.

“You know about the God Luo Family of Xuanyuan County?”

Lao Gangtou sighed and shook his head.

“God Luo Family of Xuanyuan County is at the Western Extremity Divine Region. Although we are not at the furthest part of the Divine World, it would still take more than six thousand years to reach the Western Extremity Divine Region without spatial teleportation.” 

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Was he joking? More than six thousand years. That meant if he did not advance to the Heavenly God Realm, he would die on his way to the Western Extremity Divine Region. He would die even without encountering any misfortune and just die out of old age. This sounded ridiculous. Spatial teleportation seemed more reliable. 

“However, not everyone is able to afford spatial teleportation. Even if a Heavenly God or Divine King wanted to use spatial teleportation, that might cost half of his total wealth. Only the true experts in the Divine World have the right to use it,” Old Gang Tou said faintly.

Jiang Chen was shocked. Even if he spent all of his life travelling in the Divine World, he might not be able to reach every place. Travelling throughout the entire Northern Cold Divine Region would not be easy as well.

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