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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2203


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The moment when Jiang Chen stepped into the gateway of the Divine World, he fell into a mysterious state. It felt like he was in a state of emptiness and wandering in the illusion. 

At the same time, the Yu Hua Boundary disappeared completely, severing the connection between the Divine World and Divine Tomb.

When Jiang Chen stepped into the Divine World, an incomparably long passage appeared in front of his eyes. The passage was floating above the clouds. In front of him, there were countless pavilions and terraces and the entire scene was like a dream.

At this moment, a giant black Heavenly Peng* flew towards him from afar. While the divine bird flew with its wide wings, its feather was glowing with towering mightiness.

Jiang Chen stared at the terrifying Heavenly Peng while the Heavenly Peng gave Jiang Chen a glance in a profound way. Then, it swept across the void, soaring up to heaven with an overbearing momentum.

“Such a terrifying Heavenly Peng. Its eyes seem like it can determine my life and death.” 

Jiang Chen was a bit shocked in his heart as he never encountered such a terrifying strength before. The glance the Heavenly Peng showed to Jiang Chen seemed to express a sense of reunion after a long separation but it was also filled with fighting intent. 


Suddenly, a dreadful lightning fell from heaven with billowing thunder and it was striking towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen took a cold breath while his facial expression changed as the dreadful lightning gave him an irresistible feeling. If the lightning and thunder fell on him, he would definitely die.


The dreadful lightning caused Jiang Chen’s pupils to continuously enlarge. The lightning then fell on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Golden light was glowing at the top of the pagoda while it protected Jiang Chen.

Under the golden light, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was still in a state of great shock. The deafening thunder had made Jiang Chen cover up his ears with his hands but his countenance had fallen completely. 

The gloss of the Ancestra Dragon Pagoda had faded at this moment. It even turned into a bloody colour at the end that was still emitting weak golden light. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen, despite the protection of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, still felt a sense of great pressure and fainted because of the dreadful lightning strike.

“Although the heavens do not tolerate me and the earth does not treat me well, I am still going to fight the heavens and earth! No one can block my path, and the heavens is no exception! Cough, cough, cough……”  

An old voice sounded from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. In the midst of the thunderstorms, nine golden lightning struck the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda!

Divine World. Northern Cold Divine Region

Single Dragon County, Lin He Boundary, the foot of Deer Mourn Mountain.

“Grandpa, look, is there someone falling down from the peak of the mountain?”

A young girl said softly. 

The young girl has a pair of big bright piercing eyes and was around thirteen or fourteen years old. Her black hair was tied into a bun. She was full of curiosity and in a state of great shock.

The young girl carried a bamboo basket on her back as she walked through the forest while following her grandfather to pick up herbs in the Deer Mourn Mountain. This was the first time she encountered someone in the mountain and she didn’t even know if he was still alive or dead.

“Where is he?”

The old man was holding a pipe between his lips. His hair was all white and it could be seen that  the fur-lined coat on his body had been resewn and made up for many times. He squinted his eyes then sucked the pipe and breathed out some smoke.

“What a pitiful guy. He’s still alive, albeit barely. Since he fell here, it can be considered that he’s destined to meet us.”

The old man put the pipe in the basket behind him and squatted down and patted the young man whose clothes were badly torned.

“He’s still alive but he seems to have suffered great injury and lost his consciousness now.”

The old man said and he turned around to carry the injured man on his back. He then walked towards the foot of the Deer Mourn Mountain. 

“Grandpa, don’t you always tell me not to bother others’ business? Wait for me!”

The young girl curled up her lips and followed up her grandfather quickly. The old man walked quickly as if he was flying. He did not look like an elder at all. 


When Jiang Chen woke up suddenly, he realised that everything in front of his eyes had already become another scene. The palaces, pavilions and terraces had vanished and the flying Heavenly Peng had also disappeared without leaving any trace. 

“Where am I?”

Jiang Chen rubbed his head and frowned his forehead. Before losing consciousness, all he  felt was that everything was spinning and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda protected him with utmost effort. 

“You have woken up, brother?”

The young girl was holding a bowl of steamingly hot herbal medicine and entered the room. 

Jiang Chen looked around and realised that it was an ordinary thatched hut with simple arrangement. It was not a mansion of a rich family.

“Where’s this place?”

Jiang Chen asked for the second time. The young girl who stood in front of him looked very innocent and adorable. She seemed very pure like a lotus that blossomed in the pond.

“Deer Mourn Mountain. Qilian Residence, Pengtou Village.”

The young lady said with a clear voice. She gave Jiang Chen a glance and looked like she was a bit scared.

“Little sister, are you the one who saved me?”

Jiang Chen asked and said with a smile. He felt terrible as his whole body felt like it was going to break apart anytime.

The surroundings looked very strange to him. He really had no idea where he was right now. 

The young girl nodded but then she shook her head. 

“My granddad saved you.”

“No matter how, thank you.”

“Drink this bowl of herbal medicine first. Granddad said it’s good for your recovery.”

The young girl smiled and spoke to Jiang Chen. She seemed not to be that scared and cautious anymore. 

“Is this the Divine World?”

“Yes. I only know that we’re at Deer Mourn Mountain, Qilian Residence, Pengtou Village. Other than that, I don’t know anymore.” 

The way the young girl pouted was really cute but she seemed to not know much. 

“As long as it’s the Divine World.”

Jiang Chen thought. However, it seemed like the Divine World was much bigger than the Immortal World and it was not as simple as he had thought. 

“We are in the Lone Dragon County of the Northern Cold Divine Region. There are nine regions and eighteen counties in the Divine World. There are Dongsheng, Western Extremity, Nantong, Northern Cold, Restricted Area, Ancient Divine Region, Desolate Divine Region, Earth Divine Region and lastly, the Central Region Divine Land! In terms of the eighteen counties, some are inside the Divine Region but some counties exist independently. Right now, the Qilian Residence where we are staying is only a remote area of the Deer Mourn Mountain. Deer Mourn Mountain is very big but Lone Dragon County is even bigger. The Northern Cold Divine Region is even vast. As a god, if one wanted to go through every place in the Divine World, it would take him hundreds and thousands of years.” 

The old man was holding the pipe in his mouth while sucking the pipe gently. He seemed to really enjoy the moment. 

“Thank you master for saving me.”

Jiang Chen said in a solemn voice. Jiang Chen was really thankful for the old man. 

“This is your own fortune and not related to me. Hehe. Are you a cultivator from the Immortal World and just entered the Divine World?” 

“How did you know?”

Jiang Chen looked at the old man in shock as he felt bewildered. 

“You have great potential and talent. Even if I did not save you, you would wake up by yourself within a few days. What a pity that a young and talented man like you hasn’t reached the True God Realm yet.”

The old man smiled faintly. No one knew if he was teasing Jiang Chen or expressing his regret.  

Peng*:  a giant bird that transforms from a Kun giant fish in Chinese mythology. 

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