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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2202

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Jiang Chen appeared in front of Luo Ningtian suddenly. Jiang Chen had already predicted that Luo Ningtian would make such an attack. Under such circumstances, the combination of Great Divination Art and Great Void Technique was perfect because they did not have too many methods to handle him, even more so after the twelve Fire God Guards had driven them nuts. 

Jiang Chen was already prepared for Luo Ningtian’s attack. As soon as Jiang Chen made a kick, both him and Luo Ningtian retreated. However, at this moment, Jiang Chen’s figure suddenly appeared at the back of Luo Ningtian. Jiang Chen was ubiquitous with the help of the Great Void Technique. On the other hand, Luo Ningtian’s sensation was very sharp since he had reached True God Realm. 

However, by the moment Luo Ningtian turned his head, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword had already hit his shoulder.  His arm was cut off cleanly and he suffered great pain. 


Luo Chentian’s countenance fell and shouted in a deep voice. While Luo Ningtian was staggering, the two Fire God Guards behind him caught the perfect timing and immediately struck a heavy blow on Luo Ningtian. 

Luo Chentian struck three of the Fire God Guards, then caught Luo Ningtian at the next second. However, Jiang Chen’s attack still fell on him again. In a flash, the two of them were almost standing face to face. Luo Chentian screamed and withdrew himself subconsciously, but Jiang Chen appeared next to him and his sword pierced into Luo Chentian’s chest. 


Luo Chentian spurted out a mouthful of blood. The two brothers were pressed to a dead end by the twelve Fire God Guards. At this moment, Jiang Chen attacked again, and each of his attacks was extremely ruthless and vigorous. Luo Chentian and Luo Ningtian had paid a severe price with each of Jiang Chen’s attacks. 

At the end, under the attack of Fire God Guards, Luo Chentian had also come to a disadvantaged position. On the other hand, Luo Ningtian was not even able to get up after the set back as he was under complete suppression without any strength to counterattack. 

“You two shouldn’t have come to pester me.”

Jiang Chen said faintly while his figure was flashing around with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. Suddenly, another strike of the sword hit Luo Ningtian’s chest.


Luo Ningtian was mad, staring at Jiang Chen with his eyes that seemed to crack. At this moment, he felt that his life was leaving his body as his chest was pierced through by Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword.

Jiang Chen continued to sweep across with his sword, tearing Luo Ningtian’s body apart from his side directly. Luo Ningtian kneeled down and fell on the ground while blood was flowing out from his mouth continuously. The divine light from his eyes dispersed and his breath slowly turned weaker and weaker.

“Jiang Chen! This grudge is irreconcilable!” 

Out of rage, Luo Chentian’s roar broke through the sky. In an instant, he crashed into Jiang Chen although he was attacked by the Fire God Guards behind at the same time. His eyes could only see Jiang Chen at this moment. Killing him was the only way to get revenge for his brother.

Before passing away, his father told him that he had to take good care of his brother. That’s why he never competed with his brother for any divine tools and he gave his brother the best. Seeing how Luo Ningtian was torn apart by Jiang Chen’s sword, his heart had become dead now. 

“I am going to kill you!”

Luo Chentian crashed into Jiang Chen madly, however, the Fire God Guards blocked him, and left no chance for Luo Chentian to resist at all.

“Don’t worry. The next one will be you. Go accompany your brother, and then continue counting on each other on the way to hell.” 

Jiang Chen said ruthlessly. With his mystical Great Void Technique, he kept appearing and disappearing at the side of Luo Chentian and attacked him with his sword. As soon as Jiang Chen struck a blow at the three most vital parts of his body, a drop of blood tear flowed out from Luo Chentian’s eyes as he was unable to escape the misfortune of being killed like his brother.

This time, Luo Chentian failed in a comparatively easy task. It was completely out of his expectation that he would be eliminated by a young lad who was just at the Early Void God Realm. 

“I cannot accept this…I cannot…I can’t……”

Luo Chentian murmured while he was falling down to the ground slowly. Even though the two brothers were unreconciled to their fate, they were still buried at the Divine Tomb eventually and died at the Yu Hua Boundary.  

“This is the dignity of an expert. It’s just the law of the jungle!”

Jiang Chen looked at the Luo brothers without any compassion. If he chose to be compassionate to everyone, then who would show him the compassion he needed? If he did not rely on his own strength, he might have died many times earlier.

Kindness was the epitaph of those who were kind. If he bowed his head down, how would the Luo brother let him go alive? 

This world was a world of the strong. Your competence was part of your dignity.

Jiang Chen plundered whatever he could get from Luo Chentian and Luo Ningtian’s body. He found thirty thousand low-grade Divine Origin Stones worth two hundred middle-grade Divine Origin Stones. This is the currency used in the Divine World, of course Jiang Chen would not miss them out. 

The Divine Origin Stone released pure and intense divine energy. Those under the True God Realm would only need the Low Grade Divine Origin Stone. Those above would need Middle Grade Divine Origin Stone. However, those above Heavenly Gods would need to refine the High Grade Divine Origin Stones for their own use. Once one broke through the Divine Emperor Realm, he would need Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stone.

“What’s this?”

Jiang Chen discovered an ancient sheepskin scroll from Luo Chentian’s ring. It seemed like a part of an incomplete and tattered map. The words on the map were also very old and difficult to understand.

There were quite many remarks stated on the ancient scroll and they seemed like some hidden divine treasures but they also seemed like cultivation art. Jiang Chen was not sure about that. 

“Rushing Thunder Chart?”

Jiang Chen frowned his forehead. Since he did not know what it was right now, he could only keep it first. 

Right now, he was badly injured and his strength was also drained. Everyone had already stepped into the Divine World and the Yu Hua Boundary became darker. Soon, he was afraid that the boundary would close up completely.

“After going through so many difficulties with so much effort, finally it’s time to leave the Divine Tomb.”

Jiang Chen looked at the sky and unexpectedly a remnant figure appeared above the void. He seemed to give a smile to Jiang Chen. The figure was actually the old tomb keeper. Jiang Chen was stunned. However, it just happened for a second. After blinking his eyes, the figure had already disappeared.

“Oh my… The Divine Tomb is seriously not a simple place. No wonder, even those experts from the Divine World could not simply enter this place. The law set by the God Emperor is really extraordinary,” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Divine World was just in front of him right now but Jiang Chen suddenly became very sentimental. Even Tyrant had been taken into the Divine Tomb by force, how about Yan Chenyu? Wu Ningzhu? Yan Qingchen? And when would his own father enter the Divine Tomb? Most importantly, Jiang Chen was worried if they could make it until the end in the Divine Tomb since this was a place full of great danger. 

Looking at the Yu Hua Boundary, Jiang Chen held his fists tightly while a great pressure was pressing on his shoulder.

“One day, this sky won’t be able to block my eyes anymore and this land will not subdue me.”

“Wait for me, I won’t let you guys get any harm.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice while pointing his sword to the sky. 

“Here I come, Divine World!”

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