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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2201

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With the Fire God Guards’ strength, it was estimated that three or four of them were already enough to overcome average True Gods. Moreover, the Fire God Guards could not be destroyed by experts weaker than Divine Kings. They might be defeated but they would not be destroyed.

The flame inside the Fire God Guards was the Red Lotus’ fire essence. If ordinary people saw this kind of flame, they wouldn’t have to wait to retreat. Jiang Chen finally understood the reason why the Fire God Guards were so terrifying.

“Such terrifying puppets!”

Luo Ningtian was completely stunned. When he was fighting against the Fire God Guards just now, he was in a passive position and could only defend their attacks. He even needed to be extremely careful in order to not get burned by the flames, otherwise, the consequences would surely be terrible. He only took the defensive position, but he was still injured by the Fire God Guards. If he was not on the defensive, he might have been severely injured by now.

However, he was really embarrassed as his life was threatened by the Twelve Fire God Guards and he lost his sense of superiority.

He doubted if the Twelve Fire God Guards was part of the Craftsman God’s inheritance. Otherwise, how could Jiang Chen deserve to have these twelve flame puppets? The value of each of the Fire God Guards was priceless, and it’s almost impossible to obtain one of them either in the heavens or earth. But this guy unexpectedly had twelve of them and this had made Luo Ningtian jealous of Jiang Chen.

“Today will be the anniversary of your death next year!”

Jiang Chen did not hesitate at all and joined hands with the Twelve Fire God Guards, pressing against Luo Ningtian into a deadly position. This time, Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword, and dragon transformation was also completely different from how it was in the past. The terrifying Heavenly Dragon broke through the void and left no place for Luo Ningtian to hide. The Fire God Guards had already given Luo Ningtian a great pressure and made it almost impossible for him to make any counter attack.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword, that was filled with peerless divine might, shattered the void. The entire Yu Hua Boundary seemed to have become very dark but the radiance of the world lightened up the void. Luo Ningtian could only withdraw himself quickly in order to survive. 


The Heavenly Dragon Sword fell on Luo Ningtian’s Qing Azure Peak Sword immediately. Behind Luo Ningtian, Luo Chentian used his power to support Luo Ningtian’s body. After the heaven-shattering, earth-shaking roaring sound broke through the sky, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was still standing with its sharp radiance, however Luo Ningtian’s Azure Peak Sword cracked and became a broken sword.

“My divine weapon, my divine weapon…!” 

Luo Ningtian said while feeling heartbroken. It was a divine weapon that had been accompanying him for more than eight hundred years, given to him by his father before passing away. The divine weapon was his only treasure, since for an ordinary Heavenly God, they might not be able to obtain any divine tools. Because of this divine weapon, many in the God Luo Family had been jealous of him. However, at this moment, it was broken by Jiang Chen without much effort. 

“Such rubbish. Now we should clear the grudge between us. I have said this before. Those who can laugh in the end have the best laughter,” Jiang Chen said with pride.

“Don’t even think that you could escape from our hands by relying on these puppets. It’s easy for us to kill you,” Luo Chentian said coldly.

“Then let’s try and see whether you could kill me first and take the inheritance away or I could kill you both and prove the existence of justice.”

“These flaming puppets are really formidable. Even if we join hands, it might still be very challenging,” Luo Chentian said in a low voice. 

Although Luo Ningtian was still mourning the loss of his divine weapon, he knew that if they killed Jiang Chen and got the inheritance, the rewards they would receive would be better than a piece of divine tool. 

“You have destroyed my divine weapon, I won’t let you off today! Receive your punishment!”

Luo Ningtian roared in rage. The two True God experts took action together and wanted to eliminate Jiang Chen.

This place was not considered as part of the territory of the Divine Tomb anymore. Instead, it was Yu Hua Boundary. That’s why the constraint against the Void Gods did not exist anymore. The two experts could use their full strength, hence Jiang Chen did not dare to be slow at all. He arranged the twelve Fire God Guards in different positions, and made sure that his opponents were surrounded. This had turned into a life and death battle, and there was no other way around it. Moreover, Jiang Chen would never let go of the people who had decided to kill him.

“Don’t show mercy. Use everything!”

Luo Chentian roared in rage. If he had taken action earlier, then there wouldn’t be so many surprises. However, Jiang Chen obviously was not easy to deal with. It could be considered that the two of them had encountered a match. It was completely out of their expectation that this guy had obtained so many of the Craftsman God’s inheritance. Otherwise, it would be a piece of cake to kill him. 

“Pai Shan Palm!”

Luo Chentian’s palm was like the huge palm of the Buddha Tathagata, blocking out the sun and sky. The void and clouds were all shattered by his palm. When Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal collided against Luo Chentian’s Pai Shan Palm, it was undeniable that Jiang Chen was not a match for an expert at the True God Realm even with the help of the dragon transformation. Jiang Chen was forced to take a step back. 

Luo Chentian was staring at Jiang Chen with a serious facial expression. This was his strongest strike. An ordinary Early True God might not even dare to resist this attack but this lad was not afraid at all, and was even not hurt by the strike as well. This was really strange. 

“Sword shadow descends into the yellow springs and soars up to cloud nine!”

Luo Ningtian unleashed his full strength as well, after having decided he would not give Jiang Chen any chance of living. However, Jiang Chen made a counterattack with his sword and Luo Ningtian’s Azure Peak Sword was broken completely this time.

Jiang Chen immediately withdrew himself as the twelve Fire God Guards took a step forward and besieged Luo Chentian and his brother completely.  

The Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus was rising continuously. At this moment, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus that was unleashed by the Fire God Guards became many times stronger than before. 

Even the experts at the True God Realm could only take a few steps backwards and would not dare confront it. However, Luo Chentian’s strength was actually better compared to ordinary True God experts. He had even reached the peak of Early True God Realm. That was why it was hard to tell who had the upper hand against the twelve Fire God Guards.

The God Luo Clan had supreme cultivation methods like the God Luo Art, so they were stronger compared to those ordinary experts. The strength of the disciples from the prestigious families was of course generally quite formidable. This was unquestionable. Even though Jiang Chen had not been killed yet, Luo Chentian did not feel desperate yet because the twelve Fire God Guards were controlled by Jiang Chen. As long as the battle continued, Jiang Chen might not be able to take the upper hand. 

“It seems like a good timing to have a sure catch.”

Jiang Chen sneered as the two were under the absolute control of the twelve Fire God Guards. They were tangled together and had no way to get rid of the Guards. Although they were in a fierce fight, Luo Chentian felt sick of the battle as the twelve Fire God Guards kept pestering them. They did not have any way of getting out of Fire God Guards encirclement at all, not to mention killing Jiang Chen and seizing the inheritance.

More importantly, they couldn’t get rid of these flaming puppets and restraining them had become a silly thing to think about.

“Right now, it’s finally my turn to show up.”

Jiang Chen’s figure flashed then suddenly disappeared. At this moment, both Luo Chentian and Luo Ningtian felt a sense of coldness behind them. How did the guy disappear suddenly? 

“Great Void Technique, breaking through the void with light steps!”  

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