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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2199

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Luo Ningtian’s sword dance was like a phoenix dancing in the sky. Each strike contained the might of the Heavens and Earth. It was completely different from the attack of a Void God. Jiang Chen was extremely serious and did not dare to dawdle, because they didn’t have the leisure to do so, they must work together to defend against Luo Ningtian’s attack. 

“An ant blocking against a cart. Do you think you can stand against the Heavens? No matter how powerful you are amongst the Void Gods, you’ll never defeat a true expert. Now, you should know that the difference between us is not something small. Hahaha!” Luo Ningtian waved his powerful Qing Feng Sword once again. 

Luo Ningtian attacked once again, casting the:

“Dancing Sword of the Heavens and Earth!”

Jiang Chen and Tyrant were pushed back by this attack. Tyrant’s expression changed drastically because he too did not know how terrifying a True God expert was. 

When the dust has settled, the countless Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that hadn’t left yet gasped in awe. Because that sword strike was much more terrifying, it’s like cutting down on the mortal realm, ignoring the Heavens and Earth, killing all living beings and stealing the land of its life. 

Jiang Chen’s sword clashed with Luo Ningtian but still to no avail. As he repeatedly retreated, his expression became extremely ugly, the blood in his body was pumping hard, very hard. 

“Such a domineering sword Qi!” Jiang Chen said. 

On the other side, Tyrant was also not in a better shape, as he was forced back a hundred li. Luo Ningtian’s technique was powerful, completely different from Jiang Chen and Tyrant. 

“Now, if you guys obeyed me, I’ll probably leave you guys with your life. If you go against me… Nonono, if you go against the Luo Clan, you’ll never get anything. Do you think you can run away from us brothers? Keep dreaming, you fools. You are probably the strongest among the Void Gods, but you won’t be able to dominate the True God Realm. You’re but an ant in my eyes.”  Luo Ningtian said with an overbearing tone. 

He regarded everyone below him as trash. Only by reaching the True God Realm could one be considered to be a true god. The Void God Realm was but a process for one to metamorph towards the True God Realm. To become a True God!

“There’s only one way to get the inheritance of the Craftsman God from me,” said Jiang Chen.


“Kneel down and kowtow three times and I’ll consider it.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh, angering Luo Ningtian. He was now filled with killing intent. 

“Obnoxious. It’ll end after I kill you. You truly disappoint me.” Luo Ningtian was obviously angered by Jiang Chen. 

A True God expert was really terrifying. How could Jiang Chen not be wary of him?

“Take this! Weeping Ghost Slash!” 

Luo Ningtian’s lightning-swift attack was devastatingly powerful. 

Jiang Chen took it head-on even though he was obviously at a disadvantage. He was not the type of person to just cower, he would fight towards the end rather than leaving any regrets behind. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen struck out his devastating seal. However, it couldn’t be compared against Luo Ningtian’s devastating sword strikes. 

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen unleashed all these techniques and seals. But Luo Ningtian moved forward without pressure and struck again. Jiang Chen felt extremely pressured from the attack. 

“Buddha’s Radiance!”

Tyrant returned to the battlefield, putting on a hand seal and went into meditation. Golden light shone through the battlefield, making Luo Ningtian to be serious. This f*cking monk has some skills. 

The Buddha’s Radiance was extremely powerful, a powerful technique of the Buddhism sect. A legitimate technique that was much more powerful than the others. Unfortunately, Tyrant couldn’t unleash the full potential of the technique yet. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen refused to be the inferior one as he unleashed another technique. At this moment, the two of them joined hands together. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy if Luo Ningtian wanted to eliminate Jiang Chen and Tyrant. 

“Stubborn insects. You are still fighting back even at this moment. Hehehe, truly laughable. The ant will always be inferior to the tiger.” 

Luo Ningtian’s figure dodged continuously in the sky. His body and sword      felt like it was overlapping against each other. It’s as if the whole place was filled with his after images. 

“Ten Thousand Sword Strike!” Luo Ningtian shouted. 

He then merged into ten thousand sword images and attacked Jiang Chen and Tyrant viciously. 

This time, Jiang Chen felt Luo Ningtian’s anger. He had unleashed his full strength, preparing to finish off Jiang Chen and Tyrant. It was a strike filled with confidence. If Luo Ningtian who was a True God doesn’t have the confidence to kill a Void God, then he would’ve surrendered and ran away. 

Luo Ningtian was slightly shocked by Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s explosive strength after easily fighting against a Late Void God while they’re still at the Early Void God Realm. 

However they’re facing me, a powerful True God! This was the first time Luo Ningtian was provoked after becoming a True God! 

These brothers were not even core disciples in the Luo Clan. Not even Luo Wenhao was a core disciple, however he is much better compared to these two. As Luo Wenhao’s background was better than the two of them, his bloodline was much purer than them. Hence, he will certainly surpass them if he cultivates further. But still, they were considered strong among the outer disciples of the Luo Clan. How could they receive such humiliation from Jiang Chen? 

If they want to become a core disciple, they have to gain great merits and cultivate further. Only then would they have a chance to become a core disciple. Now that the once in a lifetime opportunity has presented itself and it was an easy task nonetheless. It was as if the Heavens had given them a chance to succeed in life. As long as they obtained the Craftsman God’s inheritance, their position within the Luo Clan would rise even further. 

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill without mercy!” 

Luo Ningtian’s killing intent was at its peak. He wouldn’t even bat an eye if the Heavens itself were to stand on the side of Jiang Chen. It was all for the sake of the Craftsman God’s inheritance!

The Ten Thousand Sword Strike struck towards Jiang Chen and Tyrant. Jiang Chen stood his ground and roared furiously. The Fusion of Dragon and Sword shot out like a meteor and broke through the Ten Thousand Sword Strike Formation. But Tyrant wasn’t as lucky as Jiang Chen. He received thirteen cuts from the attack, all grave injuries. Blood started pouring out from the cuts, as his body was covered with injuries. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes were on the verge of popping. This fellow was too much! Did he really think Jiang Chen was afraid of him?!


Jiang Chen suffered a minor injury. But because of the Fusion of Dragon and Sword, he managed to get through the Ten Thousand Sword Formation. 

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