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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2196

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“I thank both of you for your good intentions. But I am somewhat hard-headed, and I like to be alone. Hahaha. There’s no need to be worried about me. Good guys don’t leave long and usually bring disasters for the last thousands of years, I am a disaster for the Divine World. Plus, I like to be unrestrained, I cannot live comfortably when there are constraints.” Jiang Chen shrugged and said. 

He rejected the good intentions of the two. One must be wary of others, even though these two were pretty good during their journey in the Divine Tomb. After all, the human heart is dangerous, who knows when they’re genuinely sincere and when they’re not? For now, they looked like they’re trying to help him, but once they’ve entered their own respective clans, what if their clansmen were blinded by greed. These young clansmen may not be able to change the decision made by their clan. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t some three-year-old kid. He needed to be responsible for his actions, for his master. The Craftsman God has given him all his inheritance, how could he place himself in a dangerous situation? 

The human heart is unfathomable, Jiang Chen had always kept this in mind. 

“Such being the case, alright. But you have to be careful. The Nine Regions and Eighteen Counties of the Divine World is vast. Nobody knows where you will be transported into. We’ll never know if we’ll meet again after this, but I still hope that we can meet again in the future.” Moling Dongchen said with a heartfelt sigh.

“Boss Jiang Chen, we would have perished in the Divine Tomb if it wasn’t for you. This graciousness shall never be forgotten.” A’Mo Kehan looked at Jiang Chen solemnly and gave a deep bow.  

“Boss Jiang Chen. Some day, I will surely surpass you. I hope we’ll meet again on that day.” Yesheng Yunwang looked at Jiang Chen deeply. 

The passion and persistence in his eyes were felt by Jiang Chen. The madness he possesses… he’s a martial maniac that surpasses even me. His personality is also not too bad. 

“I am looking forward to that day. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

“Young Master Jiang Chen, I really want to stay beside you.” Jiang Xinxin bit her red lips tightly as an unconcealable sadness could be seen on her beautiful face.  

How could Jiang Chen not know what Jiang Xinxin was thinking? But the women he had owed were far too many. Yan Chenyu, Wu Ningzhu, Yan Qingcheng… His heart could no longer accommodate another woman. 

Jiang Xinxin’s affection was one he could not reject but also could not accept. 

“You’re a good girl. I believe you’ll be able to find a better one.” Jiang Chen put Jiang Xinxin into his embrace and lightly patted her shoulder. 

“I never dare to demand anything, I am even willing to stay beside Young Master Jiang Chen and serve as your servant, as long as I can stay by your side.” Jiang Xinxin said softly. 

“Xinxin, there are many things that one would pursue in their whole lives. You will find out that I am nothing after you step foot into the Divine World. I am not the great hero that you long to marry in your childhood, nor am I a prince or a powerful expert. There is no reason for me to receive your affection. I am unworthy, truly unworthy.” Jiang Chen said with a sigh. 

“Okay, Young Master Jiang Chen. Xinxin will never fall in love with another man. Unless the sky has collapsed and the earth has crumbled.” Jiang Xinxin said a smile but the decisiveness and heartbreak in the deepest part of her eyes was one that Jiang Chen could not bear to look at. 

“The sky of the Divine World is much bigger. You will definitely change. I believe there’s bound to be one that will share the world with you.” Jiang Chen said. 

Jiang Xinxin then quietly turned her head and left. 

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly while Jiang Xinxin’s lingering warmth slowly dispersed from his palm. He was truly helpless, to love her, he must give her the best, but what can he really offer her? 

“The hardest thing to forget is a good poem written by an ancient one.  
The hardest thing to ignore is a person’s unrequited longing towards you.
The hardest thing to accept is the love of a beautiful lady towards you.” Moling Dongchen murmured while looking at Jiang Chen’s silent back. 

“Little Chen, women are unreliable. You still have me.” Tyrant said emotionally as he wrapped his arms around Jiang Chen’s shoulder. 

“Oh sh*t. I am not interested in guys. You stinking monk. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said. 

Tyrant’s eyes were blazing with anger. 

“I only said it because you looked pitiful. You ungrateful cur!” 

At this moment, an eye-catching light suddenly appeared in the sky. Three figures walked out with a powerful aura. 

“Such a powerful aura.” 

“Yeah. I feel suffocated. This person’s strength must be extraordinary!” 

“Shush. We better stop talking. We probably will not be able to withstand the wrath of these gods if they’re offended.” 

Countless people discussed in a low voice. They did not dare to raise their heads to look at the three figures that were floating on the sky. 

“Dongchen. Let’s return home.” The middle-aged man in the centre said. 

Jiang Chen looked at the middle-aged man. It felt like he could easily kill a Void God expert with just a single gaze. 

“You’re not afraid of me?” The middle-aged man looked at Jiang Chen coldly. 

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Jiang Chen replied. 

“You’re not afraid that I’m going to kill you?” 

“There is no enmity between us, just because I looked at you, you want to kill me?”  Jiang Chen said with a somewhat disdainful tone. 

“The dignity of the Mo Clan must not be violated! Offenders are to be killed without mercy!” The middle-aged man raised his arm and a terrifying astral wind blew straight towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen was in a dangerous situation, his expression drastically changed as he struck the Slaughter Dragon Seal to intercept the astral wind. He was forced to step back by the recoil, his complexion became pale and coughed out fresh blood. 

“Seventh Uncle. No!” Moling Dongchen said.

“Just an ant. What is there to fear even if it’s dead?” The middle-aged man’s voice was extremely cold. As if Jiang Chen’s very life was in his grasp. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes squinted. Strong! Jiang Chen felt disgusted with that man as the man felt like he was a being far superior to others, arrogant. 

“He saved my life in the Divine Tomb.” Moling Dongchen said. 

“Us, Mo Clan, could not return kindness with ingratitude.” 

“Such being the case, I’ll leave him alone. Those who can enter the Divine World are those with exceptional abilities and the peoples that could grow further are much rarer. People like you will not live long, even if I don’t kill you, someone will.” Mo Tianhan said coldly. 

“I will surpass you in the future!” Jiang Chen looked at Mo Tianhan with a prideful gaze. 

“You’re digging your own grave!” Mo Tianhan wanted to attack again but was stopped by Moling Dongchen once again. 

“Seventh Uncle, don’t forget what you said earlier.” 

“He would’ve died a thousand times more if it wasn’t for you.” Mo Tianhan sneered. 

“Seventh Uncle is already a Half Step Divine King, he could easily kill you with just a thought. Don’t talk back to him.” Moling Dongchen was feeling awkward as he knew Jiang Chen’s character. He’s one to take the softer approach easily rather than the hard approach. 

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