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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2195

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Divine light shone over the ground while pink clouds covered the entire sky. Thousands of worlds came to unite as one. 

“Is this the Divine World? It’s so beautiful.”

Some were infatuated by this amazing scene after going through so many difficulties after thousands of years of cultivation. Finally, they were able to step foot into the Divine World and continue their cultivation of advancing to the God Realm. 

“It’s amazing. The Divine World is indeed a place people all around the world aim to come. I think I am falling into it.”

“This scene only appears in heaven and one will not even hear of it in the human world. Divine World, I am coming to you finally.”

“Entering the Divine World is a step to ascend the heavens. It’s a step to transform from mortality to god.”

“The Divine World that I have been dreaming of is finally here in front of my eyes. Hahaha!”

More and more people became excited and their facial expression looked incomparably flushed as well. After going through countless hardships and obstacles, they had finally attained their final goal, entering the Divine World. Who would not be excited?

Their faces were filled with excitement. Once they stepped into Divine World, they would change completely. They wouldn’t be mortals anymore and had a chance to become gods. 

The Thousand Rainbow Bridge of the Yu Hua Boundary emitted dazzling radiance, and above the void of Yu Hua Boundary was the only passage between the Divine World and Divine Tomb.

“This is the Divine World. After going through the Yu Hua Boundary, it is the Divine World. However, upon entering, we will be sent to different places. The Divine World is incomparably large and its land is vast. Even if one spent all of his life, he might not be able to go through every corner of the world. Only by depending on the Spatial Teleportation Formation can one shutter between the void.” 

Luo Wenhao laughed and explained to the people behind him.

“That’s right. The vastness of the Divine World is definitely out of your imagination. There are nine regions and eighteen counties. Each county has a heaven, let alone the nine regions that have higher realms.” Moling Dongchen said. 

Meanwhile, he was still worried about Jiang Chen’s safety. Would Jiang Chen really miss out? Once Yu Hua Boundary closed, he definitely would not be able to come out. Even Moling Dongchen’s ancestors had to wait for them outside of Yu Hua Boundary.

“Since the Divine World is so big, how can I miss it out? Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen’s laughter resounded around the air within a thousand miles. Countless people applauded. Everyone was excited for Jiang Chen’s arrival. Getting people’s support was more precious than any other things.

Jiang Xinxin, Yesheng Yunwang and the others were also thrilled as their boss, Jiang Chen was finally back. Although they might not be able see each other again in the future, they would never forget the days in the Divine Tomb. Without Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t have a future.

“Haha. It’s good to see you back. Yu Hua Boundary has opened. If you didn’t arrive on time, you might not be able to enter the Divine World. If you missed it and wanted to enter the Divine World again, perhaps you had to wait another thousand years.”

Moling Dongchen patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said. 

“I am coming, Divine World.”

Jiang Chen was staring at the other side of the boundary eagerly as that was the place connecting to the Divine World.

Big Yellow took his chance, turning into a little yellow dog then jumping into Goddess Luo’s embrace. 

“This dead dog is really shameless. I would love to cook and eat him up. Amitabha,” Tyrant said with a serious facial expression. 

“Che! You are the shameless one. Such an inappropriate monk.”

Big Yellow did not lose to Tyrant and scolded him. Then, he immediately hid into Goddess Luo’s embrace and acted like a little kitten.

Goddess Luo patted Big Yellow’s head and gently ruffled  it with her fine hands. Big Yellow was extremely comfortable and showed how much he had indulged that. 

“How does the Yu Hua Boundary exist? I feel that it’s much more comfortable here than the Divine Tomb. The dark Divine Tomb made people feel really uncomfortable.” Jiang Chen frowned his eyebrows and said, 

“Yu Hua Boundary connects the Divine Tomb and Divine World. It’s a unique existence. According to legend, it was created by a number of God Emperors in order to keep the order of the Divine World. The radiance is the Holy Light of the Divine World and it’s from the body of the Golden Crow. It’s said that there were nine Golden Crows in the ancient period. They were sweeping across the world but were later shot down by the peerless God Emperors. The nine Golden Crows were suppressed and sealed in the divine land of the central region by the God Emperors’ peerless techniques. However, the Golden Crows are still able to emit sacred lights, brightening up the earth. It’s called Holy Light. Once you enter the Divine World, you will notice the Holy Light will be even more obvious and it can also aid cultivation. The people of the entire Divine World are thankful for the God Emperors’ kindness,” Moling Dongchen explained to Jiang Chen patiently. 

“Shooting down the Golden Crows must be really a great job.”

Jiang Chen could not help praising. 

“Yu Hua Boundary is only a transition. After stepping into the Divine World, we will be sent to different places. There are nine regions and eighteen counties in total and each is boundless and comparable to a galaxy.”

Luo Wenhao looked at Jiang Chen and said solemnly.

“Nine regions and eighteen counties? It seems really large. Exactly what I want.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a bright smile.

“The Divine World is not as peaceful as it appears to be. It is full of unending wars all the time.  It is not as ideal as you think. It’s unquestionable that the Divine World and Immortal World are essentially the same because the people in both worlds needed to fight for resources from south to north. Only the strong can survive. Moreover, the Divine World is much more crueler than what you have understood. It is much tougher and challenging,” Moling Dongchen said.

“Divine Origin Stone is the simplest currency in the Divine World as it  can aid cultivation and advancement. I know that brother Jiang Chen is not worried about this at all, but I do really have a request.”

“I don’t mind if you say it.”

Jiang Chen looked at Moling Dongchen.

“My Mo Family is considered as a prestigious family in the Divine World. The elder of Mo Family will meet me later. If you want, come with me to enter Mo Family to cultivate. This is a good idea.”

“Moling Dochen, are you actually planning to get the inheritance of the Craftsman God from Jiang Chen in the dark?”

Luo Wenhao looked at Moling Dongchen with a faint smile but then Moling Dongchen’s facial expression changed and snorted:

“Luo Wenhao, don’t make false accusations. You’re gauging the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measure*. You thought that our Mo Family would do such despicable things? I guess that’s what you think in your heart. Humph.”

Moling Dongchen and Luo Wenhao exchanged a cold glance as both of them had conflict of interest.

“I am just saying what you have been thinking. Why are you so angry? I think it’s better for brother Jiang Chen to come to our Luo Family for cultivation. We definitely will treat you favourably. Moreover, your dog seems to click with Goddess Luo so well. If you enter the Divine World directly, you might not know where it would be sent to. If you fall into a barren land or the Chaotic Divine Region or other terrifying domains, then your life might be at risk,” Luo Wenhao said sincerely. 

*To gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure: Judging unfairly a noble person with his own despicable mind.

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