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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2190


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“Motherf*cker. How dare you touch my brother?! You’re f*cking dead! I’ll make you pay for what you did to my brother, even if you’re an Emperor realm divine soul!” Jiang Chen said, pointing the Heavenly Dragon Sword towards Yi Shuihan. 

“Pretty strong. But it’s a pity that you’re still FAR too weak. If I wasn’t in this form, I could’ve easily killed you with a simple thought.” Yi Shuihan curled his lips, completely disregarding Jiang Chen. 

“But, in the end, you’re just a spirit. If I’m afraid of a spirit, then I have already failed before entering the Divine World.” Jiang Chen’s killing intent was like a dragon. He needed to fight with his full strength against such an opponent. 

“Very good. Even if I am but a soul, killing you is still as easy as slicing a pie!” Yi Shuihan attacked with a powerful palm strike, aiming to destroy Jiang Chen.

“Nine Phantom Wolves!” 

Jiang Chen’s speed instantly spiked. Nine figures appeared in the sky and attacked Yi Shuihan. But Jiang Chen’s true body was instantly identified by Yi Shuihan. 

Yi Shuihan then followed up with a fast, unavoidable punch. His punch was imbued with the prestige of a great emperor. Jiang Chen quickly retreated and unleashed the Slaughter Dragon Seal. Mount Yin Kui was then engulfed with the smell of death. But in the eyes of Yi Shuihan, it wasn’t threatening. 

Yi Shuihan’s figure moved as if he had vanished. His figure became hazy, the Slaughter Dragon Seal struck his hazy figure, but it felt like hitting a sponge. No force could be felt. Yi Shuihan easily evaded the attack. 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword’s sharp blade has the might of a Primal Origin Treasure. Not even Yi Shuihan dared to take it head-on, since he was just a divine soul. 

However Yi Shuihan did not back down, a God Emperor has many cards to play, it’s not something Jiang Chen could compare. 

“Frozen Realm!” Yi Shuihan raised his hand, and the battlefield was instantly frozen and snow was falling from the sky, causing the air to freeze. 

The place was covered with snow, chilly air covered the area, suppressing everyone’s strength to the lowest point possible. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!” 

Jiang Chen used his Five Elemental True Fire, and the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal instantly covered the area, countering Yi Shuihan’s Frozen Realm. At this moment, the ice became mist, the whole place suddenly became sunny again. 

The chilling air and ice were instantly destroyed. Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal overpowered Yi Shuihan’s Frozen Realm. 

“How could this be?!” Yi Shuihan was quickly forced back. 

The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was dispersed but Yi Shuihan’s expression was one of those in shock. 

“Your strength is at most at the level of Peak Void God. But you’re able to counter my Frozen Realm? Impossible!” Yi Shuihan could not believe that Jiang Chen possessed such strength.  

But suddenly, he felt that Mount Yin Kui was engulfed by a barrier. 

“Old man. There is no enmity between us, why do you cause trouble for me?!” Yi Shuihan pointed at the sky and cursed. 

At this moment, even Jiang Chen felt weird, who was that guy cursing at? 

“I know it’s you. Even if I am suppressed to the Peak Void God realm, nobody can still walk out of here alive. I am a God Emperor, I am unstoppable!” Yi Shuihan cursed at the sky. 

Jiang Chen frowned. Could this fellow be mad? 

“You would have already died if it wasn’t for the barrier set up on Mount Yin Kui that restricts me to only unleash the strength of a Peak Void God. But it’s still sufficient to kill you all.” Yi Shuihan’s eyes became cold. 

“You can only unleash the strength of a Peak Void God?” 

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned. He’s this powerful even with the strength of a Peak Void God, still confident even though he’s suppressed to this extent. An average Peak Void God might  not even be able to stand toe-to-toe with him. A God Emperor was truly terrifying. 

Someone placed a barrier over the place. Hence, Yi Shuihan’s strength was suppressed. Jiang Chen had a chance, a very big chance. 

“We’re both Void Gods, even if you’re a God Emperor I do not need to fear you.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Looks like you still don’t understand what your current situation is. Even if we’re both in the Void God realm, killing you is still effortless. Since you do not know what prestige a God Emperor has.” Yi Shuihan said confidently. 

Jiang Chen was strong, but Yi Shuihan was still a God Emperor divine soul that, even if he was suppressed by a barrier, shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Jiang Chen looked at the void, no barrier was found. But he could see that Yi Shuihan was feeling a bit nervous, it wasn’t an act. Because his strength was suppressed, he could only unleash the strength of a Peak Void God.

“I, Jiang Chen, am waiting to see you die!” Jiang Chen stepped forward and unleashed the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps!

“Child’s play. Trying to kill me with such a weak technique. Hahaha, dream on.” 

Yi Shuihan’s footwork was exquisite, each step was precise. The Azure Dragon’s Five Steps could not destroy the void surrounding Yi Shuihan. This was the first time that the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps failed. Yi Shuihan was able to easily see through it, truly frightening. 

The might of a God Emperor is truly powerful.” Jiang Chen thought. But he was unwilling to accept it as an unchangeable fact. 

“Unbearable Chill!” 

Yi Shuihan stretched out his arm and the sky was frozen, chilly air once again covered the place, snowflakes falling from the sky. It was a beautiful sight to behold but was filled with killing intent!

Those snowflakes were like sharp ice swords, flying straight towards Jiang Chen at this moment. Jiang Chen flew across the field like a dragon with his Heavenly Dragon Sword, slicing apart all that came in his way. Even then, his body was cut by a dozen snowflakes, causing him to stagger and his complexion became slightly pale. 

“Mediocre.” Yi Shuihan shook his head. 

“You’re too weak. You don’t deserve a Primal Origin Treasure.” 

“You talk too much.” Jiang Chen harrumphed while wiping away the blood on the corner of his mouth. He then unleashed the Dragon Transformation energy from his body. 

After unleashing the Dragon Transformation, Yi Shuihan instantly became solemn and serious. A terrifying qi was emitted from Jiang Chen, increasing his combat strength by ten times. Without the Dragon Transformation, Jiang Chen’s strength was already at the level of a Late Void God. Hence, Yi Shuihan was forced to be serious. 

“Are you a dragon or human? I’ve never seen such a dragon before.” 

“A dead-man has no need to know. Your divine soul will be mine to exterminate!” Jiang Chen smiled and roared. His voice reaching towards the ends of the earth. 

“Obnoxious. I need to let you see how powerful I am.” 

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