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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2188


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“Little Bastard. Who do you think you are? You dare bark in front of Master Dog. Taste my fart!” 

Big Yellow did not care much and released a terrifyingly smelly fart! 

Ren Chen quickly retreated with a complicated expression. He trembled from the stench of the fart. He did not expect that fart ‘attack’, because he had never met such a shameless being before! 

“Damned dog, I’ll definitely break your bones and burn it to ash!” Ren Chen said angrily. 

No matter who smelled such a smelly fart, they will surely feel sick. This was definitely an insult to a Divine Emperor like him. 

Obviously, Ren Chen was insufferably arrogant as he still thinks that he was the centre of the universe. 

“Kakaka. Let’s see whether you have the ability to do so. Do you really think you’re a peerless Divine Emperor? You’re just a soul waiting to be killed!” Big Yellow harrumphed as he said to Ren Chen disdainfully. 

“Big Yellow, what is there to say to people like him? Kill him with your fart!” Jiang Chen said with a faint smile. 

“Yeah. To think that monk is captured by this fellow, looks like he hadn’t improved much, such a disgrace.” Big Yellow said disdainfully. He’ll surely give the monk a piece of his mind after saving him. 

“You guys are too much. I’ll kill you all!” Ren Chen shouted in anger as he rushed forward with his spear. 

Jiang Chen frowned while he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. 

The terrifying seal landed on Ren Chen’s body, forcing him to fly backwards. His figure became thinner and much more transparent. It looked like he sustained a serious injury. 

Ren Chen was forced back by a single palm. His expression was filled with shock. He had never thought that a mere Early Void God could give him such a grave injury. This is unthinkable. 

Jiang Chen shook his head. Even though this fellow was a Divine Emperor, his strength was only on the level of Xianyu Hu. The strength of these divine soul experts wasn’t the same. This Ren Chen was quite strong but could not really be called an expert! At least he does not possess that qualification in this Divine Tomb. 

“Looks like this fellow is weak, too weak.” Moling Dongchen said with a smile. 

“Yeah. Looks like his death is near since he had offended Jiang Chen.” Luo Wenhao concurred with a laugh. 

“Wait and see. Mount Yin Kui is not a place that you guys can simply enter.” Ren Chen said while gritting his teeth. 

He then quickly retreated. The blood-coloured stone tablet on the ridge of Mount Yin Kui flew towards the sky from the ground. 

The loud rumbling sound has caused Jiang Chen to frown deeply for the first time. Sanskrit words covered the sky as it reverberated across Mount Yin Kui. A blood-coloured cave appeared from the blood-coloured tablet, emitting a mysterious pressure on people’s hearts. 

“These young ones dare to be unruly in Mount Yin Kui, looks like you all are very ballsy. That little monk has been killed by yours truly, you guys are late.” A gloomy voice resounded. 

A dark cloud appeared on top of the mountain. One could hear its voice but not see where he was. 

“Since the monk was killed by you, then you’ll have to pay with your own blood. Today, I shall exterminate the whole Mount Yin Kui and Blood Dragon Cave.” Jiang Chen said while gazing at the dark cloud. 

“Such a big statement. You all will not have a proper resting ground here.” The dark cloud let out a sorrowful voice. 

“Tricks! This Master Dog dares you to come out, I’ll finish you off with a speciality fart of mine.” 

The dark cloud engulfed Big Yellow after he finished speaking. Jiang Chen struck forward with his Heavenly Dragon Sword but the dark cloud just engulfed it too. Jiang Chen tried to pull out his sword but to no avail. The dark cloud felt like it could crush everything, as if everything on this Heaven and Earth was controlled by this dark cloud. Everyone became reluctant, they wanted to help but did not know what to do. 

“Scram!”  Jiang Chen roared. 

The might of the Heavenly Dragon Sword poured out, it’s blade could be seen covering everywhere, forcing the dark cloud to retreat. Leaving the scared Big Yellow. 

“F*ck. Looks like I’ve hit a wall.” Big Yellow murmured. 

“This fellow is somewhat mysterious, what could it be?” Luo Wenhao said. 

“Possibly, we were interrupted by that pressure and couldn’t help. It was too powerful, forcing us to not be able to act.” Moling Dongchen said with a hint of fear in his voice. 

“It’s the emperor’s prestige! But it’s an incomplete one.” Goddess Luo said with extreme heaviness. 

Big Yellow jumped towards Goddess Luo’s embrace. 

“F*ck. This is the first time Master Dog feels scared. Luoluo, you have to protect me.” Big Yellow’s extremely thick-faced attitude was fully unleashed at this moment. Luo Wenhao wished he could feast on this damned dog. At least chose a better time! 

Jiang Chen coldly looked at that terrifying dark cloud. He felt the least pressure from it since the prestige of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was also not to be underestimated. A Primal Origin Treasure was something that was unstoppable. Even the dark cloud felt slightly pressured by the weapon. 

“Could it be… he’s a genuine soul of a Great Emperor?” Jiang Chen said with a frown. 

“How could the soul of a Great Emperor appear here? The prestige of a Great Emperor is indestructible, no matter if it’s in the Divine Tomb or the Divine Prison. It is uncontrollable as it could jump out of the Three Worlds, and stay away from the Five Elements. The prestige of the God Emperor is not something we could comprehend.” Goddess Luo said while patting Big Yellow’s head as if she was comforting him. 

“This little girl is quite knowledgeable. But it’s a pity that you guys are late to realize it. Since you guys are here, why not stay?” 

The dark cloud congealed into a human form. His stature was buff, and his eyes were sharp. Donning a black robe, his aura covered the sky as if he could destroy the stars with the snap of his fingers. 

“This is the emperor’s prestige?” Jiang Chen thought. 

“Even if it’s the might of a Great Emperor, you’re but a remnant of a soul.” A’Mo Kehan sneered. 

But at this moment, the black-robed man raised his hand and a dark cloud struck towards A’Mo Kehan, causing him to fly backwards while coughing litres of blood. He did not have a chance to retaliate. Jiang Chen wanted to help him but to no avail, because the attack was too fast to follow. 

Water balls appeared in his hand, coming from the moisture from the air, unceasingly floating. 

“I can feel your strength, you should be the strongest.” The black-robed man gave out a faint smile as he touched the water balls. Those water balls rushed forward with tremendous speed, forcing Jiang Chen to quickly retreat while defending with his blade. The water splattered all over the place, forcing everyone to scatter. Because once a person was in contact by the water, they could feel a tremendous chill from it, as if they would become frozen solid.  

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