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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2187


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“Listen to me, Brother Shisan survived the Karmic Flame of the Red Lotus. We were shocked by it. Moreover, he gained tremendous fortune through it, receiving the Golden Eyes Fiery Pupil. Then he killed Ling Tianba, Bing Chan, Ao Tian and the Elder of Ao Clan. Afterwards, he broke out of Mount Meru and disappeared.” Moling Dongchen said. 

Jiang Chen breathed out a sigh of relief. He thought Shisan was killed by the Karmic Flame of the Red Lotus. But it looks like that damned monkey had great luck. 

“Great.” Jiang Chen nodded. A stone was lifted from his heart. This meant that Dragon Shisan was still alive, but missing. 

“Next, we’ll proceed forward for another ten more days and we’ll reach the Yu Hua boundary. After crossing the Yu Hua Realm, we’ll reach the Divine World.” Luo Wenhao said. 

“Gongyang Juemu is not the only powerful divine soul in the Divine Tomb. He may be one of the leading figures, but in the past millions of years, many Heavenly God, Divine Kings or even much more powerful ones have fallen. Their number must be more than a million. We better pass through the Yu Hua Boundary quickly and enter the Divine World. This place is hell. No one wants to stay here longer than necessary. If it weren’t for our clan leader opening a portal and forcing us to enter this Divine Tomb, we wouldn’t have entered this place.”

“Brother Luo is right. Nobody wants to become a divine soul. Moreover, we’re not even Heavenly Gods yet, we’ll just become a pile of ash after we die.” Moling Dongchen said. 

“We should leave quickly to avoid further complications.” Luo Wenhao said. 

But suddenly, a bald monk appeared from the sky with a solemn expression, as if he was extremely pressured. 

“Namo Amitabha. Does anyone from this party know Jiang Chen from the Immortal World?” The bald monk asked while clasping both of his palms together. 

“I am Jiang Chen and you are?” Jiang Chen looked at the bald monk with a bad premonition. 

“This monk’s religious name is Shuo Bu De (Cannot say). Me and my juniors travelled to the North-Western devil territory and am fortunate enough to receive a teaching from a senior, gaining tremendous knowledge after thirty days of lecture. But a terrifying peerless divine devil appeared when the old senior perished from his divine soul form. That fellow attacked our party of seventeen men, fifteen of us died, the only one who survived from the attack were me and junior Ba Zhe (Tyrant). He told me to look for Jiang Chen and I’ll be saved.” Shuo Bu De said. 

“You said it’s Tyrant? Where is he now?” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. 

Looks like Ba Zhe has entered the Divine Tomb too. However, he never thought that he wouldn’t follow the three of them. Could there be other methods to enter the Divine Tomb? But now wasn’t the time to think about that, they must quickly look for Tyrant. 

“Who kidnapped the monk?” Big Yellow said. 

To think the monk had also entered the Divine Tomb, looks like it’s going to be much more fun from now on. But we must save him first. 

“That incredibly strong divine soul could easily kill me. I wouldn’t have escaped if it wasn’t for Ba Zhe’s tremendous effort. But he was captured by that powerful divine soul. He didn’t look like he’ll harm his life anytime soon because he wants something from Ba Zhe.” Shuo Bu De said. 

“Meaning, Ba Zhe is temporarily safe, right?” Jiang Chen felt relief. 

“Thanks. Master Shuo Bu De. Let’s not dawdle, Big Yellow, let’s go.” Jiang Chen said. 

Big Yellow jumped down from Goddess Luo’s embrace reluctantly. At this moment, Big Yellow knew what was more important, hence, he didn’t dawdle. 

“Jiang Chen, our strength is lacking compared to you. But we should be able to help out. We will follow you.” Moling Dongchen said. 

“Yeah. More people means more power. You’re our saviour, we’ll follow you.” Luo Wenhao said. 

“Brother Jiang Chen, we pledge to follow you till our death!”  

A wave of cries reverberated in Jiang Chen ears. For a person like him who doesn’t show much emotion, a ripple spread through his heart. 

“Many thanks, fellow friends. But I shall decline your good intentions with thanks. This time, I’m going to save my brother, it’s an emergency situation. Moreover, you guys could easily enter the Divine World without taking any risk. I will not allow you guys to follow me and take this risk. Otherwise, I, Jiang Chen, cannot accept it. Enough, fellow friends, we shall meet again in the Divine World!” Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow and followed Master Shuo Bu De as they prepared to depart.  

“Allow us to follow you.” Moling Dongchen said persistently. 

In the end, Moling Dongchen, Goddes Luo, Luo Wenhao, Jiang Xinxin, Yesheng Yunwang, Lu Dong and A’Mo Kehan followed Jiang Chen to save Tyrant. 

Mount Yin Kui was a desolate place covered with dark haze. Yellow sand could be seen as far as the horizon, and remnants of destroyed buildings could be seen littering everywhere. The pungent smell of evil crept out from every corner of the land, even the sky was covered with a layer of terrifying pressure, causing people to gasp for breath. 

The surrounding mountain range was covered with tombstones with intermittent cries from the crows, making the silent Mount Yin Kui much creepier and gloomier. 

The surrounding was covered with blood and dusky weather without any sign of greens on the ground. 

Everyone was on edge because they could feel an enormous pressure after entering the area. 

“This is Mount Yin Kui, that divine soul expert resides in the Blood Dragon Cave.”  Shuo Bu De said while shaking his head. His eyes became solemn, and there was a hint of terror in his eyes. 

The terrifying scene of his fellow monks being killed had caused him to become frightened. 

“Mount Yin Kui, Blood Dragon Cave?” Jiang Chen frowned. Tyrant was captured by these people? 

“Who dares to cause trouble, come out and give me two kowtows and I may choose to forgive you and leave you with your life.” Big Yellow walked in front of Jiang Chen arrogantly as if he was a powerful general. 

Instantly, the mountain shook, the whole Mount Yin Kui felt like it was going to crumble. 

A 10,000 zhang tall giant stone tablet appeared on the ridge of Mount Yin Kui. 

“A mere dog dares to bark in my Mount Yin Kui? Looks like you guys are here to die. I, Venerable Ren Chen. will kill you all today and show the prestige of my Mount Yin Kui.” The divine soul of a powerful Divine Emperor sneered. 

An old monk with a long white beard appeared, looking down on Jiang Chen’s party with disdain. 

“Master Dog could easily kill you off with a fart! Are you the one who captured the monk?” Big Yellow said with a terrifying face. 

“You guys came prepared. Oh, no wonder, an escapee. Damned monk. You guys will die here today!” Ren Chen squinted his eyes. His killing intent became much stronger after he saw Shuo Bu De! 

“Then we’ll have to see whether you have such ability.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

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