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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2184

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“This guy is really talented. Even the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning could not do anything to him.”

Xianyu Hu said in a deep voice.

“Even if this is the case, we are still going to kill him. Killing him is the only way for us to change the current situation. The inheritance of the Craftsman God could not be left in his hands.”

Obviously, Gongyang Juemu had already made a decision. If they failed it, they might not be able to recover anymore. However, did they still have a choice? Not at all.

Jiang Chen and them had already come to a point that both parties could not coexist together in the world. Taking a step backward would not bring peace to them in this situation. 

“B*tch! Little Chen would not be defeated easily. Hahaha. Look, This guy has become more spirited now. This time, he really deserves to become my master. Am I saying it right, Goddess.”

Big Yellow rubbed himself around Goddess Luo’s legs and that made her not know whether to laugh or cry. Luo Wenhao was irritated by the despicable Big Yellow as he was indeed too horny. However, Goddess Luo did not see this seriously. 

However, if one thought about this carefully, who would haggle over with a dog?”

“Jiang Chen has become even more powerful now.”

Moling Dongchen said, his facial expression became especially serious. Although Jiang Chen’s strength was powerful right now, Gongyang Juemu and the Zodiacs Guardian Gods standing in front of him were some of the most formidable tyrants in the Divine Tomb.

This terrifying scene had never appeared in the history of the Divine Tomb before. It was the first time in a hundred thousand years that the human cultivators managed to suppress the Divine Tomb experts. 

“Are we finally going to have a battle now?”

Jiang Chen looked at Gongyang Juemu and the others. He had been waiting for too long. The one hundred thousand divine souls had already been shattered into ashes in a flash. Why would Jiang Chen be afraid of just a few of them?

“Your last day has arrived. Jiang Chen, if you surrender now, you might still die with a full corpse.”

Xianyu Hu sneered. 

“You’re speaking too much. You must be the first one to die.”

Jiang Chen looked at Xianyu Hu in disdain. Right now, he has already reached the Early Void God Realm and was even more dreadful than before. Jiang Chen was not afraid at all in front of a Late Void God now.

“Using hundred thousand divine souls and millions of spirit of heroes, come forth Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage, summoning millions of the spirits of heroes. The strength of his Slaughter Dragon Seal had become even more terrifying. The deadly atmosphere was filling the entire Divine Tomb, and Mount Meru suddenly trembled. As soon as Jiang Chen casted the Slaughter Dragon Seal, Gongyang Juemu took a few steps backwards and did not dare to take action forcefully.

On the other hand, Xianyu Hu and his brothers rushed towards Jaing Chen but the mightiness of Slaughter Dragon Seal was so invincible for them to bear. The mightiness of the seal was spreading in all directions. They did not believe what just happened. 

Suddenly, Xianyu Hu and his brothers were engulfed by a gigantic dark shadow.

“Ruthless Wang Chen Sword, sweep the heavens and earth! ”

Xianyu Hu took out his sword, and it then soared to the sky towards Jiang Chen. However, Xianyu Hu and his brothers were all repulsed by Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal, and their figures had also become weaker and weaker. 

“No, this is impossible. How can he be so formidable? He is only an Early Void God.”

Xianyu Hu’s eyes were filled with disbelief. A single strike of the Slaughter Dragon Seal had pushed them away and made them lose their strength to resist. It was too astonishing. No one, including Gongyang Juemu, could stand out of the battle.

“Isn’t this guy too heaven-defying?”

Gongyang Juemu murmured and could not help feeling nervous at the same time. This battle would definitely stir up a storm in the Divine Tomb.

“Hahaha. How is it? If you’re not happy, I will let my Little Chen fight with you. Only if you can defeat him, would you deserve to fight me.”

Big Yellow barked at Luo Wenhao. Luo Wenhao also took a cold breath in his heart as Jiang Chen’s mightiness and imposing manner was irresistible.

“All of you should die. The Divine Tomb was a peaceful place for the divine souls. However, because of you guys, neither human nor a ghost, this place has been filled with a foul atmosphere. Today, I am going to seek justice for the heavens, and let all of you vanish.” 

Jiang Chen stood with pride, breaking through the gloomy clouds. Holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he pointed his sword towards the brothers.

Jiang Chen’s sword imposing manner was insane, shaking people’s hearts and souls. Dragon was flying in the spinning golden rays of light. It seemed like a ferocious golden dragon was struggling to get out from the Heavenly Dragon Sword.

“No one can run away here. If you want to kill me, that means you are going to get killed. Even though you’re only souls, I am going to edify you into nothingness.”

Jiang Chen was looking down upon everyone while striding across the void. His Azure Dragon’s Five Steps had turned Xianyu Hu and others into his absolute suppression. 

“I won’t believe this. What can you do to me?”

Xianyu Hu roared in rage, and rushed toward Jiang Chen’s sword shadow and tangled with him.  The Heavenly Dragon Sword was extremely sharp and it gave off a dazzling radiance that lightened up the battlefield. Under Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, Xianyu Hu’s five brothers, including Xianyu Long, were killed immediately. 

Xianyu Hu was looking at Jiang Chen in rage as only six of his brothers were left. Jiang Chen was really too formidable and he would not be able to resist him.

“Jiang Chen, I am going to die with you. I want to kill you, Ah…….”

Xianyu Hu had gone berserk. Over the years, he and his brothers had been relying on each other to go through all the difficulties. Right now, six of them have been killed by Jiang Chen. If they had the chance, they would have killed enough Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns and absorbed enough spirit to be reborn and regain their status of being god. However, it’s futile now because some of his brothers had passed away, and could not be reborn anymore. 

“Gongyang Juemu, you’re a bastard. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you take action? If I die, do you think that you will survive? Do you really think that Jiang Chen would let you go?”

Xianyu Hu gritted his teeth. He had come to the point that he must fight with Jiang Chen at the cost of his life.

Gongyang Juemu nodded as he knew that he had no excuse anymore, and this was their last chance.


Gongyang Juemu took action instantly and made a blow with his thunderous strength, pressing against Jiang Chen. As a Divine King divine soul, Gongyang Juemu was of course formidable.

As soon as Gongyang Juemu took action, they managed to withstand Jiang Chen’s attack grudgingly. However, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword suddenly became even more brutal as his sword managed to tear  thousands of swords apart. 

Except for Xianyu Hu, each of his brothers’ swords failed to resist Jiang Chen and no one could stop Jiang Chen’s steps.

“Whoever that stood in my way, would not have a good ending. This is your destiny. Let’s go to die!” 

Jiang Chen stood with pride and there were only Xianyu Hu and Gongyang Juemu left. 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword’s mightiness was spreading across the heavens. It was thrilling! While the dragon was roaring, Gongyang Juemu and Xianyu Hu could not help withdrawing their steps backwards. Killing intent was filling the entire Mouth Meru! 

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