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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2182

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At this moment, Jiang Chen sensed a terrifying energy consolidating in the Lightning Tribulation above. 

One hundred thousand Divine Sparks started consolidating together, they were then absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda eventually. This time, the Divine Sparks were not the ordinary Divine Sparks of a Heavenly God. Instead, most of the Divine Sparks were from Divine Kings, and there were even many Divine Sparks of Hierarch Realm. This was a huge fortune to Jiang Chen as the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda would definitely open a floor or two!

The one hundred thousand Divine Sparks was being absorbed slowly by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Suddenly, there was something beating inside Jiang Chen’s Dantian. It was out of his expectation that the energy of the countless Divine Sparks was seeped from Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, and flooded into his body.

“Something extraordinary is happening to this guy again? 

Shaking his tail, Big Yellow looked serious. He was wandering around, looking at what was happening in the sky. Something shocking happened and everyone was dumbstruck. Even Gongyang Juemu who was a Divine King was stunned and did not dare to make a move. 

“I’m afraid…. No, it’s impossible! I’ve never seen anyone who just advanced to the Void God Realm then is able to consolidate a Divine Spark.”

Xianyu Hu said in a serious tone while his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Gongyang Juemu lowered his head and remained speechless. A Void God who was able to consolidate such a terrifying energy of Divine Spark. In the past, there had been a person who was like this as well. He was the peerless Great Emperor who achieved magnificent things. He was the truly unparalleled talented genius!

Gongyang Juemu did not believe that Jiang Chen would follow the footsteps of that dreadful Great Emperor. No one could compare to that Great Emperor. 

“Why do I feel some heat in my Dantian? Isn’t the energy coming from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda?”

Jiang Chen felt the energy of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda rising continuously while an unknown strength was forming up in his body.

“According to legend, only those unparalleled experts and talented geniuses could consolidate a Divine Spark after advancing to Void God realm!”

Moling Dongchen looked at Jiang Chen and murmured. He could also sense the energy of a Divine Spark. It was an inexplicable mighty pressure. 

“Those who are under the Heavenly God Realm are not really gods. Before being able to consolidate any Divine Spark, one is not truly a god yet. Even if he passes away, his soul will not be able to stay long in the world. 

Goddess Luo nodded and said.

“Seems like Little Chen is consolidating a Divine Spark? 

Big Yellow said in a deep voice. 

“I’m also talented, why couldn’t I consolidate a Divine Spark?

Big Yellow seemed satisfied. He gave Goddess Luo and the others a glance. Goddess Luo did not know whether to laugh or cry as this big yellow dog was really interesting, but also shameless. 

“You’re a big stupid dog, how’re you going to consoidate a Divine Spark?

Luo Wenhao gave Big Yellow a glare and said.

Humph. I am the number one Demon Sovereign under the heavens. You don’t even deserve to hold my shoes. If you’re not happy, let’s have a fight? I can beat you up.”

Big Yellow was filled with spirit and looked arrogant. 


Luo Wenhao was irritated and he really wanted to have a fight with this dog. However, he knew that Big Yellow was not someone easy, and he might not be able to defeat this dog. 

“You’re such a loser, Luo Wenhao. Hahaha. Why would you get angry because of a dog?”

Moling Dongchen could not stand what had happened. This Luo Wenhao did not show any good manners that represented his position as the young master of the God Luo Clan. God Luo Clan was even a prestigious family in the Divine World since hundreds and thousands of years ago. 

“Look! The golden light on Jiang Chen’s body has become brighter and brighter.”

Goddess Luo said in a low voice. 

“This guy is indeed monstrous. A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign managing to overcome the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. He even wants to consolidate a Divine Spark at this moment. He’s really insane. It’s insane.”

Luo Wenhao claimed that he was one of the most talented people amongst the younger generation of the God Luo Clan. However, standing in front of Jiang Chen, he could not help but grumble about his inability.

Jiang Chen concentrated his eyesight, sensing his Dantian as a purple golden light was condensing inside his body. Meanwhile, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had opened up three floors. The 77th, 78th and 79th floor were all open! 

“Am I really going to condense a Divine Spark?”

Jiang Chen touched his nose and smiled faintly. It seemed related to the absorption of hundreds and thousands of divine souls by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Unexpectedly, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had given him back the energy of Divine Spark, and it was even purple golden colour. Once the Divine Spark was consolidated, his strength would definitely improve to a higher level. 

The dragon marks inside his body were also increasing rapidly. Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the last Heavenly Lightening Tribulation that was about to pour down on the ground like ancient fierce dragons. This would be the most terrifying strike for him! 

“Divine Spark Seal!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. Hundreds and thousands of purple golden light concentrated on his Dan Tian. A piece of purple golden diamond-shaped Divine Spark formed up in Jiang Chen’s Dantian. At this moment, Jiang Chen felt that his strength experienced a great transformation. 

The purple golden light was even radiating up to a hundred thousand miles away, lightening up the entire Divine Tomb.

“Is this the Purple Golden Divine Spark? The legendary Purple Golden Divine Spark is the posture of a Great Emperor.”

“Not bad, it’s really the Purple Golden Divine Spark. This guy is able to consolidate it at his advancement to Void God Realm. It’s unbelievable.”

Gongyang Juemu and Xianyu Hu’s countenance fell. It was too terrifying, Jiang Chen’s talent could be considered as unparalleled, and his technique was quite heaven-defying.

“If this is the case, I’m afraid that we have to avoid him.”

Xianyu Hu said while gritting his teeth. 

“You can’t say that yet. After going through the last Heavenly Lightening Tribulation, he will only advance to Early Void God. It’s not easy to cross the threshold of becoming a god. Don’t forget that even we had to step backwards in order to avoid the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.”

Gongyang Juemu still believed that Jiang Chen would not be able to survive the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.

“I hope so. If he really survived the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and advanced to the Early Void God Realm, it would become more difficult for us to deal with him. When he was still a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, he had already given us some pressure.”

Xianyu Hu looked quite serious because he knew the dreadfulness of Jiang Chen. Since they had experienced dealing with different opponents in their past life, they naturally did not dare to underestimate Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s current strength already posed a great threat to them. Moreover, Jiang Chen had even obtained the inheritance of the Craftsman God, which was the most powerful part about him. 

The last thunderous light seemed to be able to penetrate time, pouring on Jiang Chen’s body. Although Jiang Chen stood still, his body was hurt by the lightning quite severely. At the same time, the feeling was quite refreshing to Jiang Chen as if he just showered in a pond. 

However, he suddenly raised his head and looked up. Amongst the thunderous clouds, there was a dreadful golden lightning striking into his Dan Tian and lingering around his Purple Golden Divine Spark. At this moment, Jiang Chen found out something strange as the golden lightning was like torturing his body. 

“Why did it become like this!”

Jiang Chen thought.


A mouthful of blood was spurted out and Jiang Chen looked incomparably pale. 

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