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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2181

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Jiang Chen wielded the Divine Burying Flag to stir up the wind and spin the universe around. Hundreds and thousands of divine souls trembled in fear at this moment because the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was indeed too terrifying. In an instant, thousands of divine souls were turned into ashes. Moreover, the power of the lightning was much more powerful and violent this time!

Everyone was so thunderstruck as the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning howled, bringing a sense of breaking the heavens and earth. 

“No! I can’t die, I can’t die! I have already died once and I still want to regain my status of being a god.”

A Divine King Realm expert showed a frightened expression because even a Divine King Realm divine soul had completely lost his resistance. Facing such a terrifying Lightning Tribulation, a Divine King Realm expert could only be helpless and frustrated. 

“Why did it become like this? This maniac brought the Lightning Tribulation down at this moment. Isn’t he scared of being killed?”

“Divine King master, please save us.”

“It’s terrifying. We might perish as soon as the Lightning Tribulation comes.”

“No way. We can’t resist this Lightning Tribulation.” 

Innumerable divine souls started fleeing in all directions. However, Jiang Chen was prepared to confront the Lightning Tribulation. Let the Lightning Tribulations come and bury these one hundred thousand divine souls!

This was his plan, however, it was out of his expectation that there were still many Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign not willing to leave. They chose to stay here stubbornly even at the cost of their life, and they did not believe him.

“All of you will die! What can a hundred thousand divine souls do to me? Hahaha.”  

Jiang Chen laughed, then the lightning fell down immediately. The dreadful lightning was like a sea of thunder, falling on Mount Meru. All of the divine souls weren’t able to escape the misfortune. 

At this moment, Gongyang Juemu and Xianyu Hu withdrew themselves immediately as they did not dare to stay under the sea of lightning. The glittering lightning that connected with the heavens was like a bursting beast. When the lightning descended from the heavens, deafening blood curdling screams arose. The entire scene was extremely tragic. 

“Jiang Chen,  you should die tragically as well. You’re such a lunatic. Why would you want to kill us? We have no grudges against you. Ah……..” 

“Even if we become ghosts, we will not let you go. Jiang Chen, you’re a bastard.”

“Jiang Chen, this grudge is irreconcilable!”

Roaring in rage, the countless Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns resented Jiang Chen and they put all the blame on him. In their eyes, they felt that Jiang Chen wanted to put them to rest and Jiang Chen was the culprit who killed them.

However, they had completely forgotten that Jiang Chen wanted to save them in the first place. They remained unmoved as they only wanted to save themselves instead of getting help from Jiang Chen. At their last moments, only now did they think of Jiang Chen. Some wanted to kill him while others asked him for salvation. However, Jiang Chen was not omnipotent. Right now, the Lightning Tribulation had already fallen and the place had become a sea of thunder. No one could save them anymore.

The people inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda took a cold breath after seeing that no one was able to escape the terrifying sea of lightning. They were glad as they had grasped the opportunity. Because of Jiang Chen, they did not need to worry at all. In the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, they could see clearly what was happening outside and how dreadful the sea of lightning was. It felt like they were suffering the tribulation as well.

However, the lightning could not hurt them at all as they were in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

Jiang Chen, with the flag, controlled the entire universe. He stood motionless in the sea of thunder and absorbed the power of lightning while the dragon marks on his body kept increasing. He was like a golden war god statue there. 

There was no compassion in Jiang Chen’s eyes at all because these people did not deserve compassion at all. He had already given them a hand, but was still rejected in the end. He was not that cruel to want to see so many people from the Immortal World getting killed and losing their chance to enter the Divine World. But some people were just conceited, so it’s inevitable to see such a tragedy happen.

It was impossible for Jiang Chen to change everyone’s perception. At first, he only wanted to bury and kill those one hundred thousand divine souls. He had no way to prevent the remaining people from getting killed under the tribulation. He did not show any compassion at all as he was not the Saviour. He had tried his best in this situation to save those who were willing to accept his assistance. 

Jiang Chen had no guilt at all in his heart. At this moment, he looked at those who suffered under the tribulation in disdain. This was their destiny! This was their fate. 

In the rise of blood curdling scream, more and more people realised the vulnerability of life. Hundreds and thousands of divine souls and Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign turned into ashes in the sea of lightning.

Jiang Chen kept his Divine Burying Flag and pointed his sword into the void to welcome the last heavenly lightening. He looked incredibly solemn as the one hundred thousand divine souls had become ashes, leaving Divine Spark covering around the entire Mount Meru. 

Those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who did not listen to advice had now all turned into ashes as well. Jiang Chen was not guilty at all as they all deserve this ending as he had already tried his best. Those who stayed inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda were full of gratitude to Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen’s too powerful. Even though he’s only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, he had the strength to overcome those Void Gods. It’s a miracle!”

“I am glad that I was not that conceited.”

“Perhaps this is destiny. Jiang Chen has saved us but also killed those who are arrogant.”

Jiang Xinxin took a step forward, standing in front of the people and said faintly:  

“They were not killed by young master Jiang Chen, they were killed by the heavenly lightning as they could not see the situation clearly. They can only blame themselves.” 

No one went against Jiang Xinxin as her words were absolutely true. 

“Oh no. Everything’s gone. All of the divine souls were killed by Jiang Chen, that bastard. He is a peerless lunatic to kill one hundred thousand divine souls.”

Xianyu Hu murmured. They have been working hard for hundreds of thousands of years yet everything was destroyed here. Their effort was wasted. This made Xianyu Hu feel frustrated. In the past, no one, including Gongyang Juemu, was able to fight against them in the Divine Tomb.

Gongyan Juemu smiled bitterly, hating Jiang Chen to the core.

“I will fight you till death!”

So many of the divine souls had been killed here, and no one would be able to work for him anymore. His plan of regaining his godly status would probably be postponed again to another thousand years or even ten thousand years later. 

“We can’t go in right now.”

Gongyang Juemu murmured. The last Heavenly Lightening Tribulation of Dawn Sky Golden Lightning would be filled with brutal lightning strength. Jiang Chen would not be able to withstand it.  

“Young brat, I really would like to see how long you could withstand this.”

Xianyu Hu had the same thought as Gongyang Juemu. Those below the Heavenly God Realm would definitely not be able to withstand the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. There had been many God Realm cultivators who were killed under the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. 

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