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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2180

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The remaining humans felt the impending danger after seeing the others vanish. Moreover, the 10,000 divine souls were now rushing towards them. 

“How could this be?! There are at least thousands of people here, to think they all vanished?! Could this be done by him?!” 

All the divine souls began to fluster, including Xianyu Hu. 

“Looks like the treasure in that fellow’s body is more than just one.”  Gongyang Juemu’s eyes slightly squinted. 

Not even Xianyu Hu knew about it. Jiang Chen most probably has a treasure that could control space. A spatial ring is rare enough, but a treasure that could house living people… it’s at least at the level of an Origin Divine Tool. Even those powerful Hierarchs would have to be very lucky to obtain one. 

Even the Craftsman God had only created five spatial treasures in his whole life. One could imagine how valuable a spatial treasure was!

“Look! The Lightning Tribulation is coming!”

“Yeah. That fellow will surely have a hard time surviving through it. He must be dreaming, thinking that he could save us all?”

“Some people like to think that they’re hot-shit. Hehe. Even if I die, I still have my honour.”

Those that had not entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda scorned Jiang Chen. In their opinion, Jiang Chen was the same as them, fated to die here. It’s just a matter of dying later or sooner. Those people who chose to believe that he could save them were foolish, utter foolishness. 

Gongyang Juemu felt that this Jiang Chen must die here. Because the secrets he possessed were far too many. 

“This Lightning Tribulation looked somewhat odd.” Xianyu Hu said silently, but he couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. 

Jiang Chen looked at the thundering clouds. This Lightning Tribulation felt like it had a pair of eyes that were looking straight at him. 

“No matter who you are, you’ll never stop me.” Jiang Chen said coldly as he looked straight at the thundering clouds.  


A bolt of terrifying lightning cut through the sky, striking Jiang Chen’s skull. But Jiang Chen was fearless with the figure of a golden pagoda appearing on top of his skull. The 100 li radius of the surrounding area was charred by the lightning. 

“Sh*t. That bastard is trying to pull us into a trap.” Gongyang Juemu finally realised the situation. 

But from afar, thousands of divine souls were instantly struck by the lightning and vanished. Thousands of divine souls were in extreme shock after thousands of Them perished instantly. No living beings could withstand such a strike. Xianyu Hu looked at Gongyang Juemu. 

Of course, it wasn’t just limited to the divine souls, there were those who were not willing to leave their lives to Jiang Chen. More than 2000 people were instantly vaporized. At this moment, they finally realised how powerful the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was. 

“Save us. Save us, Jiang Chen!” 

“We have realised our mistake. Lord Jiang Chen, save us. I don’t want to die.”

“You madman. You chose this place to transcend your tribulation, putting us into such a mortal danger, you’ll die a horrible death, Jiang Chen!”

“You bastard, Jiang Chen! I hate you, I will not forgive you even in death!”

Jiang Chen was calm and unfazed. Not a single ripple could be seen in his heart. 

The most difficult thing to understand was the heart of a man. He realized it at an early age. Not everyone could weigh the rights and wrongs of life. In the eyes of these people, they are the masters of their own world, they are omnipotent, they are the centre of the world. 

Jiang Chen chose to save them but they thought that he had ulterior motives. Jiang Chen only chose to transcend his tribulation here to trap those divine souls. They chose not to believe others and pushed the responsibility to Jiang Chen. Such people are fated to die a miserable death. This is probably Heaven’s punishment for them. 

Black and white will not change, unable to judge right and wrong!

Jiang Chen sneered. Some people, even in death, aren’t worth pitying. 

Jiang Chen took out the Divine Burying Flag and took control of the wind. Even the lightning felt like it was moving from Jiang Chen’s flag. 

“It’s the Divine Burying Flag!” Gongyang Juemu gritted his teeth. 

What is this fellow made of? One peerless treasure after another, like it’s easily accessible. Isn’t this preposterous?!

Gongyang Juemu thought hard and long, and only one answer came to his mind. This fellow must’ve gotten the Craftsman God’s inheritance. Otherwise, how could there be so many peerless divine tools in his possession?

“Divine Burying Flag. This bastard has quite a lot of treasures. Kill him and those treasures will be ours. Haha.” Xianyu Hu said with a laugh. 

“I don’t believe that he could withstand the might of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.”

Gongyang Juemu had not yet acted. Because, not even him, who was a powerful divine soul, could withstand the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.

“All divine souls retreat out of the vicinity of Mount Meru.”

Gongyang Juemu wasn’t willing to see his subordinates die here. 

“Third Brother, lead everyone out of Mount Meru. Otherwise, no one could survive the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning.” Xianyu Hu looked at his brother and shouted. 

Yet, at this moment, the Divine Burying Flag of Jiang Chen was getting stronger and scarier. The whole Mount Meru felt like it could crumble any time. No one dared to stand against it. As if he alone was the supreme being in this Heaven and Earth. 

Standing on top of the sky, dominating myriads of living beings, wielding the ability to dictate life and death. 

Jiang Chen’s aura was at its peak, not fearing the Lightning Tribulation. This scene had caused Mo Ling Dongchen’s heart to tremble slightly. This kid is way too scary.

“Isn’t it too late to think of retreating now?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

The second lightning tribulation struck. Jiang Chen waved the Divine Burying Flag and moved it towards Mount Meru. 20,000 divine souls perished, as a result, divine sparks scattered everywhere. Thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns too did not escape the death god’s grasp. 

Blood-curdling, and ear-piercing screams could be heard everywhere. 

Xianyu Hu and Gongyang Juemu’s expression drastically changed. Their countless years of cultivation, could it all be gone just like this? 

Jiang Chen faced the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning without pressure. As if he was mocking the Lightning Tribulation. 

A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, wielding a flag, exerting Heaven’s might!

Even Gongyang Juemu was shocked. To think that this fellow could be THIS powerful, it’s definitely thanks to the inheritance of the Craftsman God. If this kid managed to enter the Divine World, his future will be limitless. But, I will not give him that chance. 

“Even though you’re monstrously strong. You’re still fated to be damned in this Divine Tomb. Never once had anyone managed to get away from my grasp. Since you managed to obtain the inheritance of the Craftsman God, you’ll never live long after entering the Divine World. Why not give it to me.” Gongyang Juemu said with a smile, an icy cold smile. 

The Lightning Tribulation above Jiang Chen was getting fiercer and fiercer! 

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