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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2178

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“Looks like you have complete faith in him.” Goddess Luo said.  

“Of course, he’s my brother. When we were still in the Immortal World, us brothers were invincible. Nobody could defeat me, only Jiang Chen could barely fight on par with me.” Big Yellow said confidently. 

“Then, why didn’t you finish off those divine souls?” Goddess Luo looked at Big Yellow with an interesting gaze. 

“Little Luo, this… this is not the way to continue a conversation… ” Big Yellow was obviously slightly embarrassed. 

“Lowering yourself to the same level as a dog, you’re not as great as you seem too.” Jiang Chen said towards Xianyu Long disdainfully. 

“Hey hey. Little Chem, What are you trying to say? Concentrate on fighting. What’s ‘lowering yourself to the same level as a dog’ mean? I don’t quite like it.” Big Yellow said unhappily. 

“I’ll eliminate you first before I kill that damn dog. That animal must die!” Xianyu Long harrumphed as he rushed towards Jiang Chen with great speed. 

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal!”Jiang Chen struck out a seal. 

The two of them came out unscathed, none overpowering the other. Whereas Jiang Chen’s aura was continuously rising, a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign was not that easy to eliminate. 

“Not Bad. You pack quite a punch. No wonder you’re so confident. But it’s not enough. I could easily kill you without any effort.” 

Xianyu Long attacked once again with a terrifying sword strike that was like a devil-god, forcing Jiang Chen to defend it with all his might. 

“The strength of a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign is somehow a bit weak.” Jiang Chen murmured and smiled.  

“Well then. I’ll just breakthrough now. Let’s see who can stop me.” 

Xianyu Long rushed towards Jiang Chen while the latter struck with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The sword Qi was 800 metres long. As the might of the Heavenly Dragon Sword struck forward. One blade struck and ten thousand blades shatter. Xianyu Long’s blade broke into two and he was pushed 10 li back by the attack. He was also injured by the sword qi. The colour of his divine soul became much paler. 

“Such a dominating blade!” Xianyu Hu gasped in surprise. 

Gongsun Jueyang too, was surprised by how domineering that sword was. It’s a peerless divine sword, much more terrifying than a Heavenly Divine Tool. It should be at least at the level of an Origin Divine Tool. 

“Could that be the work of the Craftsman God?” Gongsun Jueyang looked at Jiang Chen. 

“That sword is mine. Give it to me, and I may spare your life in return.” 

“Do you think you’re god himself? Trying to get your hands on my sword? Look at yourself, you’re unqualified to even touch my sword!” 

Jiang Chen’s blade swept through the battlefield, cutting through the void as if it was a bolt of powerful lightning cutting through the land. Wherever the blade passed through, the void became dim in colour. Gongyang Juemu used both of his hands to defend himself and he was forced to take seven steps back to steady his stance. 

“A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Is he really just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign?” Gongsun Jueyang thought. He too was forced back by that blade, such terrifying sharpness, such a mysterious divine blade. 

“That sword is going to be mine.” Gongyang Juemu said with his eyes wide open.

No one knew how valuable that sword was more than him. A great sword that was created by the Craftsman God. The Lightning Tribulation from before must have been due to the creation of that sword. 

The prestige of a single blade dazzled through the field! 

The appearance of Jiang Chen had utterly stunned everyone on site. Goddess Luo and Moling Dongchen had no idea how Jiang Chen survived and came out of that place alive. But this fellow must have surely experienced a lot of things. 

“The Heavenly Dragon Sword wasn’t this powerful before.” 

Big Yellow was the most surprised as the Heavenly Dragon Sword gave him a shred of terror. Meaning, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was like a peerless divine weapon, the prestige and the sharpness of the blade gave him a feeling of a peerless existence. 

“Yes. The Heavenly Dragon Sword wasn’t that powerful before. He could stand toe-to-toe against a Late Void God now, it’s most likely thanks to that sword.” Goddess Luo said with a nod. 

The battle from afar, Yesheng Yunwang, Jiang Xinxin and the others were also fighting a group of enemies. They could stand their own ground against those divine souls, unlike before, where they got massacred by the divine souls. 

“It’s him. It’s him. He’s still alive!” Jiang Xinxin looked at where Jiang Chen was and saw the blade that could shock the heavens and the earth. 

“It’s really Boss Jiang Chen. Hahaha. I’ve said it, the boss will not easily go down. Such a terrifying blade, I bet I couldn’t even survive through that attack.” A’Mo Kehan said with a laugh. 

The rest of them felt like they had found their backbone and retaliated with full strength. Jiang Chen was like an omnipotent god to the Sword God Alliance. 

“The leader has returned! We must not bring disgrace!” Lu Dong said as he killed another divine soul with his spear. 

But compared to Jiang Chen, his spear strike was incomparable against his dazzling attacks. 

“Lu Dong is right. Now that Boss Jiang Chen has returned, our victory is near.” Yesheng Yunwang said while attacking. 

He had slain countless divine souls. Some of the Void God experts in their ranks were able to stand toe-to-toe against these divine souls now. 

Every one of them started to cooperate together and fought against the divine souls. Even though countless people were slain, they persisted. A warrior will only have hope as long as they persist. 

Jiang Chen’s two attacks gave some of them a shock. Including Gongyang Juemu, he had to be 100% sure as he looked at Xianyu Hu.

“Let’s act together, Brother Xianyu, we’ll talk later after killing this ape, what do you say?” 

“Agreed. We’ll cull those prodigies before they get stronger. There hasn’t been anyone that we couldn’t eliminate in this Divine Tomb.” Xianyu Hu refused to accept the reality but he had to admit that the Heavenly Dragon Sword was somewhat threatening. 

Not even Xianyu Hu was confident in taking down Jiang Chen alone. 

“Great. Hahaha. Today, we’ll eliminate all these pests and discuss the haul we’ll get later.” Gongyang Juemu said with a laugh. 

Yet, at this moment, the thundering clouds on the sky began to gather more and more, focusing above Jiang Chen. 

Everybody was staring at this scene. Because the thunder clouds gathered were very terrifying. As if the sky would collapse, the distance between them and the clouds was less than 100 metres. 

“Could he be trying to break through and ascend here?” Gongyang Juemu said with a frown. 

“Isn’t that digging his own grave? Let’s take this chance and attack him!” Xianyu Hu said with a sneer. 

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