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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2177

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Xianyu Long’s thunderous roar was loud. The whole Mount Meru could even hear his roar. 

Gongyang Juemu was expressionless, however one could see that his brow was furrowed as he too felt that it was really too smelly. That bastard dog’s smelly fart is exceptionally terrifying, it could even affect the mental state of others. 

“Come, come. Come and kill Master Dog. I’m waiting. Haha!” 

Big Yellow wagged his tail, further angering Xianyu Hu and the others. 

“Kill it! Kill that dog! He must not be left alive!” 

Xianyu Long rushed to the front as he hated Big Yellow to the core. A battle for the execution of the dog has started! 

Big Yellow’s head was exceptionally sturdy, as he continuously rammed on Xianyu Hu and his gang. Unfortunately, the opponents were far too many and they were all Late Void Gods, the divine soul of a Hierarch expert was not to be trifled with. 

“Soul-Exterminating Divine Roar!” Big Yellow roared and his voice echoed within a hundred li. 

The opponents were stunned by his action. At this moment, other than Xianyu Hu and Xianyu Long, the others were injured by Big Yellow’s attack, as it was a technique that was efficient towards divine souls. The strongest two were also forced to retreat. 

“Such a sly animal. Where are you trying to run?” 

Xianyu Hu pursued forward. This time, Big Yellow had no place to run. As the eleven brothers continued their barrage of attacks. 

Two fists are truly incomparable against four. Even though Big Yellow has already reached the Mid Void God realm, and could even stand his ground against a Late Void God realm expert, however he couldn’t fight against these many people at once. As time goes by, he was gradually suppressed by Xianyu Hu and Xianyu Long. 

“Motherf*cker. It hurts! I dare you to attack my head. Don’t use these cowardly tactics.” Big Yellow said with great dissatisfaction. 

At this moment, he was forced into a passive stance, dodging and running. Goddess Luo was slightly worried upon seeing Big Yellow’s retreat. 

“F*ck off!” Big Yellow roared in anger as he tackled forward, rushing towards Xianyu Long, but was shot back by Xianyu long. 

“Motherf*cker. It hurts!” Big Yellow roared. 

“The battle has just begun. F*cking Dog. Today will be the day you die!” 

Xianyu Hu took the opportunity and attacked Big Yellow again. He didn’t want to let such a golden opportunity go. 

Big Yellow whimpered after he was shot back by Xianyu Hu’s attack, a mouthful of blood spat out from his mouth. He tried to steady his body after receiving the blow, however one could see that his fur had become dull in colour. 

“Prepare to die! F*cking Dog! I will use your blood as offering for my dead brother!” Xianyu Hu and Xianyu Long simultaneously rushed forward, causing Big Yellow to feel tremendous pressure. 


At this moment, Goddess Luo rushed forward and hugged Big Yellow, barely evading Xianyu Hu’s attack, yet she was caught by Xianyu Long’s palm strike. Blood could be seen on the corner of her mouth as her beautiful face turned pale. 

“Jiang Chen, you bastard. Would Master Dog be bullied if you’re beside me? I don’t believe it, I will never believe that you’ll just kick the bucket and leave us.” Big Yellow furiously roared. 

“No one would come to save you even if you ask for help.” Xianyu Hu sneered. 

Goddess Luo hugged Big Yellow tightly. A woman and a dog, it was quite a sad scene to behold. 

“You’re not qualified to use my brother’s blood as an offering! Today, every single one of you shall die!” An icy-cold voice could be heard echoing across a  thousand li radius. Big Yellow was shocked and shouted:

“Hahaha, Master Dog knew that a little prick like you will not die so easily.”

“This voice? Could it be Jiang Chen?” Luo Wenhao was stunned but wore a happy expression. 

Could Jiang Chen be still alive? It’s impossible, right? He was devoured by the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus and Dragon Shisan had searched the whole God Refining Temple but not a single clue was found, how could he survive through that whole ordeal?  

“It’s him, it is him! There’s none other than him. Kakaka.” Big Yellow said with a giant smile. 

“We’re saved. Goddess.” Big Yellow said while falling asleep on Goddess Luo’s body. 

“Get up, you smelly dog.” Goddess Luo said with a blush. 

“You recognise Jiang Chen?” 

“Yeap. He’s my life and death buddy. This Master Dog’s human pet.” Big Yellow ‘woofed’ ‘with happiness. 

“Damned dog. Who is your human pet? You’re still as shameless even after not seeing you for some time.” Jiang Chen cursed with a smile. 

Currently, Jiang Chen was walking towards Big Yellow from the sky. 

“Cough Cough. There’s a goddess here. Give me some face would ya? Little Chen. Kaka.” 

Big Yellow stood beside Goddess Luo with a puffed chest. No matter how injured he was, he wasn’t willing to lose face. 

“It’s really you. To think you’re still alive.” 

Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao were shocked to see Jiang Chen. 

“A great fortune lies after a great ordeal. Brother Jiang, how have you been?” Luo Wenhao smiled. 


Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow. This fellow followed Goddess Luo with his tail wagging, has he taken a liking to her? 

“You, why aren’t you acting, These bastards are trying to kill me and planned to make a dog stew out of me. You must avenge me.” Big Yellow said. 

However, Luo Wenhao and Goddess Luo were slightly worried. Even though Jiang Chen was strong, he was still a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign and had not broken through to another realm yet. Therefore, it’ll be hard for him to face the twelve zodiacs. 

Mo Ling Dongchen had also noticed Jiang Chen’s appearance as he was forced back by Gongyang Juemu. He was also in a bad condition. 

“Brother Jiang Chen.” Mo Ling Dongchen said while retreating, he was pushed towards the corner. Only Jiang Chen could handle the situation. 

Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign… it’s just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign.  

“A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign wants to stand in our way? Hahaha. Keep dreaming. It’s not a problem to add one more corpse into the list.” Xianyu Hu said with disdain. 

He was unfazed by Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance. 

“You must not be looked down upon by others, Little Chen. Kakaka. This Lord Dog has already reached the Mid Void God realm, aren’t you weak.” Big Yellow taunted, however he believed that his brother could definitely win! 

“I am now. But I may not be later.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He could easily breakthrough if he wanted too. However he was suppressing the surging energy in his body, he was planning to release an explosive burst of energy causing the dragon marks in his body to exponentially increase. He planned to solidify his foundation, to be firmer than anyone else. 

Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, there are weaker ones and stronger ones. Void God realm too has ants and experts. Jiang Chen will not have any trouble facing all these Late Void Gods once he entered the Void God realm. 

“Preposterous. Just like that damn dog, only great at bullshitting. In the end, he couldn’t even stand up to us. Hehe. Ignorant.” 

Xianyu Long was disdainful towards Jiang Chen who was only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Only Big Yellow was confident towards Jiang Chen. 

“Jiang Chen, can he really win against them?” Goddess Luo looked at Big Yellow who was standing beside her. 

“Others? Probably not. But he definitely can. Because he is Jiang Chen.” Big Yellow said with complete confidence. 

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