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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2176

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Goddess Luo was expressionless, but internally she was laughing. She liked this pug very much. But she didn’t think that the dog would be so interesting, truly unbelievable. 

“You damn dog. Are we invisible?” Xian Yulong slightly squinted his eyes, looked at Big Yellow and said coldly. 

“F*cker. What are you rushing for? Do you wanna reincarnate THAT badly?” Big Yellow said disdainfully. 

As a matter of fact, these guys are in a hurry to be reborn so they could return to their divine position as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will spend the rest of eternity here. 

“This Master Dog here will play with you guys today. Relax, I’ll protect you Little Luo. No one will bully you with me here.” Big Yellow said confidently. 

This ‘Little Luo’ caused Goddess Luo to shake in surprise. No one had ever gave her this kind of nickname. This pug is truly cute yet despicable. He’s so small but is standing in front of me. Isn’t he digging his own grave? 

“Such a refreshing year, even a dog dares to be so cocky. Let’s work some sweat off and we’ll have dog meat for dinner.” Xian Yulong said with a snicker. 

“I don’t usually eat dog meat, but this time I would like to have a try.” Xianyu Gou said with a frosty gaze. 

“Since both of you are so arrogant. Come face me together.” Big Yellow suddenly turned into a giant yellow dog. At this moment, Goddess Luo still silently looked at him, not knowing what she was thinking. 

“It’s enough for me to face you alone.” Xianyu Gou said. 

“Alone? Hehe.” Big Yellow smiled. 

“You’re dead meat.” 

Xianyu Gou unleashed his aura, an average Mid Void God would’ve been pushed away by his aura. 

In reply, Big Yellow lunged with a headbutt, violently crashing and killing Xianyu Gou instantly. The opponent was killed in a single strike. 

Silence. Dead silence! 

One should know that Xianyu Gou had the strength of a Late Void God, bur Big Yellow killed him in a single headbutt? Dead! Xianyu Hu didn’t even have a chance to save him! 

“Hahaha. Weak. Weak!” Big Yellow said with a mad laugh while wagging his tail. 

This time, even Luo Wenhao who was disdainful towards Big Yellow was shocked to the core. As Big Yellow managed to kill a Late Void God expert in a single strike. This is preposterous! But it was a fact!

Goddess Luo felt that Big Yellow was somewhat mysterious. And she too was shocked by his technique. Such strength!

“This fellow is weird, let’s attack him together!” Xianyu Hu said. 

The ten brothers behind him became solemn. This yellow dog killed one of their brothers with a single strike. They were shocked by such a terrifying fact. 

“To think this dog has such abilities. Yet it’s still a dog in the end. Hmph.” 

Luo Wenhao’s heart was twisted. Because Big Yellow had slept in Goddess Luo’s embrace, how could he be not angry? This fellow mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and jumped into the arms of Goddess Luo, and the latter had no qualms about it. 

“Are you trying to say that you’re inferior compared to a dog?” Goddess Luo said. 

“I……” Luo Wenhao was speechless. 

“Come. I’ll finish off every single one of you. Then I can go play with the pretty lady.” Big Yellow said

Goddess Luo’s face showed a slight blush. Why should I be bothered by a dog? But when she thought about how this dog rustled in her arms and breast, Goddess Luo was slightly conflicted. A distracted look could be seen on her beautiful face. 

“Be careful!” Goddess Luo said quietly. 

Big Yellow rushed to the front and a brawl ensued between him and the eleven opponents. 

The eleven of them fought a dog on Mount Meru. Xianyu Hu and Xianyu Long were the strongest amongst them. They were the vanguard. They didn’t have any plans to give Big Yellow a chance to fight back. 

“Not bad. Come and taste this Master Dog’s savage tackle. Kaka.” Big Yellow sneered while swiftly rushing forward. 

He was fearless even though he was facing enemies from all sides. But Xianyu Long and Xianyu Hu were prepared. Since they were once Hierarch experts, their experience wasn’t something Big Yellow could fathom. 

The two of them easily saw through Big Yellow’s sturdy head. At this moment, they aimed at his weakest point, his ass. It should reap a good result. 

“Prepare to die, f*cking Dog!” 

Xianyu Hu struck Big Yellow’s head, and the latter roared in anger while taking a step back. Behind him, Xianyu Long and another four brothers attacked from behind, aiming at Big Yellow’s lower half. 

“Trying to ambush me? Haha. Fat chance.” Big Yellow sneered. 

At this moment, Big Yellow used his strength and his body shook. 




Three loud farts were heard. Xianyu Long’s expression drastically changed after being struck by the three farts. The two brothers were struck backwards in an unsightly manner as they were covered by a stink. Not even Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao could withstand the smell even though they were standing far away. Those three farts were way TOO smelly. 

“The f*ck! &*(%! Are you joking? This smells! I cannot…” *Pukes* 

Luo Wenhao puked. Goddess Luo covered her mouth and nose elegantly while her beautiful brows frowned. Yet in her heart, she was laughing joyously. This is a very naughty dog. 

The two onlookers couldn’t even handle it, lest the opponents that were struck head-on. They must have been bewildered by the farts. 

“Motherf*cker. How could there be such a smelly fart?!” Xianyu Long had almost gone crazy. This hateful dog!

“Second Brother, your body…… is covered in dog poop.”  Xian Yuniu said quietly, with a pale expression as he covered his mouth and nose. His strength was suppressed by the smelly fart. 

Xianyu Long looked down and found that he was covered by dog shit, 

“F*cking Dog. I’ll kill you!” Xianyu Long said with a wave of boiling anger. 

The stink of his body could reach ten li radius. This was Big Yellow’s peerless divine fart. A devastating fart! 

“Hahaha. A fart from this Master Dog, isn’t it fragrant?” Big Yellow wagged his tail. 

His dog face was filled with pride, further angering Xianyu Long and his brothers. Xianyu Hu quickly back from Big Yellow. Those three farts were too terrifying, truly unparalleled. No one dared to get near him anymore. 

“This dog must be eliminated for the sake of the world!” 

Xianyu Long was the most angered amongst them as he bore the brunt of those farts. He was a Hierarch expert in the past, even though he had already died, the past glory he had could not be tarnished. Now, he was bullied by a mere dog! 


“Kill him! Kill that fucking dog!” 

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