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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2175

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“Alright, I will fight until the end.”

Luo Wenhao took the lead to start the battle, while Goddess Luo followed behind him. One should not underestimate their ability as well, and the Twelve Zodiacs Guardian Gods might not even be able to defeat them quickly.

Luo Wenhao was going to put his utmost effort in this battle as he wanted to prove himself. He especially wanted to prove that he would not let the woman he liked suffer from any kind of harm, even though she did not like him.

Each step of Luo Wenhao was pressing against the six Zodiacs Guardian Gods . As they were not truly Hierarch experts, their strength was actually only around at the Late Void God Realm. Facing Luo Wenhao, they might not be able to suppress him completely. 

Xian Yuhu and Xian Yulong were the strongest amongst them. They took the lead, charging towards the frontline of the battle. Luo Wenhao’s formidability suddenly became nothing at this moment, and he was repulsed into a very embarrassing position. 

At the same time, Goddess Luo was also in a disadvantageous position. Wearing her long gown, she was dancing gracefully and spinning the entire universe around while filling the air with mist. Each of her gesture and movement looked natural. Although she did not get the upper hand, Goddess Luo was still heavenly beautiful and coldly charming like a celestial maiden who descended from the heavens, standing out of this world.  

Luo Wenhao suffered an injury from his opponents’ continuous suppression. However, he did not have any way to overturn the situation. The Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods really lived up to their name. Luo Wenhao had already played his trump card and casted out his most powerful technique, but nothing had changed. 

“Goddess stands in falling flowers at the water side.” 

Goddess Luo opened her red lips slightly, sweeping across thousands of troops. Confronting the six Zodiac Guardian Gods’ encirclement, she still could not turn the tide of battle despite her powerful strength. 

In terms of the several hundreds and thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, almost a quarter of them had already been killed off. The remaining Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns was already less than two hundred thousand. In the Divine Tomb, life was priceless. If you die, then you die, no one cared. Even if they die, they did not even leave any Divine Spark. 

Once you died, everything would end.

“I am not willing, not willing! I have already been on the path of cultivation for more than thirty seven thousand years. I had never expected that I wouldn’t have the chance to see the door of the Divine World and die at this deadly place. I hate it, I hate it!”

Some people were frustrated and unwilling to be killed by the divine souls at this place as they hadn’t had a chance to enter the Divine World yet. They did not even know which direction the door to the Divine World was. 

“Damn! These b*stards should’ve already died. Why would I be trapped here? D*mn this Divine Tomb! I hate the injustice. Is this karma?” 

Some people scolded the heavens in rage and hated the injustice and impermanence. 

“I don’t want to die. If I have to die, I should die in a more glorious way. What would I be if I was killed by the divine souls at this d*mn Divine Tomb? If I die fighting with those Gods, I will not leave any regret.” 

Each of their heart was filled with hatred and unwillingness, however, they couldn’t change anything. There were still so many of them dying tragically and the number of deaths was still rising continuously. To the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, what was happening right now was just like how a trapped beast fight to break free. Otherwise, they might not even have a slight chance to escape. Many of the Void God Realm experts were also killed by the divine souls. The dreadfulness of the divine souls were far from what they could handle. 

Indeed, after cultivating for hundreds and thousands of years, who would be able to feel relieved being killed by the divine souls and unable to see the door of the Divine World? Resentment soared to the sky, covering the entire collapsed Mount Meru. Shrieks of crying, and howls of pain spread everywhere. 

The scene was terrible and tragic. Death and slaughter had become the main rhythm of the Divine Tomb. No one could escape from this scene.  

At this moment, Moling Dongchen was repulsed and he lost his battle strength to make any counterattack. Although he had said that he would not let Gongyang Juemu go, there was still a gap between his and Gongyang Juemu’s strength. He was blown away continuously, and was now like an arrow at the end of its flight. 

“You’re still too green. Get out of here!”

Gongyang Juemu cleaved with his sword, drawing Moling DongChen back from a great shock. His mouth was full of blood and looked quite pitiable.

Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao looked terrible as well. The competence of the Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods was unquestionable, and their position of being Hierarch divine souls was unshakable as well. 

Luo Wenhao took a few steps backwards and lost his way out completely. Xian yuhu continued to send heavy blows, pushing Luo Wenhao on an ancient tree.

On the other side, the situation Goddess Luo was facing was not good as well. She was under great pressure by the joint forces of the other six Zodiac Guardian Gods. Her elegance as a goddess had become weaker and her face was covered with frost. No one could escape from this battle, otherwise, she would be the first one to be sacrificed. 

“A weak lady wants to compete with me? You’re biting off more than you can chew! Hahaha.”

Xian Yulong fought vigorously with his tiger-like steps. Each of his strikes made it hard for Goddess Luo to handle. 

“Woof! Woof!” 

Xian Yulong’s shoulder was suddenly bitten by the little pug. He was in pain, and the pain seemed to be coming from deep within his soul. It was so embarrassing to let others know that he was bitten by a dog.

“Damn dog! Get out of here.”

Xian Yulong struck the pug, but the pug managed to turn around and fall into Goddess Luo’s embrace at the end. 

“Little thing, thank you very much.”

Goddess Luo looked at the pug in a favourable manner, while her eyes were filled with guilt as she had lost her ability to protect it.

“Such a weird puppy. It managed to resist my attack and escape death?”

Xian Yulong looked at the pug in Goddess Luo’s hand in astonishment. 

“Look look look, look at your mother!”

The pug unexpectedly spoke. It stared at Xian Yulong with its fierce face while clenching his jaw. 

Goddess Luo was shocked. Unexpectedly, this guy was so mystical. It looked so adorable, but it was such a brutal dog and was even able to curse. This made Goddess Luo not know whether to laugh or cry as its personality was completely different from its adorable look. 

“Mother f*cker, how dare you scold me?

“So what? I want to bite you some more! If you dare, you can bite me as well. But I know you wouldn’t dare!”

The pug laid on Goddess Luo’s embrace, rubbing himself in Goddess Luo’s breast while looking at Xian Yulong in disdain.

At this moment, Goddess Luo felt a bit shy, thinking that this dog was acting like a man. She felt uncomfortable. 

“Come here if you dare. See if I won’t bite you until you die.”

The pug opened his mouth and said, immediately turning into a cocky dog. Goddess Luo found this uncomfortable. 

“How about you go down first?”

Goddess Luo said in a low voice.

“No no no, I’m comfortable here.”

The pug said as if it really enjoyed Goddess Luo’s embrace so much.

“Horny Dog!”

Luo Wenhao was looking at this scene while gritting teeth, but he had no way to stop it.

“Mother f*cker, who are you calling a horny dog? Have you seen my mighty look before?”

If the pug was not Big Yellow, who was he? Because there’s no other dog that was more despicable than him.

Feeling a sense of coldness from Goddess Luo’s glance, Big Yellow jumped down from her embrace. The puppy was shaking its tail and walked around Goddess Luo.

“Goddess goddess, you’re so gorgeous. I like you. Gaga.”

Big Yellow said seriously. 

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