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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2174

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Facing Moling Dongchen’s disdain, Gongyang Juemu’s countenance fell completely. How mighty was he in the past? Even the Patriarch of Mo Family did not dare to be so cocky in front of him. However, as he had been a broken soul right now, of course his strength wasn’t able to advance. In Gongyang Juemu’s heart, he felt insulted by today’s situation as he had lost his previous position and influence in the Divine World.

To Gongyang Juemu, he had endured a long time being stranded in hell. He could not wait to leave this place and be reborn! So he had to kill more people and let more people submit to him. 

“Then, let’s see if you have the competence.”

Moling Dongchen and Gongyang Juemu were facing against each other in a very intense atmosphere. These two figures turned into rays of light, breaking through the sky and colliding with each other. The rays of light spun quickly and their momentum was overbearing. They kept colliding against each other, releasing dreadful shockwave that terrified the people around. 

Innumerable divine souls experts and Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns have noticed this scene. The battle between Moling Dongchen and Gongyang Juemu had intensified to the highest level. Any attack from them could emit fire rays that soar into the sky. It’s really terrifying!

Moling DongChen’s feather fan swept across the heavens and earth while Gongyang Juemu’s sword brought thunder and lightning to the ground. His Thunderous Sword was extraordinarily dreadful. Although it was not as powerful as it was in the past, it was still a Heavenly Divine Tool.

Moling Dongchen’s strength was not weak as well, however, he appeared to be not worthy of being mentioned. This was because Gongyang Juemu had almost become a human of the Divine World. More importantly, Moling DongChen’s experience was not comparable to Gongyang Juemu’s. One should know that Gongyang Juemu was quite a popular feudal lord in the past. 

Moling Dongchen knew that this guy was terrifying, so he had to know when to attack and defend during the fight. Otherwise, if he played hardball with Gongyang Juemu’s, he definitely would be the loser.

“The two of you seem to have come from the Divine World as well.”

As soon as Xian Yuhu gave Gongyang Juemu and Moling Dongchen a glance, he said with a smile. At this particular moment, Luo Wenhao and Goddess Luo were all besieged by Xian Yuhu and the others. The three of them were the strongest here. Once they killed the three of them who came from the Divine world, it would be hard for the the following Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns and those Void God Realm masters to escape misfortune. 

“So what? You’re only a Hierarch divine soul, are you going to kill us as well? Biting off more than you can chew.”

Luo Wenhao laughed coldly. He knew that these guys were all pretentious. Although they might be very powerful in the past, right now they were only souls. Even those Hierarch Realm divine souls might not have any advantages when fighting with him as he was also considered as a young genius in the God Luo Clan.

“Not bad. You still dare to boast here. Don’t you know what place this is?”

Xian Yuhu smiled faintly. It seemed like he had already seen Luo Wenhao and Goddess Luo as sitting ducks. 

“I don’t believe that you would dare to take action against the people of God Luo Clan.”

Luo Wenhao said in pride. Being a member of the God Luo Clan, they naturally have their innate arrogance. They were an ancient clan who controlled the divine creatures and there were even God Emperor experts born from their clan. The God Luo Clan was prestigious in the entire Divine World.

“You’re from the God Luo Clan?”

Xian Yuhu squinted his eyes.

“If you’re afraid, get out of here. You thought everyone can enter the Divine Tomb? If my clan’s old ancestor did not open the passage to the Divine Tomb for us with his mightiness, the Divine Tomb might have already become a place for you guys to slaughter each other. Such a petty divine soul. You guys have already died, but you still want to make a drama here?”

Woof woof, woof woof!” 

The little pug on Goddess Luo’s shoulder barked at this moment, and it seemed like agreeing to Goddess Luo. 

“Even a puppy knows that you guys were no good, do you still want to take action against us?”

“Alright. Alright. Alright. Hahaha. You have really opened my eyes. God Luo Clan, you’re from the God Luo Clan.”

Xian Yuhu laughed coldly. Goddess Luo’s facial expression suddenly changed as she seemed to sense that something was wrong. 

“God Luo Clan? Hahaha. It’s predestined.”

Next to Xian Yuhu, Xian Yulong sneered and said. With the twelve of them here, each overflowing with a sense of ruthlessness. They looked at Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao with utmost hatred.

“How? Are you afraid now?”

Luo Wenhao said faintly.

“We might not dare to disturb people from the other ancient clans because they do really possess heaven-defying tricks to enter the Divine Tomb. However, you guys are from the God Luo Clan. You can only blame yourself for being people of God Luo Clan.”

“…Are you Xian Yuhu? The Twelve Zodiacs Guardian God!”

Goddess Luo’s countenance fell and even Luo Wenhao felt shocked.

“Isn’t it too late for you to know this? You guys came here by yourself. We, the twelve brothers, had never searched for you guys. Hahaha.” 

Xian Yulong gave Xian YuHu a glance then looked at each other, sensing each other’s fury.

If they were normal Hierarch experts, perhaps Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao wouldn’t care at all. However, the opponents were the Twelve Zodiacs Guardian Gods. Xian Yu Family was also a prestigious family in the Divine World in the past. Although these twelve brothers were only at the Late Hierarch Realm, they had managed to join hands to kill a Middle Divine Emperor expert. At the end, under the help of the God Luo Clan, they managed to kill the twelve brothers. Because of the death of the twelve brothers, Xian Yu Family fell and they hated God Luo Clan to the core.

These had been recorded in the God Luo Clan’s ancient books as these could be counted as heaven-shocking and earth-shaking past events. That’s why these twelve people appeared in Goddess Luo’s mind right now.

Under the alliance, the twelve Hierarch experts were invincible as they were overbearing experts in the past. How could Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao not be stunned when they are facing them directly right now? 

“I’m afraid this is going to be a hard battle. If we really couldn’t defeat them, you leave first and don’t bother with me.”

Luo Wenhao was still a gentleman. He spoke to Goddess Luo in a low voice.

“I am afraid that you can’t just leave easily right now. Aren’t you so arrogant just now? We, the twelve brothers, are going to take action against the two of you. Kill the people of God Luo Clan!”

Xian Yuhu’s eyesight looked frozen for a second and said in rage. The eleven brothers behind him suddenly all became hot-blooded. The grudges between God Luo Clan and them was irreconcilable. The brothers of Xian Yu Family could not wait to take action against them.

The Twelve Zodiacs Guardian God in the old times were going to have a life-and-death battle today.

“This is an unavoidable battle!”

Goddess Luo looked indifferent while touching the pug’s shining fur and said faintly.

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