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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2173

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At the moment, the entire Mount Meru had become a living hell. About three hundred thousand human cultivators were repulsed by the divine souls, and they had no way to escape. In the blink of an eye, there were around fifty thousand human experts that had been killed by the divine souls. 

Life had become so insignificant and incomparably fragile at this particular moment. To all the people who wanted to enter the Divine World, these were part of the trial. At the end, perhaps one out of every ten people would be successful.

“Mount Meru has collapsed. Under the Heavenly Lightening Tribulation, it has been turned into a flat ground. Plus, there are so many divine souls right now, I’m afraid that the situation here is very dangerous.”

A’Mo Kehan said in a deep voice, and his countenance fell. They still couldn’t find Jiang Chen. At this moment, they were all in despair as some of them had even said that Jiang Chen might have already fallen. If only one of them said that, they certainly wouldn’t believe it. If twenty or thirty of them said it, they still wouldn’t believe it. However, when more than ten thousand people said so, they couldn’t choose not to believe. As the Chinese proverb says, three liars could make a tiger*. 

“We have to leave here quickly, otherwise, these divine souls might devour all of us. These terrifying souls are just too powerful. A normal Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign would be swept away by them like the wind sweeping across fallen leaves, without any strength to resist.” 

Lu Dong was extremely solemn as well. If they did not run away now, they might be annihilated. The current Mount Meru had already become a mess. 

“I will not go. If you want to leave, you can leave. I must find young master’s corpse, otherwise, I will never leave.”

Jiang Xinxin looked incomparably solemn. At this moment, no one had expected that she would be so firm, believing that Jiang Chen must still be alive.

“I am afraid that we can’t leave anymore even if we want to. There are so many divine souls here. People here won’t be able to escape now.”

Yesheng Yanwang said coldly, and he was slightly nervous at this moment.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s fight? Haha, even if we might die, we have to kill some of them to accompany us in hell. Moreover, we might not lose actually.”

A’Mo Kehan laughed and said. He unexpectedly looked very calm, as if life or death was not so important to him anymore right now.

“Amo Kehan said it right. Even though young master Jiang Chen is not here anymore, we must find his corpse. The Sword God Alliance will not spare any evildoers. Let’s kill!”

Lu Dong took action, taking the lead immediately, rushing towards the crowd and started slaughtering

Almost three hundred thousand dreadful human cultivators rose up spiritedly and made a counterattack as all of them knew that if they did not fight with their lives on the line, none of them would survive. When they first arrived at the Divine Tomb, they had been bullied by these divine souls, and many of their friends had died in these divine souls’ hands. 

Moling Dongchen and Luo Wenhao took the initiative and join the battle as well. Their strength had already reached the Late Void God Realm, that’s why they had been invincible. Moling Dongchen was even slightly stronger. Wearing his snowy white clothes with his feather fan, he had been sweeping away more than ten divine souls, crushing them into death in a flash.

Not to be outdone, Luo Wenhao and Goddess Luo took action immediately. Their combined attack was not any weaker than Moling Dongchen’s. Around hundreds of divine souls were shattered in their hands.

“Not bad. Unexpectedly, there are still experts like you guys. You don’t look like people from this world.”

Gongyang Juemu smiled faintly. As soon as he glanced at Moling Dongchen, he knew that he was a member of the Divine World Mo Family. Being a Divine Emperor in his past, Gongyang Juemu used to be a supreme expert in the Divine World. However, today he had fallen into this situation and had no choice. He had to gather the spiritual essences from hundreds and thousands of human experts in order to be reborn and regain his status of being a god.

“Lad, your strength is quite strong, people from Mo Family?”

Gongyang Juemu said with a smile.

“Who are you? It’s unexpected for you to know that I am from Mo Family”

Moling Dongchen looked at Gongyang Juemu and said in a deep voice. Gongyang Juemu was able to see through his strength and background just by observing his movement. This meant that this person must be very terrifying. Before his death, he might be a formidable expert. 

“Who am I? Hehehe, who is the Patriarch of your family now?”

“Mo Fang.”

“Mo Fang? That guy has become the Patriarch of Mo Family? Haha. Things stay the same, yet people change. Back in the day, when I was sweeping across the Divine World, Mo Fang was still only a brat. But he was still considered one of the most outstanding one from the young generation. I have been to your Mo Family once, however, I left with unpleasant feelings.”

Gongyang Juemu shook his head and heaved a sigh.

“You are?”

Moling Dongchen’s pupils shrieked. This guy looked like an unparalleled evildoer many years ago.

“Gongyang Juemu.”

“Never heard of you before.”

Moling Dongchen said faintly.

Gongyang Juemu’s face turned stiff suddenly, while the corner of his mouth displayed coldness.

“Unexpectedly, you really are an arrogant lad. You should die here. No matter what the reason you’re here, the Divine Tomb is not a place where you can come and go easily.” 

Gongyang Juemu gritted his teeth and stared at Moling Dongchen. He thought that Moling Dongchen would be shocked to hear his name as he used to be one of the overloads in the Divine World. It was out of his expectation that Moling Dongchen was not stunned at all, but full of disdain instead.

“Even if you’re a peerless Divine Emperor in your past life, you’re only a divine soul now. I’m afraid that it’s not easy for you to kill me.”

Moling Dong sneered and said.

“It seems like you are not worried at all about your current situation. Great. I will let you know that the Divine World and Divine Tomb are two very different domains. For the inheritance of the Craftsman God, you guys are doomed to die here. I guess you guys have seen the mightiness of the Craftsman God. You are considered lucky as you had managed to escape from the Divine Treasury. However, it’s unfortunate that you have met me here.”

Gongyang Juemu held his longsword and pointed it towards Moling Dongchen. His face looked ruthless, and a battle had broken out at this moment. 

“Great. Let me see how mighty and unparalleled you are.”

Moling Dongchen, with the feather fan in his hand, did not take any step backwards. Instead, he rushed towards Gongyang Juemu and their weapons collided against each other. In the confrontation, terrifying thunderstorms effused out from Gongyang Mujue’s longsword.

“This is my Heavenly Divine Tool, Thunderous Sword. Enjoy my thunderous baptism. Lad, you will pay the price for your arrogance.”

Gongyang Juemu seemed to be delivering Moling Dongchen his death sentence. 

“At the end, it’s still a broken Heavenly Divine tool just like your broken soul. No matter how glorious you were in the past, you’re only a dead worm today.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Gongyang Juemu roared in rage while his face displayed ruthlessness. The two of them confronted each other with their utmost effort. One could smell the intensifying gunpowder in the air.

*Three men make a tiger: refers to an individual’s tendency to accept absurd information as long as it is repeated by enough people.

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