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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2172

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“Oh ya, there’s something I don’t understand. What are those Bronze Thrones?”

Jiang Chen looked at Red Lotus. 

“Something you don’t deserve to know,” Red Lotus said coldly.

“That’s something even I can’t refine. When your strength reached a certain realm, you will naturally understand it.

“I will seal myself in the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Unless you reach the Hierarch Realm, I would not appear. I wish that you can fulfill your promise at that time and kill the heaven-defying betrayer, Shangguan Hongyan.”

As soon as she finished her words, the Fire Spirit turned into a fiery light, falling into Myriad Qi Cauldron. A fiery Red Lotus mark appeared on the Myriad Qi Cauldron at that moment.

“Unexpectedly, the Fire Spirit is a lady. Moreover, it’s able to transform into a human. Master said that I can use the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, but it seems like I can only rely on myself for the time being.”

Jiang Chen touched his nose and said. A moment ago, the terrifying strength released by Red Lotus was out of his expectation. However, she did not attack him, which meant that she still knew how to make judgement rationally. There’s one thing that Red Lotus had said right. The Craftsman God really died because of him and vanished between the heavens and earth. Jiang Chen really blamed himself about that.

“Master, I would never disappoint you. Don’t worry.”

Jiang Chen gripped his palm tightly while his eyes were filled with overbearing killing intent. He hoped that one day, he could kill Shangguan Hongyan with his hand, and avenge his master, the Craftsman God. 

However, Jiang Chen did not realise that Mount Meru had collapsed completely right now. The previous Nine Tribulations Heavenly Lightning had razed the entire Mount Meru into a flat land. 

Three silhouettes suddenly came out. They were Moling Dongchen, Goddess Luo and Luo Wenhao.

Their faces were pale and looked terrible. They had been trapped in the Divine Treasury in that period of time. They thought that coming out should be fairly easy, but unexpectedly it had taken them around ten-days time to come out.

If the Nine Tribulations Heavenly Lightning did not destroy Mount Meru, it would not be easy for the three of them to come out from the formation. 

“Is it the Nine Tribulations Heavenly Lightning?” 

Xian Yuhu looked at Mount Meru in a state of shock and murmured.

“He’s really the number-one craftsman under the heavens who managed to survive through all obstacles. Moreover, he was still able to forge a Primal Origin Treasure at his last breath. It’s terrifying.”

Gongyang Juemu’s face looked serious.

“It was said that the Craftsman God was only a realm under the God Emperor and he’s already all-conquering.”

Xian Yuhan showed his admiration from the bottom of his heart. Even Gongyang Juemu showed his respect to the Craftsman God when he was still alive despite them both being Divine Emperors. However, there are differences between the strength of Divine Emperors. The Craftsman God was the strongest Divine Emperor who had great refining techniques. Even God Emperors would want to befriend him.

“No matter how strong he was, he still died and became neither a human nor a ghost. Hahaha… This time, if I manage to take down those two hundred thousand human cultivators, I will be able to be reincarnated and gain back the status of a god.”

Gongyang Juemu said with excitement. If he was able to obtain a piece of the Divine Tool from the Craftsman God as his weapon before being reborn, that would be really great.

“Same, I will also need two hundred thousand.” Xian Yuhu glanced at Gongyang Mujue and said. 

“Then let’s see who will be able to get more? I already can’t wait,” Gongyag Mujue shrugged his shoulders and said. 

The Nine Tribulations Heavenly Lightening was like a sharp arrow that swept across the entire Mount Meru just now. Hundreds and thousands of people had died tragically in the great tribulation. Mount Meru was still shaking and no one could bear to look back at the scene.

“Petty humans, your last day is almost here.”

Gongyang Juemu said faintly. Fifty thousand divine souls rushed into the crowd suddenly. About three hundred thousand Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns panicked and were frightened to the point of losing their souls. 


A yellow shadow suddenly fled and landed on Goddess Luo’s shoulder. It was an adorable pug with shining fur. It squatted on her shoulder and licked her neck. Goddess Luo was surprised and hugged the pug into her embrace while expressing her nature of pampering. 

“Such an adorable puppy.”

The pug was lying in front of Goddess Luo’s breast. At this moment, even Goddess Luo who had a cold temperament could not help being flattered by the pug. The corner of her mouth was overflowing with a smile, and at the same time she felt relieved after going through a great crisis.

“You’re such a lucky dog. I wonder who brought you in the Divine Tomb.”

Goddess Luo murmured while petting the pug’s head. The pug fell into Goddess Luo’s embrace directly and leered at Goddess Luo 

“It is absolutely a horny dog!” 

Luo Wenhao’s countenance fell. He wished that he could transform into a dog and also enjoy Goddess Luo’s embrace at this moment. He was not comparable to a dog and this made him really upset. 

Wang Wang! Wang Wang!

The chubby yellowed pug barked at Luo Wenhao. It seemed like refuting Luo Wenhao’s slander.

“Why are you haggling over with a dog?”

Giving Luo Wenhao a glance, Moling Dongchen did not know whether to laugh or cry at this moment. Even a fool knew that Lou Wenhao has fallen for Goddess Luo, but she might not even care about him. Obviously, a dog would win against him. The dog seemed to be boasting in front of Luo Wenhao and this irritated him.

“Since you don’t have a master, then just follow me.”

Goddess Luo caressed the pug softly while the pug shook its little tail and kept rubbing itself against her breast.

This scene really made Luo Wenhao annoyed and he wished for nothing more than to peel this dog’s skin and eat its meat. The guy even showed its infatuated face to Luo Wenhao. Comparing himself to the dog, Luo Wenhao felt really upset. 

“Look! Are they a massive troop of divine souls?”

Moling Dongchen’s face suddenly changed and said in a deep voice. The three of them just went through a crisis, and unexpectedly they were in a predicament again. This massive troop of divine souls apparently were well-organised and their strength was quite formidable. Each of them would be able to overcome five Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns at the same time.

The human cultivators were in a disadvantageous position right now as none of them could resist these divine souls’ slaughter. 

“Aren’t we still not going to take action?”

Luo Wenhao gave Moling Dongchen a glance.

“This is too brutal. If I just escape like this, I will blame myself for the rest of my life.” 

Obviously, Moling Dongchen was reluctant to leave here.

“Great, then let’s take action. Hahaha. Let’s see who can kill more divine souls. Although we’re not saviours from the heavens, we shall not run away and stand aside this time.” 

Luo Wenhao laughed and said.

The three of them looked at each other and joined the battle. 

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