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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2171


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“Hahaha. Being the Twelve Extreme Evil, and the overload of the central land, I, Gongyang Juemu, am not that foolish to embarrass our brothers here. We all have different strengths and different needs. What do you think? I guess none of them here will be able to fight us.” 

Gongyang Juemu laughed and said, the corner of his mouth carried some sense of ruthlessness. In the current Divine Tomb, not many people have reached the Late Void God Realm. If someone was at the Middle Void God Realm, he could be considered as powerful, and he must have heaven-defying fortune to stand out amongst the other cultivators. 

“Great, it’s a deal. I hope that brother Gongyang will not go against us at that time.”

Xian Yuhu gave Gongyang Juemu a glance. Although he was not a match for Gongyang Juemu, he had his twelve brothers on his side. In this sense, he would definitely be able to compete with Gongyang Juemu with his brothers’ help. Meanwhile, both sides had gathered fifty thousand divine souls. They were going to ransack the entire Mount Meru and kill all the human experts. 

“Haha. It would be insane. Seems like we’re going to slaughter everyone soon. I couldn’t help but sigh since I believe the old man Tathagata. Amitabha. Hahaha.”

Gongyang Mujue sneered, his eyes expressing boundless killing intent that turned into a ray of light shining through Mount Meru. On the other hand, Xian Yuhu raised his hand and brought about ten of his brothers rushing towards Mount Meru.

In the Refining God Temple, the Heavenly Dragon Sword had been refined successfully by the Craftsman God after gathering the essence of hundreds and thousands of divine weapons. The brand new Heavenly Dragon Sword was filled with overbearing Dragon Qi, and its imposing manner was irresistible. As soon as the Heavenly Dragon Sword was pulled out, ten thousand swords were broken. It soared through the clouds and heaven!

“Such overbearing Heavenly Dragon Sword, hahaha.”

Jiang Chen laughed madly and said. Looking at the Heavenly Dragon Sword in Craftsman God’s hand, Jiang Chen was extremely excited. He did not even dare to make a simple guess about the current grade of the Heavenly Dragon Sword. However, it seemed like the sword was not only one grade stronger than the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade. More importantly, he could completely feel the existence of the Sword Soul in his sword now. The Sword Soul had been upgraded under the refinement by Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus.  

However, even the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus was not able to handle the Dragon Soul. If the subjective consciousness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was not controlled by Jiang Chen, the Dragon Soul would definitely rise up, and would’ve attacked while being burnt and refined by the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. In the Myriad Qi Cauldron, the Heavenly Dragon Sword seemed to be calm.  At least, this proved that the Myriad Qi Cauldron was still quite dreadful and powerful.


Jiang Chen murmured. 

“Last step, Tempering the Spirit, Sharpening!”

The Craftsman God said in an extremely solemn manner. He raised his head up and looked at the sky. Perhaps, the entire Mount Meru will soon completely disappear under the Divine Weapon Lightning Tribulation. 

“Temper the Spirit? Sharpening?”

Jiang Chen said in doubt. 

“Temper the Spirit using the power of the soul to temper the sword and make it become more spiritual through the power of soul. Your Heavenly Dragon Sword already has its Sword Soul, so it doesn’t require much spirit for tempering. However, I still have to do this to make it become more advanced. In terms of Sharpening, it requires the soul as well and your Heavenly Dragon Sword has not been sharpened yet. I can only help you this much for now. I hope that the Heavenly Dragon Sword would bring you to another level.”


Jiang Chen suddenly had a premonition.

“A lotus pond at this side and smoke at that side. Half a lifelong misty rain and half a lifelong romance. Have mercy for the ten thousand swords. Shatter the heavens with my death breath.”

Craftsman God’s incomparably mad voice soared to the vault of the heavens, covering the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The figure of Craftsman God had also become fainter and fainter. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen finally understood that the Craftsman God was using his own soul as the price to temper and sharpened his Heavenly Dragon Sword! 

“Master, why did you do this? How am I going to stand between the heavens and earth?”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly and said. At this particular moment, the Nine Layer Lightning Tribulation started pouring down, but everything was blocked by the Craftsman God. 

“Remember what I say. That guy’s name is Shangguan Hongyan. If you haven’t reached the realm of Hierarch yet, don’t annoy that guy. The tempering and sharpening of the Heavenly Dragon Sword has been completed. It has already reached the realm of peak Primal Origin Treasure. This is the last piece of divine weapon that I have for you. Lad, you get my favours. If one day, you couldn’t complete this mission, never play hard ball because life is precious. Hatred is only as transient as the clouds. I am going to vanish soon but I feel relieved after releasing my burden. Hehe.”

“Master, I will never forget your kindness! Master, please accept my gratitude.”

Jiang Chen bowed down heavily as the Craftsman God not only saved his life but had also given him great benefit.

“In my whole life, I only have you as my heir, and Shangguan Hongyan as my sworn brother. I hope you understand that staying alive well is more important than revenge.”

At this moment, the Craftsman God’s words were filled with gentleness.

“I have been tired of living my life in this kind of state. Not a human but also not a ghost. Hehe. The Myriad Qi Cauldron and the Fire Spirit now belongs to you. Never let it fall in evildoers’ hands. I believe you would be able to do this…

“I am content with this life now.”

As soon as the Craftsman God finished his words, he turned into a light of essence and fused with the Dragon Soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword. In the end, the Craftsman God ended up entering into the Heavenly Dragon Sword. At this moment, the light vanished and the Lightning Tribulation fell down everywhere. The entire Month Meru was collapsing. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked slightly cold as he remembered each word said by the Craftsman God.

“Shangguan Hongyan, I want you to repay your debt with blood.”

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, and his imposing manner soared!

At this moment, there was a fiery silhouette appearing on the Myriad Qi Cauldron. She was in red clothes, and her body was slender. She was as charming as a celestial being while as cold as a mountain.

Her long hair reached around her waist, but her chilly pupils were staring at Jiang Chen coldly. Her eyes carried killing intent and sense of ruthlessness. She seemed to have a deep grudge against Jiang Chen.

When she appeared, Jiang Chen shivered as the lady looked familiar but strange to him at the same time. Her eyes were quite terrifying and Jiang Chen could sense her formidable strength and was unsure if he could overcome her. 

“Father has died because of you.”

The lady’s red lips moved, and her voice sounded like a silver ring but without any emotion. 

“Are you the Fire Spirit of the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shrunk and felt shocked as he had never expected that the Fire Spirit was a devastatingly beautiful lady. She was even more moving compared to Goddess Luo. However, her pride and coldness made people feel so distant and Jiang Chen found her quite unacceptable.

More importantly, she called the Craftsman God as father.

“I really want to kill you.”

Red Lotus said in a deep voice while staring at Jiang Chen.

“But you haven’t taken any actions yet, which means that you understand that you alone won’t be able to fight against Shangguan Hongyan. In the future, I will kill him to avenge my master.”

Jiang Chen said coldy, as he also hated Shangguan Hongyan to the core. 

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