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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2170


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“Heavenly Dragon Sword, come!” The Craftsman God shouted. 

He then threw the Heavenly Dragon Sword into the Myriad Qi Cauldron, and ear-splitting dragon roars could be heard immediately. The commotion created from it was quite terrifying, causing even Jiang Chen to feel slightly startled. He could feel the surrounding air was trembling, the whole Divine Treasury wobbling, and on the verge of collapse. 

Countless golden light gathered on the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. At this moment, he could feel that his sword was getting stronger as it continued to absorb thousands upon thousands of souls from the divine weapons gathered in the cauldron. 

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was like the ancestor of all weapons, laying inside the Myriad Qi Cauldron!

As time passed by, constant changes were happening on the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Jiang Chen’s eyes were stuck on the sword, the joy in his eyes was getting more and more obvious.  

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not know that an Eight Direction Lightning Tribulation was brewing on top of Mount Meru, thunder and lightning could be seen gathering in the ten thousand radius of Mount Maitreya as the centre, giving everybody a shock. 

Nobody knew what was happening in Mount Maitreya that caused such a scene. Seeing the terrifying thunder clouds that stretched over the horizon, everyone that was within the vicinity of the mountain range was in extreme shock. 

“What could cause such a commotion? Could something big be happening in Mount Maitreya?” 

“I don’t know. From my observation, this had never happened in the Divine Tomb. I think a great treasure is going to be born! Hahahaha, I have come to the right place. This Mount Meru is a place of great fortune.” 

“A land of great fortune? Hehe, looks like you have no idea how many people have lost their lives here. At that time, it was a mountain full of corpses.” 

“Yeah. I still tremble at the thought of it, terrifying. I heard that those who have entered Mount Maitreya, none of them came out alive. 

“There’s one survivor but I don’t know where that fellow went. It was terrifying, wherever he goes, the place would be left devastated, terrifying face, golden fiery eyes, loud voice. Countless people were pushed back by him.” 

More and more people gathered below Mount Meru, Yesheng Yunwang, A’Mo Kehan, Lu Dong as well as Jiang Xinxin and the others have rushed to this place. Their team has grown much stronger, reaching five thousand strong. However their numbers were meagre compared to the people who have gathered here. 

“So many experts. Terrifying. Looks like a great treasure would appear in this Mount Meru.” A’Mo Kehan said quietly with a solemn expression. 

Their current plan was to look for Jiang Chen, their leader. 

“Boss Jiang Chen came here before us, he should be inside. I wonder how he is doing.” Jiang Xinxin said worriedly. She was worried about Jiang Chen after they separated. 

“Are you guys looking for Jiang Chen?” Somebody looked at Jiang Xinxin and the others. 

“Yeah, do you know where Young Master Jiang is?” Jiang Xinxin looked at the latter nervously. 

“He entered Mount Meru not too long ago. Now, he could probably be dead.” 

“Yeah, I’ve heard that none of those who entered came out alive.  No matter if it was those who have entered Tian Lan or Tian Zhu Peak”

“Rumours have it that it was a devastating scene, countless people had died there. Those Early Void Gods experts also do not dare step into that place.” 

Jiang Xinxin staggered after hearing these words, her expression was filled with sadness. Could Young Master Jiang Chen be really dead? In Mount Meru? She could not believe that Jiang Chen would die so easily. 

“This must be a lie.” Jiang Xinxin continuously shook her head. 

“I too do not believe it. Boss Jiang Chen is strong as hell. He could easily wipe the floor with those Void God experts while being just a Ninth  Grade Immortal Sovereign. He will never go down that easily.” Yesheng Yunwang said.

“You think we want to believe it? Young master Jiang Chen is our saviour. Forty thousand Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns would have died if it weren’t for him, the remaining 60,000 of us and Void God experts would have died too. 100,000 lives were saved. Young Master Jiang Chen saved us with his abilities alone. We would willingly stand beside him.” 

“Yeah, if Young Master Jiang Chen is still alive, we would certainly nominate him to be our leader.”

Countless people agreed, but the most important question was whether Jiang Chen was still alive or not. They don’t even know if there’s a person who could walk out of the Divine Treasury alive. 

Jiang Xinxin’s expression was grim. How could she be calm as there wasn’t any way to know whether Jiang Chen was still alive or not.

“Nobody knows what will happen until the very last moment. This Mount Meru still stands here, we believe that Boss Jiang Chen is still inside. Furthermore, the environment of Mount Meru is drastically changing, a great treasure is bound to appear. Now that there are 30,000 cultivators gathered here… something great is bound to happen.” Lu Dong said with a serious tone. 

Jiang Chen’s strength was known before them. It’ll depend on Jiang Chen’s luck on whether he could come out alive. 

“This Mount Meru feels like it’s covered by thundering clouds, could a peerless Heavenly Lightning fall? If that’s really the case, we need to get away from this place.” A’Mo Kehan said. 

The change of Mount Meru was uncertain. Thundering clouds covered a wide radius of the mountain range, and nobody dared to take another step into the Divine Treasury. 

The West. A terrifying divine soul army was marching, covering the clouds and sky. 

The South. Another black-wave could also be seen. A Divine Emperor expert was leading 8,000 divine souls, rushing towards Mount Meru. 

“Hahaha. This is great. Tens of thousands of human blood. I cannot wait anymore.”  Gongyang Juemu, a Divine Emperor divine soul expert said with a wild laugh. 

His eyes were shining, his strength was peerless. At least in the Divine Tomb, few could rival his strength. 

“Don’t get your hopes up. Us, Twelve Extreme Evil also wants a piece of the pie.” 

Another divine soul expert leader at the Late Void God realm, Xian Yuhu said with a sneer. 

The twelve brothers were all Peak Hierarch before they died. This Gongyang Juemu may not even win against the twelve of them if they worked together. 

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