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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2166

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Jiang Chen’s words instantly enraged the Craftsman God. Immediately, Jiang Chen felt a terrifying haze engulfing him, instantly suffocating him. But he knew that the Craftsman God would not be able to harm him in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

“It seems like you’re not afraid of me.” 

Craftsman God bitterly smiled. His aura was like the tides—surging, retreating, then vanishing. A shred of bitterness could be seen in his expression afterwards. 

“I, Jiang Chen, never respected the Heavens, never fear ghosts nor the gods. I only believe in myself!”  

A single dominating proclamation. At that moment, the eyes of the Craftsman God glowed up with overflowing colours. 

“Hahahaha! Never respect the Heavens, never fear ghosts nor gods! Good lad! You’re my kind of guy. Gutsy, domineering! The path of cultivation is to steal the fortune of the Heavens and Earth, the Yin and Yang, seizing the life and death of Samsara. The requirement is the will to move forward, eliminating everything that blocks your way, not fearing demons, ghosts, gods, Heaven nor Earth, not fearing authority nor the dominating lords. Only then could one achieve the chance to step onto the path towards dominance, towards the supreme path of the emperor.”  

“Senior is praising erroneously. To you, I am just but an ant.” Jiang Chen palely smiled. 

Even though he was ambitious, he’s not presumptuous. He had heard of the greatness of the Craftsman God through Mo Ling Dongchen. A great person of the past era, a peerless legend worthy of respect. 

“Daring to love, daring to hate. Being humble yet possesses honour. Domineering yet rational. Good lad, I’m liking you more and more. In my whole life, I was proud and disdainful but I still have a good eye in people.” The Craftsman God murmured. 

“I originally wanted to destroy the Divine Treasury after luring him. Pity, it failed in the end. Millions of years had passed, and he has succeeded in walking in his own supreme path of emperor’s dominance. Hehe.” The Craftsman God smiled pitifully as if ridiculing himself. 

“Why do senior say so?” Jiang Chen could somehow notice a glimpse of sadness in the eyes of the Craftsman God. Despair and a bit of decadence. Pain, a pain so sad etched deeply in his heart. 

“Actually, I want to nurture you to become the inheritor of my art. But I too fear that you’ll die a painful death.” Craftsman God said hesitantly. 

“Craftsman God is being humble, please do proceed.” 

The Craftsman God liked Jiang Chen more and more. But, at the same time, his heart felt more and more pained. 

“Millions of years have passed, maybe some things are meant to be sealed away. But, I cannot accept it. I cannot accept it, ah.” 

Currently, the Craftsman God’s manner did not feel like it was from a peerless expert. But a lonely old man who was hurt, his eyes were filled with sadness. 

“My life is filled with pride and glory, my refinement art, unrivalled and recognised in the world. I once became friends with a Grandmaster, our interests aligned and we became friends instantly, we became sworn brothers and there are no secrets between us. Yet, the human heart is always unfulfilled, I forgot about it. He must have a certain goal when he made contact with me. One day, he unexpectedly bared his fangs towards me, for the purpose of robbing me of the Myriad Qi Cauldron. In the end, I was gravely injured by him. Helplessly, my body died and my Dao vanished, resulting in my death, only a shred of my remnant soul remained in this Divine Tomb.” 

Craftsman God’s words were succinct but Jiang Chen could feel the sadness and pain from his words. It was full of peril, he had lived a life full of glory but was betrayed by the person he trusted the most in the end. That sadness, dismal and pain… 

The Craftsman God became silent. It was a pain, and hatred that no matter how many millions of years have passed, it cannot be washed away. 

“The current him has possibly reached the end of his emperor dominance path. In the past, I can already see that he’s extremely talented. But it was a pity that some people were never meant for kindness. Hehehe. Hence, I wanted to destroy this Divine Tomb, however I’m fortunate to have met you. You allowed me to see myself in my younger days, insufferably arrogant and proud. Your imposing manner is unparalleled. But you must not be too haughty, if not, you’ll end up just like me, dismal and sad, a life filled with splendour but ended up with a life filled with sadness.” 

“I thank the Craftsman God’s humble instruction.” Jiang Chen replied respectfully, with a hint of sincerity and humbleness. 

“I plan to pass the Myriad Qi Cauldron and my refining art to you. I only ask that you’ll take revenge for me. But this path is truly perilous, you may even lose your life at any moment. To have you, one that hasn’t reached the True God realm, to find and compete with an expert who has reached the God Emperor realm is such a harsh task to complete.” The Craftsman God shook his head and somehow felt that his idea was absurd. 

“The heavens will not let down a diligent man. If there’s a will, there’s a way!” Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. 

“Very good. I’m certainly not wrong about you. Since it has come to this, I’ll pass on the . This is the most unique refining method of the Divine World. By using both the Myriad Qi Cauldron and the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus from the Fire Spirit, you can temper myriads of things and forge a peerless divine weapon.”  

“Thank you, Master!” Jiang Chen said with a serious attitude. 

The word ‘Master’ trembled the Craftsman God, he shook his head and said: 

“When the time you’re able to cut him down, then you may call me Master.” 

“This disciple shall keep it in mind.”

“Alright. The divine weapons and treasures are divided into a few categories, the False Divine Tool, Divine Tool, Heavenly Divine Tool, Origin Divine Tool and Primal Origin Treasure. As for the true peerless great tools, this Myriad Qi Cauldron falls under the category of Chaos Saint Tool. I think this pagoda also fell in the same category. 

“Chaos Saint Tool?” 

Jiang Chen’s body shook, his heart was in an extreme shock. He knew that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was frightening to a certain degree, but he had never imagined that the pagoda was a Chaos Saint Tool. This caused Jiang Chen to be extremely excited. 

“But from its current form, it may not look like it’s perfect, however it could not be called a Chaos Saint Tool yet.” The Craftsman God’s words instantly cooled Jiang Chen’s excitement. 

“Senior Craftsman God, can you please not speak with such a great gasp?  You made me rejoice too soon.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile. 

“Haha. You little bugger is quite interesting. Now, I’ll teach you the Art of Forging. Refining is absolutely not an easy task, especially when it comes to divine tools. First, the selection of materials, it needed to be a high-grade divine item, eliminate impurities and collect its essence, then you integrate it into the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Countlessly refining it and hammering it, then a true divine tool could be made. Furthermore, each divine tool is priceless. In the Divine World, not many masters could forge and create a divine tool. 

A true Master Refiner would be regarded as a VIP in each of those great clans, granting them great remuneration, and limitless cultivation resources. Once a person has managed to become a Master Refiner, he’ll become a person to rally countless people. In the Divine World, not every Heavenly God expert possesses a Heavenly Divine Tool, they would be heavenly defying if they even possess a Divine Tool. Because it’s heavenly defying to even forge a Divine Tool. Each Origin Divine Tool that comes into existence would even cause a Lightning Tribulation to fall. 

Refinement was not as easy as people think. Furthermore, the control of fire in refining is extremely harsh.” The Craftsman God lectured, and Jiang Chen listened earnestly. 

“These five flames are lacking compared to the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus, but regardless it’s still a peerless True Fire.” 

Jiang Chen took out is hand and the Five Elements True Fire appeared. 

The eyes of the Craftsman God instantly lit up. 

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