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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2163

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“The Craftsman God was a peerless supreme refiner, but he had already fallen 7.3 million years ago. He had been an arrogant man throughout his lifetime, and he was unwilling to pass away in the world. That’s why he established this divine treasury in the Divine Tomb. Whoever obtains the Fire Spirit could obtain his inheritance. Whoever obtains the Myriad Qi Cauldron could refine anything in the world.

“In the past, the Craftsman God was truly a supreme master in the Divine World. Although his strength was just at the Middle Divine Emperor realm, no one under the God Emperor realm was his match. He had the title ‘number-one emperor’ under the heavens! Even God Emperors would show him respect as he was the peerless supreme refiner under the heavens. It’s imaginable how formidable and respectable he was. At the end, however, the Craftsman God still encountered misfortune, but no one knew what was the reason behind. Divine Emperors had grieved for the fall of the Craftsman God and even God Emperors heaved a sigh for his death. However, the Craftsman God had built up this Divine Treasury before dying. Many of the Divine Emperors have been eager to have a look on his great legacy. Unfortunately, those from Divine World are forbidden to enter the Divine Tomb. Even the God Emperor is forbidden. That’s the law of the Divine Tomb as it’s the place where the divine souls stayed. Under the heavens, everyone is looking for the inheritance of the Craftsman God. At the end, my ancestor made a prediction that the inheritance was here, hence, here I am,” Moling Dongchen smiled and said.

“Thanks for the information. However, I’m really fond of the Myriad Qi Cauldron. I’m afraid that a fight is inevitable.” 

Jiang Chen shrugged. Even if he did not hear what Moling Dongchen said, he would still not give up the cauldron. How could he pass the mystical Myriad Qi Cauldron? Ao Tian and Luo Wenhao’s eyes were filled with greed, and everyone knows what’s in their mind. 

“Let’s speak through our strength. Ao Tian, Luo Wenhao, what do you guys think?”

“Only the true experts should get the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Does your Mo Family think that we, the Dragon Clan, are afraid of you?” Ao Tian said arrogantly.

“Dragon Clan? Hehe, you are not enough to represent the Dragon Clan. You guys are just a branch family of the Dragon Clan. 

“Ao Family? Why would my Mo Family be afraid of you?”

Moling Dongchen’s pride towered to the clouds. Right now, he really did have the right to act proud and arrogant. Jiang Chen never expected that he had such a terrifying side.

“Even a pond loach is being so arrogant. Of course, my God Luo Clan can’t fall behind!”

Luo Wenhao’s taunt did really make Ao Tian turn pale. 

However, he knew that a battle would erupt anytime at this moment because everyone would find it worthwhile to fight for the Myriad Qi Cauldron even at the cost of their life. If he managed to get the Myriad Qi Cauldron, he might have a chance of being promoted to become the future Patriarch.

“I will not let go of this Myriad Qi Cauldron. If you want to snatch it from me, you have to step over my body first.”

Ao Tian grasped a long spear tightly in his hand, and decided to duke it out with Jiang Chen! 

“I’ll fight you. I have already killed your younger brother. Now, you, as his elder brother, should accompany him in hell.” Jiang Chen smiled and said. 

“Then let’s see whether you have the ability to do that. You’re as weak as an ant, definitely incomparable to me.” 

Ao Tian’s spear was glowing with a cold light, shattering the void into rays of light that crushed towards Jiang Chen. 

“Right on time!”

Jiang Chen shouted and readied himself for the inevitable battle! This was because he really wanted to obtain the Myriad Qi Cauldron as well. On the other side, Luo Wenhao was not slow in acting as well, and fought against Moling Dongchen. Their battle was going on fiercely. Their weapons were colliding against each other, they were locked in a very intense fight! 

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen attacked with his great palm, blotting out the sky. As soon as Jiang Chen’s palm pressed on Ao Tian, Ao Tian immediately took a step back. At this moment, Ao Tian’s strength had unexpectedly advanced to the peak of Void God realm. No matter what technique Jiang Chen used right now, even the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal and Slaughter Dragon Seal would not pose any threat to Ao Tian. 

“Dragon Scale Protection!”

Ao Tian shouted in rage, and his strength undeniably increased. Being the person whom the Ao Family valued the most, it’s imaginable that Ao Tian had great courage and strength to enter the Divine Tomb.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen’s all-killing palm was sent out fiercely. However, his strength was still too weak. A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign fighting against a Void God. There was a gap of three levels between them. Even though Jiang Chen had extraordinary talent, he still found it challenging to fight a peak Void God. 

After all, Ao Tian was also not an ordinary Void God expert, he was outstanding even amongst his peers. 

“Dragon Roars Cloud Nine!”

Ao Tian roared in rage with an ear-splitting crack of thunder. His terrifying combat strength was pressuring Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen was repulsed immediately, and his face looked pale. Obviously, he suffered quite a serious injury, in addition to the injury he had previously suffered. 

“You really have something on the ball. I can only evade your attack at the moment.” 

Jiang Chen immediately withdrew because he knew that he had really triggered Ao Tian’s intent to kill him.

Although he’s a part of a major family of the Divine World, Ao Tian’s true colour was actually under Luo Wenhao and Moling Dongchen’s expectation. However, Jiang Chen was still only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign after all. 

“You should die! Universe Roar of Pride!” 


Not to be outdone, Jiang Chen’s combat strength also became ten times stronger than before after using the Dragon Transformation skill. It even secretly raised his strength to Middle Void God realm. However, he still found it exhausting under the brutal attack of Ao Tian. If he was at his peak strength, he would not be afraid of  Ao Tian, but right now he was enduring an injury. 

“Your dragon transformation is neither fish nor fowl. You’re such a shame to my Dragon Clan!”

Ao Tian roared in rage continuously. Fighting Jiang Chen who was in dragon from right now, both of them unleashed their strongest strength in their primary dragon form. Ao Tian’s Dragon Scale Protection and Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation were both startling. Their battle was truly intense without any gaudy movement. Ao Tian’s striking impact had really pushed back Jiang Chen and shocked everyone!

It was glorifying the dignity of the Dragon Clan, inviolable.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art gave him a big help as each of Ao Tian’s attack had been predicted. That’s how he was able to remain standing. Their bloody battle had also displayed Jiang Chen’s brutality, and he was even more ferocious than Ao Tian’s Dragon Scale Protection. 

“How can this be possible? This guy is seriously terrifying. His body is even stronger compared to that of the Dragon Clan’s. Who is he? Damn that abnormal dragon transformation!”

Ao Tian was extremely angry of the fact that it was difficult for him to defeat Jiang Chen in such a short time. In contrast, he was put into a predicament right now.

“I have lost my patience to play with you.” 

Ao Tian said faintly while his face became completely cold at this moment. 

“Soaring Dragon Technique, Heavenly Dragon Strike!” 

Ao Tian sent out his most dreadful Heavenly Dragon Strike. Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, trying to defend against Ao Tian’s attack. However, Jiang Chen was still repulsed by Ao Tian’s brutality. 

“You’re still alive even after suffering my Heavenly Dragon Strike?!”

Ao Tian became more solemn right now, but Jiang Chen was already exhausted, like an arrow at the end of its flight. 

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