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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2161

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“The Fire Spirit’s mightiness was falling rapidly right now.”

Dragon Shisan said in a low voice.

“Yea. What a pity that I am incapable of competing for the Fire Spirit.”

Zhan Lingyun smiled bitterly and gave Dragon Shisan a glance. After experiencing Ao Tian and Luo Wenhao’s terrifying power, he felt that his existence here was basically like cannon fodder. He had given up the thought of competing with these people and the determination of getting the Fire Spirit.

It’s important for one to know his own limitations. Obviously, Zhan Lingyun was not someone who would court his own death recklessly. He knew that he was still very weak compared to these people. This was undeniable. It was extremely difficult for him to rush into the place where a decisive battle was going to break out soon. These experts’ competence far surpassed everyone.

“Don’t be discouraged. Dude, those two people are not from the Immortal World. They are actually from the Divine World.”

Dragon Shisan patted Zhan Lingyun’s shoulder and said. 

Zhan Lingyun inhaled deeply and suddenly gasped in admiration. Right now, he completely lost all of his desire to compete. He would be well satisfied if he could follow around Jiang Chen and get out of the Divine Tomb. People who have eyes bigger than their stomach would end up losing their life in this place. Those who wanted to compete for the divine treasure but didn’t ponder well the consequences were the best examples as their only ending was death.

“Has the Fire Spirit finally abated?”

Ling Tianba’s eyes moved and looked to the Fire Spirit. Of course, he would like to gain a slice of the cake as well. However, looking at Ao Tian and Luo Wenhao who were also eager to get it, Bing Chan and him could only look afar instead of taking any action. When the real masters fight, they would definitely look much inferior in comparison.

“Even Ling Tianba and Bing Chan were also masters but gave up competing against them.”

At this moment, Zhan Lingyun brightened up as he knew that even Ling Tianba and Bing Chan might not have any chance if they partake in the competition. 

“If the two of you would lend me a hand in this competition, The Ao Clan would definitely remember this kindness. After you help me obtain the Fire Spirit, I will let you enter the Dragon Pond of my Ao Clan to cultivate. Perhaps you know nothing much about that but even a Heavenly God eagerly yearns to enter the Dragon Pond to cultivate. I, as a member of the Dragon Clan, disdain lying and haggling over every penny with you.”

Bing Chan and Ling Tianba were both slightly moved by Ao Tian’s words.

“Sorry, Jiang Chen. Although you have saved my life, I have to be responsible for my own future. I’m afraid that I can’t fight alongside with you in this battle.” 

Ling Tianba looked at Jiang Chen with a solemn facial expression.

Tee hee…. Everyone has their own decision. I believe that smart guys know the ins and outs.”

Bing Chan giggled. The two of them then stood at Ao Tian’s side. 

“Great! The Ao Clan will not mistreat you guys. This time, the battle will rely on the two of you.”

Jiang Chen looked at Ao Tian. This guy was not a fool at all. He was worried that everyone would gang up on him, so he decided to win over Ling Tianba and Bing Chan’s hearts first. Although they were not so powerful, at least they could fight Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen respectively.

“We should take action now. We can’t let the Fire Spirit fall into the hands of those who have evil intentions.” 

Luo Wenhao sneered. At this moment, Luo Wenhao and Jiang Chen took action first. Ao Tian confronted Luo Wenhao, while Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were not slow as well. However, both of them were blocked by Ling Tianba and Bingchan. 

“Ling Tianba, you’re such a shameful guy. I think Jiang Chen actually saved a white-eyed wolf*,”  Dragon Shisan sneered and said as he looked at Ling Tianba with total contempt.

“Humans die for wealth and birds die for food. This is how humans compete with each other, and only the strong survive. In order to become strong, one must be fearless.” Ling Tianba said arrogantly.  

“Well said. Today, I am going to send you to the Western Heavens and let you know who’s truly the true strong man. I must let you taste death.” 

Dragon Shisan pointed his staff into the void and took action instantly. He was in a fierce fight with Ling Tianba. His dreadful attacks had swept away everything in all directions, managing to suppress Ling Tianba in an instant. 

Dragon Shisan hated ungrateful men the most. That’s why he could not spare Ling Tianba any kindness.

“Jiang Chen, young master. I actually have no other choice, you must spare me mercy.” 

Bing Chan looked at Jiang Chen while giggling. Her posture was graceful with a charming smile on her face and eyes that were beaming at the same time. She was spinning around Jiang Chen at the moment. However, Jiang Chen was not enticed by her technique because he was not someone who never saw a beauty before. Even if Goddess Luo was currently in front of his eyes, he would not be moved as his wives were more astonishing compared to Bing Chan. Bing Chan was not comparable to his wives at all.

If one had already gotten used to eating the delicacies of every kind, how would he be moved by a chicken? It was absolutely impossible.

“I am sorry. I will not show any mercy to anyone who tries to stop me, whether they are a man or a woman.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

“Let me handle this, and you go help Luo Wenhao.”

Goddess Luo stared at Jiang Chen and said faintly. Her celestial appearance was incomparably graceful which Bing Chan could not match at all. Bing Chan’s manner that carried some kind of flirtatious sense paled in comparison to the celestial manner Goddess Luo held. 

“Since Goddess Luo is willing to take her on, then I am going to meet with Ao Tian. I managed to dig up a dragon tendon once, I will be able to dig another one soon.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes showed some kind of ruthlessness that made the people around shiver. This guy was still as ruthless as before. Everyone knew how ruthless Jiang Chen’s attacks were. Although Bing Chan was ravishingly beautiful, she knew that she would most probably lose to Jiang Chen if they fought. She was not even a match for Jiang Chen. Now, her opponent was Goddess Luo, naturally her stress was reduced.

“Brother Luo, I’m here to give you a hand. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen laughed out loud and cast the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Each of his steps was able to make him ascend to the heavens and pressure Ao Tian! 

Each step of the blazing Azure Dragon’s Five Steps managed to break through the void and crossed over any obstacle. Each step was alarming. Even Ao Tian had to use his utmost effort to resist it after seeing Jiang Chen’s steps were getting stronger and stronger.

“Azure Dragon Strikes the Sea!”

Ao Tian casted out a terrifying strike. His palm was as strong as a thunderstorm, making a strong blow at the vault of heaven. Out of his expectation, however, Jiang Chen and him were neck and neck. Even Luo Wenhao was slightly shocked by Jiang Chen’s strength. This guy’s really terrifying. 

“How can this be possible? This guy can fight me on equal ground?”

Ao Tian was in a state of great shock. Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps almost ascended to the heavens just now. Moreover, Jiang Chen had actually seen through his Azure Dragon Strikes the Sea. Although Jiang Chen could not suppress him completely, he still managed to dodge his attack. This battle had helped Luo Wenhao gain enough time to attack Ao Tian.  

“God Luo Sword, shattering earth and breaking through the heavens!”

Luo Wenhao made his sword dance while the sword radiance penetrated the void in all directions. Ao Tian found it very difficult to withstand Luo Wenhao’s attack and he could only give his all in the fight. Suddenly, Ao Tian was repelled by the God Luo Sword and his face became extremely pale. 

Jiang Chen, Luo Wenhao and Ao Tian’s figures were intersecting in the battlefield and crashing towards the Fire Spirit. At this particular moment, everyone was eager to get the Fire Spirit. Whoever can obtain it, his combat strength would increase drastically. Especially Luo Wenhao and Ao Tian, they were more aware than others about the terrifying benefit of the Fire Spirit. 

*Whited-eye wolf: “whited-eye wolf” and “heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog” are both used to describe a particularly cold-hearted, cruel person.

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