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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2157

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“How could a mere Immortal ant compete against me?!” Ao Feng furiously roared. 

His aura instantly surged. With the long spear in his hand, his combat strength became unrivalled! No fear could be seen from his eyes even while facing the two Fire God Guards. With the long spear, he fought with vigor. A shocking clash erupted!

Ao Feng’s powerful strength shook everyone. The strength he currently exhibited was ten times stronger than what he previously showed. The two Fire God Guards in front of him now became incomparably weak. 

“Scram!” Ao Feng’s roar was as loud as the thunder. 

The two Fire God Guards were pushed backwards. At this moment, Jiang Chen moved forward without a shred of fear, however he did not dare to be careless. This Ao Feng must’ve used some sort of secret technique to be able to boost his strength exponentially and made him just a step away from reaching the Late Void God realm. Furthermore, he’s extremely talented and his combat strength was unrivalled. 

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal!”

Another terrifying killing technique was unleashed by Jiang Chen. The instant the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal was unleashed, Ao Feng intercepted it with his terrifying long spear. The surrounding flames were pushed back, shadows of the spear overlapped against each other, giving Jiang Chen a massive impact. The two figures continuously clashed against each other, appearing and disappearing continuously amidst the flaming terrain. 

“Such a terrifying guy. I have never imagined that this Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign had so much power.” Bing Chan murmured. 

She now only found out who was the most terrifying existence amongst them. They had ignored this Jiang Chen from the very beginning because he was just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, but surprisingly, his combat strength was the most terrifying amongst them all. Who could fight toe-to-toe against God realm experts while just being a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign? Moreover, it’s more than just a level or two. 

Jiang Chen’s combat strength had seriously caused Bing Chan to be startled deep in her heart. 

Ling Tianba was utterly convinced. They would’ve been floored by the Fire God Guards if it weren’t for Jiang Chen’s help. Not even Ao Feng had such an ability. 

The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal flew up to the sky, the seal rocked the earth with tremors being felt all over the world.

“Kaka, now you know how amazing Little Chen is.” Dragon Shisan gave Ling Tianba a stare while he snorting contemptuously.

But unexpectedly Ling Tianba did not rebut, because in the face of absolute strength, any schemes are rendered useless. Especially now that he knew that Ao Feng was someone from the Divine World, Ling Batian lost all confidence in contending. 

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with a pale smile. 

“You give off a familiar feeling.” Goddess Luo looked at Mo Ling Dongchen. 

Mo Ling Dongchen smiled awkwardly and slightly shook his head, but internally, his heart rocked furiously. 

Meanwhile the battle between Jiang Chen and Ao Feng was reaching the climax, like a raging fire. 

“Those who obey me, prosper. Those who disobey, dies. Those who stood in my way never have a good ending.” Ao Feng said with a sneer. 

His hand movement did not slow down, layers and layers of terrifying spear shadows were created, piercing through the void, aiming towards Jiang Chen. 

“Your thinking is rather too simple. Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen once again unleashed his technique. A flame wave enveloped the sky, in addition to the endless flame of the God Refining Palace, the force it created was substantial. Ao Feng’s expression became extremely solemn. 

“Heavenly Unparalleled Dominance! Who can control me? Hahaha!” Ao Feng let out a wild laugh. 

He used his divine spear to counterattack the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal; he was still somewhat arrogant. The Fire God Guards could defend against Jiang Chen’s attack, but Ao Feng may not have the qualification to defend against the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. 

The terrifying flames engulfed the Heavens and Earth, every inch of the surrounding was covered by the flames of the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal, and Ao Feng completely burned. The wound caused by the flame has further enhanced the flame within Ao Feng’s heart and burned even more violently.  

Ao Feng gave out a deep roar, he then flew backwards. This Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was too powerful, more powerful than he had imagined. His expression became terrifyingly scary after hitting a wall. 

“You have thoroughly enraged me. Fucking brat, you’re just a lowly human. Today, only death awaits you. Spring of Divine Power, Heavenly God bestow me strength!” Ao Feng shouted furiously. 

He instantly changed into a peerless war god and his combat strength has reached the level of Late Void God. One could imagine the shock it created to the people on-site. The only ones that were unfazed were Jiang Chen and Goddess Luo.

“Spring of Divine Power? To think it’s the Spring of Divine Power granted by a Divine King expert. Looks like the Ao Clan has invested heavily this time.” Goddess Luo murmured. 

This Spring of Divine Power could instantly raise a person’s realm. But it could only be given by a Divine King expert. It’s a terrifying skill to be used in battle, the person facing it would understand it much clearer. 

Moreover, the Spring of Divine Power does not have any side effects, unlike other secret arts that temporarily boost one’s combat strength. Its rarity was deemed to be a secret treasure by those Divine Kings. Those who wish to obtain it must possess great fortune or a powerful clan, only these people could have a chance in obtaining it. 


Ao Feng continuously attacked. His attacks were extremely terrifying, more so than previously, they were much more overbearing. Jiang Chen was instantly pushed into the defensive, the power of a Late Void God… Jiang Chen needed to use everything he currently had to defend against Ao Feng, and even then he was still having a difficult time. But this didn’t mean that Jiang Chen was out of options. 

“True Dragon Palm!” 

Jiang Chen performed a hand seal and shook the heavens, it covered the sky and created layers of flame. It was mystical and unrivalled. 

The True Dragon Palm directly landed on Ao Feng’s body. Ao Feng’s expression was unfazed after taking the hit! 

The Spring of Divine Power was powerful! Ao Feng’s current strength has already reached an unimaginable height. 

“Let me see how powerful this Divine Burying Flag is.” 

Jiang Chen raised the Divine Burying Flag and swept it across the field. Violent wind blew, wind-blades were created, the whole God Refining Palaceinstantly became a battlefield that was filled with flames and wind. Goddess Luo and the others had to quickly retreat back to safety, they did not dare to approach the two who were in the centre of the conflict. 

Uncountable layers of violent wind-blades were created from the flag that tear apart the void. It was extremely overbearing, even the flame was cut into two wherever the wind-blade pass through, it was extremely scary.

Not even Ao Feng dared to take it head-on. The might of the Divine Burying Flag has been unleashed!

The terrifying attacks created by the flag allowed Jiang Chen to instantly turn the tables around. Even though he didn’t gain the complete upper hand, he managed to make Ao Feng even angrier. 

Ao Feng couldn’t completely overpower Jiang Chen even with the help of the Spring of Divine Power. Jiang Chen was truly a scary opponent, but he could only rely on the Divine Burying Flag; without the flag, he’s nothing. 

“A clown hiding behind a strong weapon. Looks like I have to completely eliminate you as you’re bound to step in my way.” 

Ao Feng looked like he was completely furious. Looks like the Spring of Divine Power was his strongest trump card. 


Jiang Chen waved the Divine Burying Flag without hesitation. The might of the flag had even caused the flame of the place to weaken. 

“True Dragon emerge!” Ao Feng roared, instantly transforming into a true dragon.  

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