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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2156

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But Jiang Chen had also discovered that the Fire God Guard had become extremely weak. Moreover, not even his supreme flames could help it break through to the Late Void God realm. 

“Looks like it’s not easy to advance to Void God realm. Even so, this Fire God Guard should be able to fight five people at once.” 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved up into a slight smile, after all he made the Fire God Guard his own, adding another terrifying trump card into his arsenal. 


The flame-blade swept the floor unhindered, and pierced Ling Tianba’s body. Ling Tianba was in an incomparably distressed situation. If things go on, he may not even have a chance of survival. 

Bing Chan too wasn’t any better. Her previous peerless charm was all gone, she was using her all just to stay alive. Dragon Shisan too was in a perilous situation, luckily he had his Battle Saint Technique, which was extremely powerful to rely on. Moreover, Jiang Chen had previously told him where the weaknesses of these Fire God Guards are. 

Only Ao Feng and Goddess Luo were able to stand toe-to-toe against these Fire God Guards. 

“We need to find a way to eliminate these guys.”

Ao Feng gritted his teeth and thought, if he unleashed all of his trump cards, he feared that Goddess Luo may become his biggest ‘hidden threat’. 

“Hahaha. This battle is truly exhilarating.” 

Jiang Chen grasped the Divine Burying Flag with a proud expression. His aura became unparalleled with dominating qi filling the air. Even though he was just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, his very being felt like he was a superior being standing on top of the clouds looking down on others with pride. 

“That is…” 

Ao Feng squinted his eyes, and his expression became much more solemn. 

“Could it be the Divine Burying Flag?” Goddess Luo murmured, a shocking tremble flashed through her beautiful eyes. 

“I think… it is…” 

“The Divine Burying Flag is a much more terrifying item than the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade.” Goddess Luo said in a low voice. 

“Is that the Divine Burying Flag in your hand?” Ao Feng gazed at Jiang Chen coldly. 

“So what if it is? Or so what if it’s not?” Jiang Chen replied. 

“Looks like it is real.” 

Ao Feng’s gaze became much more excited. The way he was looking at the Divine Burying Flag… its as if he wanted to take possession of it. 

“Hand me the Divine Burying Flag and I’ll guarantee your entry into the Divine World, in addition, a life filled with glory and wealth.” Ao Feng said, his gaze firmly locked onto the Divine Burying Flag in Jiang Chen’s hand. 

“Who the f*ck do you think you are? Why should I hand over my stuff to you?” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 

“There are some things that you’re not supposed to have.” Ao Feng said while looking down on Jiang Chen. 

However, he was having a hard time dealing with two Fire God Guards, it was impossible for him to separate himself from such a situation and deal with Jiang Chen. 

“Great. Looks like you’re still thinking that you’re still in a superior position. And people like us are just petty ants. If I’m correct, you came from the Divine World.” 

Jiang Chen’s words shook everyone on-site. But if one were to think properly, it was true. Other than this fact, there wasn’t any other explanation. 

The reaction of Ling Tianba and Bing Chan were the strongest. Because they were the creme-de-la-creme of the Immortal World, but they couldn’t hold a candle against these experts that came from the Divine World. 

“You’re very smart. It’s great that you know. Hand me the Divine Burying Flag and you shall have a place in the Divine World.” Ao Feng said. 

“Give me the Divine Burying Flag and I’ll let you join the God Luo Clan.”  Goddess Luo’s beautiful eyes flashed. 

The way she looked at Jiang Chen was still cold, an icy cold goddess that disdained everyone, especially towards people like Jiang Chen. But she must not allow Ao Feng to obtain the Divine Burying Flag. 

“Regrettably, nobody is allowed to take away my things.” Jiang Chen shrugged and said with a smile, completely ignoring Goddess Luo and Ao Feng. 

“Good Lad. You dare play me a fool?” Ao Feng said. 

“I’m not playing you. It’s just you being cocky. Why should I comply to your demand? Looks like only one of us is going to walk out of here alive. Let me add some flavour for you to have a taste with.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved up into an evil smile. 

The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was suddenly unleashed, and it was aimed towards Ao Feng, who was still locked in battle with two Fire God Guards. Suddenly, the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal caused the two Fire God Guards to increase their strength exponentially, and as a result, Ao Feng was completely overpowered, causing him to incur injury for every second that passed. 

“Bastard! I’ll kill you!” Ao Feng’s anger rose to the peak, but he could not do anything towards Jiang Chen. 

“You’re insane! Asshole!” 

“I’m not crazy. Under the effect of the Divine Burying Flag, the Fire God Guards are laid bare.” 

Jiang Chen once again waved the Divine Burying Flag. The Fire God Guards that were fighting against Dragon Shisan and others were sucked into the flag, instantly relieving the pressure of Dragon Shisan, Mo Ling Dongchen, Ling Tianba and Bing Chan. 

“I only need a promise from you.” Jiang Chen looked at Goddess Luo with a fiery gaze. 

“I will not rob you of the Divine Burying Flag.” 

Looking at how Ao Feng was forced to the corner, Goddess Luo understood that these Fire God Guards were nothing to Jiang Chen. But it’s not the same for her. 

His strength was average, but he could rely on the Divine Burying Flag to control the Fire God Guards. Evidently, it’s all because of the might of the Divine Burying Flag. 

“Goddess Luo is truly a smart person.”  

Jiang Chen waved the Divine Burying Flag, the wind howled and the two Fire God Guards vanished from the face of the earth. Only the two guards that was fighting Ao Feng remained, and he was thoroughly pushed into a corner. 

“Jiang Chen, you have balls. This one doesn’t want to fight for the Divine Burying Flag from you anymore!” 

At this moment, Ao Feng unexpectedly bowed down towards Jiang Chen. It was something he had never done before. Even when he was in the Divine World, he was one of the best amongst the younger generation, and never had he received such ridicule and pressure. 

“Now you yield? Pity, it’s too late. Today, I’ll take your life!” Jiang Chen’s killing intent was unleashed. 

This Ao Feng is too haughty. Most importantly, he completely looks down on me. He is also not weak, he’ll be a big threat if he’s left alive. 

Furthermore, the others will retaliate if he were to move against Goddess Luo and the others. He only aimed his killing intent towards Ao Feng, because none of them would object if he only wanted to kill Ao Feng. 

They clearly understood that if it weren’t for Jiang Chen using the Divine Burying Flag, they wouldn’t be this relaxed. Especially Ling Tianba, even though he was incomparably haughty, he at least knew that his life was saved by Jiang Chen. 

“Little Chen, kill that little piece of sh*t.” Dragon Shisan gave out an evil laugh while a wild Qi engulfed his body. He was prepared to help Jiang Chen in a moments notice. 

“A mere Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign dares to talk about killing me? Even if you have the Divine Burying Flag in your hands, in my eyes, you are but an ant!” Ao Feng said loudly. 

“Since you are so impenetrably thick headed. Then, no one can blame me for what I’ll do next. I’ll just have to kill you to get the Divine Burying Flag. You should’ve never entered this place.” Ao Feng immediately gave Jiang Chen a death penalty. 

“If you want to fight, come fight. I want to see how much weight does a person who hails from the Divine World possess.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

This battle, could not be avoided. Furthermore, his prestige could only acknowledge if he was able to kill Ao Feng; after which, everyone will understand that he was not someone to be trifled with.  

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