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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2152

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“Bastard, this bastard is really shameless,” Dragon Shisan said while gritting his teeth.

“I really want to see who’s the one to suffer a disaster.”

Jiang Chen said in disdain because he had already expected that Niu Erlang would play this trick. When Jiang Chen first met Niu Erlang in the Divine Treasury, he already knew that he was not a good man and might bring disaster to him. How could Jiang Chen not be on guard?

At this moment, Niu Erlang had already successfully directed one of the War Gods to Jiang Chen. 

“I don’t believe that you, a mere Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, would manage to resist this War God’s attack.”

Niu Erlang laughed coldly. However, something shocking happened at this moment. After the War God approached Jiang Chen, unexpectedly, he did not attack Jiang Chen but turned around and lunged towards Niu Erlang fiercely.

“How could this happen?”

Jiang Chen was also stunned for awhile. At first, he intended to cast out the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and hide inside it, so that Niu Erlang would not be able to look for him. But now, he gave up this idea.

On the other hand, Niu Erlang was under great suppression again and kept taking steps backwards. He looked dumbfounded as he expected that the War God would attack Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, he lost his defence and was immediately blown away by the War God heavily. Even the divine weapon in his hand was taken away by the War God. After obtaining the supreme weapon, the War God became even more skillful and powerful. Holding the spear in his hand, he immediately used it to pierce through Niu Erlang’s chest. The sound of something tearing apart was ear-splitting. 

“No, No! I can’t die now!”

Niu Erlang’s eyes were full of unwillingness at this moment. 

“Such a despicable man truly deserves a consequence like this.” 

Jiang Chen made a snort of disdain. He did not need to take action himself since the guy had already been beaten up and defeated completely. 

However, Jiang Chen was quite surprised and doubted at the same time. Why didn’t the War God take any action against him?


Niu Dalang’s voice was even stronger than his brother’s cry to the point of shaking the heavens. He wanted to fight back the War God but could not do so as Niu Erlang had already been killed by the War God who was currently holding the spear. At this particular moment, his eyeballs looked like cracking, and his face was like dying embers. The two brothers had been living together, helping each other in difficulties for several hundred thousand years. When they were in the Immortal World, they were all-conquering under the heavens. They remained unparalleled even when they entered the Divine Tomb. However, who knew that Niu Erlang would be killed by a puppet in this shady place.

How could Niu Dalang not be furious? He became an instigator and blamed the tragedy on Jiang Chen. If there was no Jiang Chen, then his brother would not die.

“I will never let you off, boy!”

Niu Dalang looked at Jiang Chen while gritting his teeth hard. Even Ling Tianba, Bing Chan and Niu Dalang suddenly sensed a shock, and the pressure they had been facing suddenly disappeared.

“Hahaha, seems like our waiting is not wasted in the end” 

“Ao Feng, don’t forget the promise we have made.”

A heavenly beautiful lady said charmingly. She was wearing a crystal blue long gauze gown with extraordinary temperament. Her eyes carried a sense of fierceness. Although she was a lady, her strength was actually extraordinarily dreadful.

“Don’t worry, Goddess Luo. I will keep my promise. Let’s kill those four War Gods first.”

Ao Feng said in a serious manner, then gave Jiang Chen and others a glance but did not put them in his eyes at all.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes slightly, and realised that the two of them had already reached the Middle Void God realm. 

Goddess Luo looked at Moling Dongchen for a while. She frowned, feeling that he was somewhat familiar.

“You guys are already here!”

Niu Dalang said in a deep voice while his heart was actually aggrieved. Damn all these people! If they took action earlier, then his brother would not have been killed.

“You two haven’t taken any actions yet, until when do you want to wait?”

Bing Chan said.

“Hahaha. Don’t worry, beauty. I will not let you get hurt. Follow this brother, and we can go wherever you want under the heavens.”

Ao Feng’s words carried some playfulness. His hand was holding a long sword, and the sword broke through the heavens and earth in an instant, crushing towards one of the four War Gods.

“Gross. Really gross. F*ck!”

Dragon Shisan’s face showed how disgusted he felt.

“Hahaha. Seems like this brother is also a straightforward guy. But I’m gonna warn you about this. If you still don’t take any action, don’t think about entering the third floor of the palace.”

Ao Feng seemed interested in Dragon Shisan. He gave Dragon Shisan a glance but did not haggle over that. Instead, he only gave him an advice to kill the War Gods together.

“The two of you should give them a hand.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice. He was only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign right now, that’s why he did not want to take any action. Even if he took action, Ao Feng might take the chance to make a joke about him. It’s better if he stayed aside and conceal his strength. If they really had any harmful thoughts about Dragon Shisan, it would not be too late for him to take action. 

“Alright, alright, alright. I will give you guys a hand.”

Dragon Shisan actually could not wait any longer. After he used his staff to sweep away the heavens and earth, Ling Tianba and others were stunned. They had never thought that this monkey was easy to deal with. Moling Dongchen also took action immediately after Dragon Shisan made a blow. The seven of them directly fought the four War Gods while Ao Feng and Goddess Luo were the main force. The four War Gods were successfully repulsed. 

“Let’s see how strong these puppets are.”

Ling Tianba roared in rage and wielded his spear, piercing through one of the four War God’s chests. In a flash, the War God changed into vapour and vanished. However, there was an essence of light in the vapour absorbed into Ling Tianba’s staff.

“Go and die!”

Bing Chan shouted. Her sword shattered the void and it then pointed towards the War God that was under the control of Ao Feng. At the moment when the War God was torn apart, another essence of light fell into her divine sword.

Ling Tianba and Bing Chan looked at each other in shock. Their divine weapons became even more powerful right now, and even displayed some kind of newborn liveliness.

“Now I know. That’s the soul of the divine weapon!”

Jiang Chen said quietly. The divine souls had been sealed in the four War God’s body. As long as the War God did not vanish, the souls could sustain them in a fight. Once they died, those souls would return to the divine weapons and the weapon would become really terrifyingly strong. 

“This divine spear seems not bad.”

Ao Feng took action directly and intended to take away the divine spear from the War God who had killed Niu Erlang. However, he was repulsed by the divine spear. The both of them were almost neck and neck. Behind them, Goddess Luo wielded her sword skilfully, piercing thought the War God’s body immediately. Ao Feng took this chance and lunged at the War God with his war blade. Hundreds of blades fell down from the heaven, striking towards the War God. When the War God was killed, an essence of light blinked and fell into the divine spear that was now held by Ao Feng.

“Now we have the last one!”

Niu Dalang shouted loudly. The huge axe in his hand thundered the entire universe, directly cleaving the last War God. Another essence of light dropped into the halberd in his hand.

“The Four War Gods have been killed. Let’s go open the third floor of the palace.” Ao Feng said faintly.

Earlier, he had joined hands with Goddess Luo to open the third floor yet they failed to do so. Even after obtaining the four divine weapons, they were still unable to open the door and they really had no idea why. It seemed that they could not open the door without the souls in the divine weapons. That’s why they had hidden themselves because it was impossible for them to kill the four War Gods by themselves. Ling Tianba and others had become their biggest boost later. 

“Wait, I want to kill this guy and take revenge for my brother first.”

*Brother: Younger brother.

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