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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2149

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Furthermore, only the strongest are qualified to enter the Divine Treasury. This fellow could enter this place while just being a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Wanting to take a piece of a pie from Void God experts, how could he be just an average joe? 

The three of them has obviously formed a team and managed to enter the final stage of the Divine Treasury. This is worthy of respect. 

“I’m just a follower.” Jiang Chen said in a plain tone. 

Ling Tianba harrumphed, completely looking down upon Jiang Chen. 

“Is a person like him worthy of entering the Divine Treasury? I hope he at least knows how he’ll die later. You’re lucky enough to reach this place, but you better be careful with that life of yours.” 

“Arrogant sunava… Let me teach him a lesson!” Dragon Shisan’s eyes became cold while he released his killing intent towards Ling Tianba. 

“It’s fine.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

They’ve just entered the Divine Treasury, they do not have enough information. It’ll be bad if others benefit from their conflict. 

Mo Ling Dongchen glanced at Jiang Chen and felt slightly relieved. Luckily, Jiang Chen stopped Dragon Shisan. Otherwise, the result could go either way if a big battle were to happen. 

“These guys are not your average joes. I was forced to concede by them on the Tian Lan peak.” 

Even though Mo Ling Dongchen was reluctant, he had to admit that numerous experts had gathered in this Divine Treasury. 

Jiang Chen slightly nodded in agreement. How could he not understand? He too had gone through many dangerous situations just to reach this place, he could’ve died on his way here. These people were able to enter this place, how could they not have their own special sets of skills? Their trump cards may even rival Jiang Chen’s. 

Even though Jiang Chen was looking down on everyone with disdain, he still needed to be careful. Because these people were the creme-de-la-creme of their own respective Immortal Worlds; they may not be weaker than him. Moreover, if any conflict were to occur, chaos would ensue, at least he did not want to see such a thing to happen. 

“Hahaha. It’s getting lively. Looks like it’s not just us brothers that managed to enter the Divine Treasury.” 

Two buffed figures entered the scene with a domineering aura. 

“It’s Da Lang and Er Lang from the Niu Family*. Sorry for not recognising earlier.” Bing Chan said with a sly laugh. 

These two were also Peak Early Void Gods and their luck was even better. Obviously, they were the biggest threat in the room. Even the proud Ling Tianba had to stop being cocky. 

“Why did you guys not enter already? Could the Divine Treasury be filled with traps?” 

Niu Erlang said with a laugh, wielding an eye-catching giant black-jade axe in his hand.

“This is a Divine Weapon?” 

Bing Chan said, clearly surprised. Her expression slightly changed as she looked at Niu Erlang. 

“Yes. Us brothers are lucky. We managed to obtain these two divine weapons on our way here. An axe and a hammer suit us brothers. Haha.” 

Niu Dalang waved the giant hammer in his hand with a proud expression. 

“Such great luck.” 

Mo Ling Dongchen couldn’t help but praise with a sigh. Their strength has gone up to another level with those divine weapons falling into their hands.

“Where’s Ao Feng? Did he not come?” 

Mo Ling Dongchen said, slightly surprised. In his opinion, the first person to enter should be Ao Feng. He should’ve reached the Mid-Void God realm, which could easily sweep any contest away. 

“He and another fellow has entered the place. We are the second batch.”

Niu Dalang also showed a glimpse of envy, showing respect to his contender. 

“But now that we’ve obtained a divine weapon, us brothers would like to have a match with him.” 

“Another one?” Mo Ling Dongchen said with a bitter smile while looking at Jiang Chen. 

The experts that have gathered in this place were quite many. The mighty shall always be the brightest in the sky and the Divine Tomb is a giant furnace that only the mightiest are able to survive! 

“Looks like we better get a move on.” Jiang Chen said. 

“A mere Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign dares to compete for the Divine Treasure? Ignorant!”  Niu Erlang sneered and looked at Jiang Chen. 

He then waved his giant axe and struck out a terrifying ray towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen’s expression twitched but was calm. The Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand received the attack and cut down Niu Erlang’s attack without taking an inch backwards. Instantly stunning everyone on-site! 

“Not bad. Little boy. To manage to receive my attack.” Niu Erlang said with a chilling gaze and continued to stare at Jiang Chen. It was shameful for him as he couldn’t even kill a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign with his attack. 

“If you cannot accept it, come and fight if you’re a man!” 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a smile. He knew that his counter was enough to deter every one of them. Or even make them think twice before messing with him. Niu Dalang’s eyes moved and looked at Jiang Chen, he then decided to not mess with Jiang Chen anymore. 

“Stop. Brother!” Niu Dalang said. 

Anyone who starts attacking first will become the target of everyone. At that moment, the third party will benefit from the clash. This was something he didn’t wish to see. Now that they’ve finally reached the Divine Treasury after going through many hardships, it was not the time to invite unnecessary trouble. 

“Big Brother!” Niu Erlang was somewhat impulsive, obviously wanting to clash with Jiang Chen. 

“You and me, will have a battle.” 

Jiang Chen was arrogant while provoking Niu Erlang. Yet, Bing Chan and the others dared not to look down upon him. Jiang Chen may not have been Niu Erlang’s match, but it’s not easy to take one of his attacks. Moreover, the three of them weren’t weak, with their strength combined, they’re not afraid of one Niu Erlang. 

Niu Erlang was immature, whereas Niu Dalang could see the whole picture. It’s not the time to create such a big ruckus. The true treasure has not been found yet, isn’t it foolish to fight a bloody battle right now? 

“Hmph. It won’t be too late to duke it out in the Divine Treasury.” 

Niu Erlang sneered while looking at Jiang Chen. He was feeling uncomfortable for not being able to kill Jiang Chen, it was anger akin to a lower-caste person provoking his very being. 

Jiang Chen looked at everyone with disdain. Because he was clear about the current situation, a situation where no one would dare to be the one to act. 

Ling Tianba and Niu Dalang were the first to rush forward. The instant they entered the palace, everyone gasped, even Jiang Chen. 

The hundred-meter radius giant palace was filled with an eerie vibe. But no one cared for such a thing, because the ground of the palace was filled with ash. 

Corpses that’s been reduced to ash, while divine weapons littered the ground!

“This, This, This. All of these are divine weapons?” 

Niu Erlang’s eyes became wide, his body shuddered. Even though he already had a divine weapon was in his hand, he was still extremely greedy. His eyes glowed with greed, wanting to own every one of them. 

“Such grandness. Little Chen. This is amazing. I’ve never seen so many divine weapons before. Each and every one of those is on-par with your Heavenly Dragon Sword.” Dragon Shisan said with excitement. 

“Pity, such a pity.” Jiang Chen said while shaking his head, looking a little bit disappointed.  

*Da Lang & Er Lang: Literally the oldest young man and the second-born young man. 

*Niu Family: Niu = Cow. 

Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox  

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