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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2146

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Jiang Chen was absolutely dominating. The Heavenly Red Horn Bull flew backwards from the collision, bewildered. It then stopped when it slammed on a stone pillar. Ouch.

Mo Ling Dongchen was shocked by Jiang Chen’s draconic form. He never imagined him to be so powerful: one versus five, and not losing and even managing to send his opponent backwards, flying. One should know that the horn and body of the bull was extremely terrifying. But at this moment, it was utterly, completely, perfectly suppressed by Jiang Chen. None could stand against Jiang Chen’s draconic form. 

Jiang Chen fought against his enemies with just his body, fearlessly. He continuously dashed and rammed onto the three Heavenly Red Horn Bulls, causing them to fly several hundred metres backwards, tattered and panting erratically. 

“Good Lad. Interesting, but death is still upon you.” 

The Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger sneered and pounced forward. As a matter of fact, two of them pounced, as they knew Jiang Chen wasn’t some small fry waiting to be picked on. It would be disastrous if he’s not eliminated swiftly. 

The figures of Jiang Chen and the Divine Tigers interlocked against one another, clashing. In the midst of the violent clashes, Jiang Chen managed to grab the Divine Tiger’s big tail. The latter did not expect itself to be caught by the human, its tail nonetheless. 

With unparalleled strength, Jiang Chen fiercely threw the beast to the ground, creating a 5-6 zhang deep crater, as if it was almost completely planted firmly into the ground. 

“Such a terrifying fellow.” 

Mo Ling Dongchen felt relieved that he did not become Jiang Chen’s enemy earlier. Jiang Chen’s strength has surpassed everyone’s imagination. Moreover, he’s just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign! 

Meanwhile, Mo Ling Dongchen suffered some injuries while fighting the three Heavenly Red Horn Bulls. It wasn’t easy for him, and he looked a bit tattered while defending himself. Still, he hasn’t become a liability to Jiang Chen, at least for now. Dragon Shisan, on the other hand, who was wielding the iron staff was extremely powerful, he swept through the battlefield with his battle staff without resistance. He managed to win his battles even though he was against three Heavenly Red Horn Bulls. 

“Go to hell!” 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword slashed forward, cutting down the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger’s tail. 

“Roar….”  The Divine Tiger roared furiously. 

The two Heavenly Overlord Divine Tigers were completely angered. They shot out a flame pillar from their maw, aiming to burn Jiang Chen to a crisp, completely wiping him off from the face of the world. 

Scorching hot flame covered Jiang Chen’s body but he remained standing. The sword in his hand slashed down again, this time it plunged into the tiger’s spine, and he subsequently rode on the beast’s body. 

With the Heavenly Dragon Sword buried in its body, it let out a shrieking roar that was filled with pain and sorrow. The sword Qi then extended out thirty thousand li, completely piercing its body. Jiang Chen then pulled the sword upwards and cut the beast into half. The body of the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger that was as sturdy as a divine weapon was cut into half by Jiang Chen, like tofu. 

Another Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger let out a terrifying, ear-piercing wail. 

Its heart was immensely sorrowed after witnessing the death of its partner. 

Fueled by anger, the remaining Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger pounced on Jiang Chen from the sky, pinning him onto the ground. The three Red Horn Bulls followed behind the tiger. The four fierce beasts completely cut off Jiang Chen’s escape route. 

The terrifying tackle from the three Heavenly Red Horn Bulls, in addition to the attack of the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger. Jiang Chen retaliated with his blade but was hindered by the giant claw of the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger. Jiang Chen quickly evaded its dreadful attack by retreating backwards, however it caused him to inevitably suffer the tackle from the three Heavenly Red Horn Bulls, causing him to fly backwards from the force and crashed right into the Divine Burying Altar. Jiang Chen spurted out a crazy amount of blood as a result, which happened to land on the Divine Burying Flag, causing the flag to radiate. 

And at this moment, the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger and the Heavenly Red Horn Bulls became much more savage, fierce and terrifying, as if it was given a blessing by God. Their combat strength was increased by many folds. 

In an instant, Mo Ling Dongchen was hanging by a thread from the fury of attacks of the Heavenly Red-Horn Bulls. Even Dragon Shisan fell into the defensive. 

Jiang Chen looked at the blood-coloured Divine Burying Flag, it was clear that this was the blood-coloured flag’s fault. 


Jiang Chen was annoyed but he was not confused. He then calmly took on the attacks of the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger. Jiang Chen’s combat strength was at its peak when he’s on his draconic form. How could he fear one Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger when he aims to contend the top of the world? He was still unfazed even though the Red Horn Bulls and Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger were enhanced by the Divine Burying Flag. 

The battle between Jiang Chen and Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger became longer, the effect of the Dragon Transformation was slowly weakening. At this moment, he knew that the fight could no longer be prolonged, he needed to end the lives of these beasts in a single go. 

“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword! Unparalleled under the Heavens!”

Jiang Chen instantly merged with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The sharpness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword became unmatched and the draconic pressure covered the sky. The eyes of the Heavenly Overlord Divine Tiger showed a shred of fear. But one would never expect that the moment Jiang Chen merged with his sword, the tiger’s body has already been pierced causing it to instantly explode! 

The sword flew up towards the sky, through the air, and in that instant, nine attacks were made. Dragon Shisan and Mo Ling Dongchen had never imagined that the nine Heavenly Red Horn Bulls would be skewed right through their bodies, causing them to be heavily injured. 

“Eat my staff!” 

Jiang Chen coughed out some blood after his attack and all it fell onto the Divine Burying Flag. Dragon Shisan then took this opportunity to give all of the the Red Horn Bulls a good smacking of his staff, ensuring they’re completely dead, DEAD. 

“Motherf*cker, these assholes are really hard to deal with. Fortunately, my divine might is unparalleled!”  Dragon Shisan said in a serious tone.  

“Bah… Save it. I bet you’re having a hard time if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen.”  Mo Ling Dongchen said with a laugh. 

“It’s just me not wanting to be serious with them. ” Dragon Shisan said stubbornly. 

Currently, Jiang Chen was back to his human form. His body had obviously weakened after unleashing ten sword strikes, his complexion had become slightly pale. 

“Are you alright? Jiang Chen.” Mo Ling Dongchen saluted Jiang Chen by clasping his fist, indicating gratitude. 

Jiang Chen had once again saved his life. The fellow’s strength has ran way past his expectation. 

“I’ll be fine after some rest.” Jiang Chen said.

A cold wind came from the Divine Burying Flag, causing the whole place to become extremely chilly. Then, a strong surge of wind came howling, causing the corpse of the eleven savage beasts to be lifted up in the air. The Divine Burying Flag flapped due to the wind. The wind was like a sharp blade that caused the Heaven and Earth to tremble.

“It’s the spirit of the Divine Burying Flag causing all these troubles!” Mo Ling Dongchen said while he slightly squinted his eyes. 

Jiang Chen slightly nodded his head. But he silently put some effort in taking some precaution against Mo Ling Dongchen. Because this fellow was somewhat mysterious and unpredictable. Moreover, he knew almost everything, no matter if it was the Divine World, the Divine Treasury, or even the Divine Burying Altar. As if it was like the back of his hands. 

Jiang Chen became extremely suspicious about his identity! 

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