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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2144

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“You’re too terrifying.”

Dragon Shisan gave Jiang Chen a profound glance. Although Moling Dongchen was not clear about Jiang Chen’s true colour, he’d been very careful not to underestimate him ever since they met. 

“It’s just luck.” Jiang Chen laughed and said. 

“I don’t know what kind of dangers are waiting for us ahead, let’s go and see.” 

The three of them then continued to walk towards the other side of the rainbow bridge. However, parts of the rainbow bridge had now collapsed and had fallen down near them.

“This place’s too strange. If there’s any danger coming soon, I will just take up my weapon and fight it. Mother f*cker!”

Dragon Shisan could not help swearing as the situation made him feel really uneasy. At the end of the rainbow bridge, everything became clearer and the mist had also started to dissipate gradually.

After walking for almost an hour, they finally saw the end of the rainbow bridge. It was an enormous octagon altar that symbolised the changes in the heavens and earth, Five Formation and Taoist Bagua with black and white in between.  

The altar was around three metres tall. There were eleven stone beast sculptures, nine bulls and two tigers surrounding the altar. The sculptures seemed like trying to tear the altar apart in eight different directions. 

Above the altar, there was a huge flag in blood red color. It was waving and making noise despite the absence of wind. The flag was frightening and seemed like the center of where the wind blew and clouds swirled. There were even some torn sackcloths that surrounded the altar. 

Within the area of a hundred thousand kilometres, there were unadorned ancient scriptures engraved on the ground. However, no one was able to understand these long ancient scriptures. 

Except what has been mentioned, there was nothing around the altar, yet it was filled with a strange atmosphere.

“I’m afraid this is the Divine Burying Altar?” Moling Dongchen murmured and his face looked shocked. 

“What’s the Divine Burying Altar?” Jiang Chen asked. This was the first time he had heard of Divine Burying Altar.

“I only came to know about the altar from an ancient book. The Divine Burying Altar is a place to offer living sacrifices to the Heavenly God. The way of offering was extremely cruel. The Divine Burying Flag of the Divine Burying Altar is a strange banner for collecting myriad souls and spirits. Even a Divine King and Hierarch can be sacrificed. This is really a terrifying matter, and no one knows how long the Divine Burying Altar has existed. Who’s so cruel to offer living sacrifices to the Heavenly God?”

Moling Dongchen said in a deep voice and with a sense of seriousness. 

“That must be the Divine Burying Flag!”

Having a lingering fear, Moling Dongchen looked at the altar for a while. The spinning bloody flag had even given Jiang Chen some pressure.

“This sounds too horrendous as even a Divine King and Hierarch can be sacrificed. What kind of monster is able to do that?”

Dragon Shisan took a deep breath, and even he was left speechless. 

“It’s said that a Divine Emperor or God Emperor would use the Divine Burying Altar to protect their divine treasure when they had fallen. Divine Emperor and God Emperor are the supreme existences in the Divine World. However, it’s said that there are only very few people who used the Divine Burying Altar because it’s too cruel and brutal. Offering supreme Heavenly Gods as living sacrifices provoked the people and even God’s anger. That’s why normal people wouldn’t dare employ it.” 

“According to legend, there was a peerless Divine Emperor who attempted to use the Divine Burying Altar to store up his divine treasures after his death. He wanted to stop anyone from trying to take it. However, he ended up losing his rice trying to catch the chicken. He was later killed by an even more powerful master. The Divine Burying Altar failed to sacrifice anyone, and the Divine Emperor was killed at the end. It’s undeniably quite sad. However, this also meant that the Divine Burying Altar is very rare. At least, those masters under the Divine Emperor realm wouldn’t dare try to employ it.” 

Moling Dongchen continued to say. Obviously, he was quite afraid of this Divine Burying Altar. He even looked at the altar with fear.

“Isn’t this Divine Burying Altar the real place where the divine treasure is located?”

Jiang Chen said while looking at this ancient altar carefully. It looked like a fiercely disastrous beast that could go wild anytime!  

“There’s a gateway at the center of the Divine Burying Altar. It’s said that after pushing away the nine bulls and two tigers, one would be able to open the gateway of the Divine Burying Altar and truly enter the divine treasure. This might be the last defense laid down by the Divine Emperor.”

Moling Dongchen said. He dared not be reckless as crisis might break out anytime at this moment. 

“Nine bulls and two tigers. It’s interesting. Let me try?” Dragon Shisan said proudly.

In front of them, the eleven stone sculptures were lively and each of them was incomparably mighty, tall and full of charm.

“Let me start from you, the tiger head first.”

Dragon Shisan snorted coldly. He was holding his unparalleled divine staff and then gave the tiger a strong blow. However, as soon as the staff smashed on it, the sculpture just remained motionless.

“How could this happen?”

Dragon Shisan could not believe it, he questioned himself if he had become so weak.

“Mother f*cker. This is so embarrassing. Hahaha”

Dragon Shisan burst into laughter. Since Moling Dongchen was also here, he felt a bit ashamed of what just happened.

“I don’t believe this.”

Dragon Shisan took back his unparalleled divine staff. In a flash, he kneeled down and struck another blow with his utmost effort. After the strike, he was so tired that his head was full of sweat, but he still failed to move the sculpture. 


A deafening tiger roar rang out. The beast sculptures that were motionless just now started cracking. A giant beast came out from each of the stone sculptures. Each of them was around several feet tall and extremely ferocious. 

“Heavenly.. Heavenly… Heavenly Red Horn Bull! Such a creature really does exist.”

Moling Dongchen narrowed his eyes and said.

“Be Careful! The combat strength of this guy is definitely comparable to a Divine Dragon. Moreover, the two Heavenly Overlord Divine Tigers are also not easy to deal with.”

Moling Dongchen reminded. 

“Heavenly Red Horn Bull, Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers. They are really extraordinarily mystical. Compared to the Saint Beast Qilin I had met in the past, these beasts are not any weaker.”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh in his heart, yet he dared not underestimate these beasts. The nine bulls and two tigers had transformed into dreadful ferocious beasts and targeted Jiang Chen and the others. Each of them released terrifying imposing manner that seemed to contain the mightiness of shallowing the heavens and earth.

“These guys seem like trying to kill us.”

Dragon Shisan could sense that the killing intent released by these ferocious beasts. Each of their eyes were like burning fire torch. They might seem harmless towards others, however, each of them possessed extraordinary power that pressured them dare not to be reckless.

“These guys should be protecting this Divine Burying Altar.”

Jiang Chen had an understanding on what’s happening right now. The master who passed away had laid down the Peerless Killing Formation and had also set up this Divine Burying Altar. This only showed that the master was quite formidable, and what he had set up were really powerful instead of being useless and fancy. It’s obvious that only a Heavenly Red Horn Bull had managed to embarrass Dragon Shisan just now.

“Kill all the intruders!” 

As the leader of the beasts, the Heavenly Overload Divine Tiger roared. It seemed like it would kick out a brutal storm anytime. 

Since they had already come here, Jiang Chen and the others would not withdraw and turn back easily.

At this moment, a battle had broken out! 

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