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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2143

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The rainbow bridge was around a thousand miles, and was surrounded by Immortal air that prevented people from seeing anything clearly. There were pavilions and terraces with immortal flowers around the bridge and the scenery was spectacular. 

However, the rainbow bridge that symbolises the gateway of death was spreading a gloomy qi and carried a strange sense.

“Is this rainbow bridge to the gateway of death really the Nai He Bridge?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just follow brother Jiang. It definitely won’t be wrong.”

“Yea, don’t talk nonsense. If you want to die, we won’t stop you. But don’t say things that terrify us.”

The faces of all the Void God experts looked serious as they did not know what to do.

“Do you also think that there will be a higher chance of success in this gateway of death?” Jiang Chen looked at Moling Dongchen and asked.

“All right. This Divine Tomb is already the land of death. Even if we choose the gateway of life, how much chance of living would there be? It’s better to fight with life first then survive through death. Perhaps there would be a chance of living.”

Moling Dongche said calmly. After some rest, he had recovered much of his strength. 

“Heroes have the same outlook. I also think like that. Gagaga.”

Dragon Shisan spoke out what Jiang Chen intended to say. 

Jiang Chen smiled and took a step, walking towards the rainbow bridge of the gateway of death.

As soon as they passed by the head of the bridge, a flock of Yin Crow flew underneath the bridge with a strong thirst for blood. Jiang Chen had a premonition that something might happen very soon.

“It’s not good, the bridge behind us seems collapsing.”

The moment Jiang Chen turned his head, he saw that the head of the bridge had already started cracking, and the gateway to rainbow bridge of death had also become shorter and shorter.


Jiang Chen said in a deep voice while running forward quickly. However, the visibility was extremely low, one could only see around tens of metres away. So Jiang Chen could only rely on his sixth sense to figure out the things in front of him.

All of them exclaimed and rushed forward.

At this moment, a flock of Yin Crows started appearing simultaneously. The numerous black crows were flying over to the head of the bridge, chasing them. The amount of crows was terrifying and they had already covered the entire sky! They came with strange cries that made people feel creepy. 

“Don’t turn your head!” 

Jiang Chen shouted at Dragon Shisan. Running wildly forwards continuously, Jiang Chen took the lead and broke through the rainbow bridge of the gateway of death.

The Yin Crows’ speed was really fast and the flying track that they made was also extremely tricky. Hundreds of thousands of Yin Crows swept away the head of the bride, reaching them in an instant. The people who were running behind had to cast the crows away with their swords. While killing the Yin Crows, black blood was splashing over the rainbow bridge and the stinky crows’ corpses were all over the bridge. 

However, there were just too many Yin Crows and it was too difficult to kill all of them. Under the crows’ assault, three Void God masters were blown away instantaneously and eaten up immediately. They had not even had the chance to scream before the Yin Crows devoured their bodies. Only their bones were left behind.

“Such terrifying Yin Crows!”

What happened somewhat made Moling Dongchen’s hair stand on end. No one would be able to remain calm in a situation like this.

“Hurry! I don’t want to die here. I……”

Before his words had finished, he had already become a set of skeletons. His flesh and blood were devoured by hundreds of thousands of Yin Crows that were sweeping away in all directions

The remaining two Void God masters were running forward desperately. However, their speed was just too slow, at least compared to the Yin Crows. It seemed too difficult for them to speed up anymore as they looked terrified, and their faces had lost blood, becoming completely pale. 

Wherever the Yin Crows flew through, there would be death! 

It was seriously terrifying! Although Dragon Shisan was a person who was not afraid of anything under the heavens and earth, he could not help trembling right now. Knowing that the six Void God masters who died had become skeletons, Dragon Shisan could not help but have a long face.

“I’m afraid that these Yin Crows are able to destroy everything. Don’t turn your head back! I can sense that the Yin Crows here seem to be afraid of something. Their speed seems to be slowing down as well. However, they can still overtake us. Hurry!” Jiang Chen shouted.

Dragon Shisan and Moling Dongchen did not dare to slow down, otherwise, they could not ensure that they could escape the same fate of those six people that had already died. 

“Mother f*cker. Bunch of annoying guys, I really want to kill them with my staff.”

Dragon Shisan scolded angrily, but his speed did not slow at all. The three of them kept rushing forward while the crows behind kept chasing them. The crows’ cries were extremely deafening and brought uneasiness to people.

“No way, the Yin Crows will overtake us very soon.”

Jiang Chen had an idea in his heart suddenly, and tried to seek the best option to deal with this situation. He had to take the risk and lead the other two to fight the crows at all cost.

“You go first, I will have an end with the crows.”

“No way!”

Dragon Shisan rejected Jiang Chen’s suggestion immediately.

“Monkey, it’s not the time to argue!”

Jiang Chen shouted in rage. Dragon Shisan was actually very confident in Jiang Chen. Since Jiang Chen had chosen to stay and fight with the crows, he definitely had the confidence to win against them.

“Be careful!”

Moling Dongchen reminded Jiang Chen. He and Dragon Shisan continued running forwards quickly. Jiang Chen was holding the five true flames: True Dragon Flame, True Thunderfire, Qilin Saint Fire, Vermilion Bird Divine Flame and Fire of Sun. When the five true flames merged together, the temperature around rose as well to almost thousands of degree that could melt everything. 

As soon as the five types of flames emerged, the Yin Crows suddenly slowed their speed down, and they seemed to be afraid of Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire.

“Luckily, my flames could restrain them.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. At first, he wanted to use the Five Elemental True Fire to scare the crows off. Now, it really seemed feasible.

“Harmful creatures! Let me use my Three Thousand Flame Dragon Seal to purify you all!”

Jiang Chen snorted with a cold laughter, while the Five Elemental True Fires merged together completely. The Flame Seal Art shot up to the clouds and headed to the crows. Hundreds of thousands of Yin Crows were stunned and did not dare to flap their wings.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal! Purify them! ”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. The enormous flame seal smashed into the flock of crows, then deafening blood-curdling screams resounded between the heavens and earth on the rainbow bridge.

The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal that was formed by combining the Five Elemental True Fire was exactly like a bomb. Once it fell on the ground, it brough explosion.

The Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal covered the entire heavens and earth. All of the Yin Crows were turned into ashes at this moment, burning in the fierce fire.  


After the blood-curdling screams, the remaining Yin Crows transformed into a dark shadow, flying into the deep clouds. A pair of dreadful eyes were staring at Jiang Chen with towering anger. 

“The phantom that was transformed by the Yin Crows shouldn’t be easy to deal with.” 

Jiang Chen frowned as the guy managed to run away from him. Nevertheless, burning down hundreds of thousands of Yin Crows had definitely left severe damage on that guy.

However, Jiang Chen was not sure whether the guy would stage a comeback or not!

Jiang Chen immediately caught up with Dragon Shisan and Moling Dongchen. Moling Dongchen was really impressed by how Jiang Chen had killed all the Yin Crows. This guy always had different tricks to deal with any crisis, and really made people feel terrified by his mystery. 

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