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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2142

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Not far away, Dragon Shisan and the others were completely under a trance; they knew nothing about the situation.

In the bottom of Jiang Chen’s heart, he was very calm because what they were facing right now was exactly the same with what he just encountered. This was the Peerless Killing Formation laid down by an unsurpassed Divine Emperor. He was able to escape from the formation only because of great fortune, otherwise, he would’ve been trapped and died inside.

“No way, must hurry to save monkey.”

Jiang Chen suddenly looked serious because he could see that Dragon Shisan’s eyes had become scarlet-red, which meant that he was almost losing his mind and sanity. Jiang Chen did not care too much about the fate of the others, but he must save Dragon Shisan.

“Motherf*cker, I will kill you.”

Dragon Shisan’s eyes were completely shut, as he swept the Unparalleled Divine Staff in his hands in all directions. He made a blow with his staff, shaking the void as a result. The strength that Dragon Shisan used just now was in a completely different level with the strength he had used when fighting against Moling Dongchen.

Imaginably, he definitely had encountered a great danger in the illusion, otherwise, he would not have fallen into such a condition.

At this particular moment, even Jiang Chen did not dare to fight Dragon Shisan face-to-face. 

“This guy…”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly then casted the seal art in his fists. As soon as the Slaughtering Dragon Seal was sent out, even ghosts shrieked and wolves howled wildly. The current Slaughtering Dragon Seal was no longer how it was in the past. Although it was not Jiang Chen’s most powerful attack, it was still incomparably brutal.  

“I walk wherever between the heavens and earth, I act according to my will! Wake up!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly blinked, a light of essence filled into Dragon Shisan’s mind. Dragon Shisan’s body shook and his face became pale. A mouthful of blood spurted out and he looked terrible. Dragon Shisan took a few steps back, almost falling down.


Dragon Shisan roared in rage and his voice shook the entire vault of heaven. He was like a dragon falling into the sea and became dispirited suddenly. Sweating all over his body, he kneeled down with a single knee, looking unsightly.

“What happened to me? Little Chen.” Dragon Shisan’s countenance fell. 

“Did you see yourself just now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“How did you know?” Dragon Shisan was shocked. 

“That must be the Peerless Killing Formation in this Bronze Gateway. The moment we came in, we have already fallen into the illusion of the Peerless Killing Formation. Everyone has something in the bottom of their heart. This Peerless Killing Formation took advantage of it and summoned the insanity and insecurity within the depths of our heart. It can even summon a human’s ugliest side.”

“Did I look very embarrassed just now? Motherf*cker, you must have seen all of my ‘handsome’ looks. Hahaha.”

After surviving through the danger, Dragon Shisan still had no fear at all, and even could make a joke. This part of Dragon Shisan was what Jiang Chen valued the most.

“You always want face at all cost.”

Jiang Chen laughed and scolded. 

At this moment, there were about twenty people falling down completely somewhere afar. That meant they had died in their own illusion. Perhaps they were the ones killing themself. However, the true killer behind it was actually the Peerless Killing Formation and no one knew about this.


Moling Dongchen’s facial expression suddenly changed. He had woken up but he looked pale and bloodless. He knelt down on the ground immediately. From this, one could see that he had suffered an internal injury. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen, upon witnessing this scene, was really shocked because Moling Dongchen managed to escape from the illusion of the Peerless Killing Formation by his own strength. This showed that he was not an easy deal!

Moling Dongchen lifted up his head and gave Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan a glance. A great shock also run past in his heart.

“Unexpectedly, the two of them have also come out from the illusion by themselves. It seems like their strength hasn’t been spent much.”

In his heart, Moling Dongchen thought that he was the only one who could go through this test. But seeing the situation right now, he knew that he had underestimated them. It could even be said that they are men with bottled up talents.

On the other hand, Zhan Lingyun and around twenty Early Void God masters were still in the illusion.

“Everyone wake up!” 

The light of essence emitted from Jiang Chen’s mind shoot through the void. Zhan Lingyun and others all trembled and finally snapped out from their own illusion gradually at this moment. However, there were still seven people that would be staying here forever. At the end, there were only left with eighteen people including Zhan Lingyun. Each of them had suffered great injury and the illusion had almost killed half the number of their people.

“Are you okay? Brother Zhan.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Many thanks, brother Jiang Chen.”

Zhan Lingyun looked serious suddenly because he knew that if Jiang Chen did not wake him up just now, he might have died already. Words could not express his gratitude, that’s why he did not speak much.

“Thank you brother Jiang Chen for saving our lives.”

The remaining ten plus people also would do whatever Jiang Chen ordered them to do after he saved their life twice. Jiang Chen had shown them great kindness and mercy.

“The illusion is broken, however, many of our brothers are going to stay here forever.”

“That’s right, it seems like we should not be part of the journey of pursuing the peerless divine treasure of the Divine Emperor. 

“Sigh, since we have come this far, we shall continue our journey even though there might be a myriad obstacles awaiting us.

After the collapse of the illusion, everyone had also learnt many things. In the illusion, they were almost killed because of their greediness. This had also showed that they might not be suitable to stay here with the dangers and compete for the treasure. Who would be able to smile until the end was still unknown.

If they were not powerful enough, it was hard for them to continue their journey. Everyone was trying to fight for a future that would enable them to enter the Divine World. 

“Look! What’s that?”

Zhan Lingyun saw two rainbow bridges that were connected to an unreachable colourful palace. The scene was spectacular.

“One life and one death, one Yin and one Yang!”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. Those two rainbow bridges looked like connecting to the end of life and death. One was full of vitality with blossoming flowers, whereas, the other one was covered with dark air and dense ghastly shadows. 

“It seems like one of these two bridges is destined to be Nai He Bridge.”

Dragon Shisan grinned and the coldness in his eyes was overbearing. He would just follow whichever Jiang Chen go.

“I choose to go with the gateway of life. Who’s willing to go with me?”

Zhan Lingyun said with a serious facial expression. He chose the life gateway, which also precisely complied with the words “life and death and fake and real” because no one knew which bridge was exactly the Nai He Bridge.

Eleven Void God masters followed behind Zhan Lingyun. Jiang Chen was not surprised at all because everyone wanted to pursue life. 

“Then I will choose the gateway of death.”

Jiang Chen said. Since this was the Divine Tomb, and also the border of death, what was the point of choosing the gateway of life?

He would rather choose the rainbow bridge that led to the gateway of death. Putting the risk of death first then survive afterwards. Perhaps he would have a chance of living.

“I will also choose the gateway of death. Life or death is destined by the heavens.”

Moling DongChen nodded and said. He gave Jiang Chen a glance and his facial expression looked extremely serious as this was a moment of choosing life or death. It was destined that they would embark on an unknown journey.

Jiang Chen knew something in his heart, yet he was not sure if the pathway he chose was absolutely right. Who dared to assert and be arrogant in the journey of pursuing the peerless divine treasure of the Divine Emperor. 

The remaining six people also chose to follow behind Jiang Chen.

“If I am lucky to reach the opposite side, I, Zhan Lingyun, owe you a life.” 

After finishing his words, Zhan Lingyun started his journey by stepping in the lively rainbow bridge that symbolizes the gateway of life.

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