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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2141

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Jiang Chen was staring at the surrounding. The illusion was actually the reality while the reality was actually an illusion. This was completely out of his expectation. Everything seemed to exist in reality, however, he was well-aware that everything was just an illusion.

“If I kill this Jiang Chen, will I be able to break through this illusion?”

Jiang Chen murmured. Unfortunately, he had no any other way anymore at this moment, hence he must fight with his life on the line. Everyone, including Dragon Shisan, had also been trapped in the illusion. He was the only exception, although he had no idea about the whole situation yet. It was obvious that the Bronze Gateway Killing Formation was already activated and no one could escape from this illusion so easily. 

The All-killing Jiang Chen took up his sword and pointed it to Jiang Chen. His Heavenly Dragon Sword was peerlessly unparalleled and the dragon roars were lingering around their ears. This was the first time that Jiang Chen was pointed by his very own Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

“Since that is the case, let me see what kind of devil you are. It’s impossible for you to gain control over me!”

Jiang Chen snorted and flipped his hand to take up his Heavenly Dragon Sword. As they battled, the light of sword crashed with each other and they did not even have any slight  hesitation. Moreover, this All-killing Jiang Chen unexpectedly mastered all of his technique. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

The All-killing Jiang Chen’s hand casted out the seal towards Jiang Chen in an instant. In the bottom of his heart, Jiang Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry but he was helpless. In this situation, as long as the illusion was not broken, then everything that’s happening here was real. The fact that if he died in the illusion would be real as well. 

Jiang Chen dared not be reckless at all. This Jiang Chen had about the same strength as him. It was very difficult for Jiang Chen to win over him, however, it was not impossible to defeat this All-killing Jiang Chen.

Right now, Jiang Chen was worried about Dragon Shisan the most, and he wondered how he was doing. He wished that Dragon Shisan did not do anything stupid out of his hot tempered disposition. 

Jiang Chen sometimes took the lead to attack and sometimes defended. Jiang Chen realised that no matter how strong this All-killing Jiang Chen’s attacks were, it seemed impossible to change the way he attacked but at the same time Jiang Chen could not predict his attacks.

“It’s out of my expectation that you have such a formidable combat strength. It seems like your soul is not under any suppression at all. Then, I will give you a lesson today.”  

The All-killing Jiang Chen smiled and the corner of his mouth carried a wily smile. 

“Break it!”

The All-killing Jiang Chen wielded his sword like a dancing phoenix. Looking down in disdain from the sky, his sword swept away everything in thousands of miles. However, this was still not enough to injure Jiang Chen because he was very well-versed with his own technique. In contrast, the opponent had revealed his weakness.

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked ruthless. At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Sword pierced through the void as the All-killing Jiang Chen roared and then disappeared on the spot. He stepped through the void and appeared behind Jiang Chen. In a flash, the Heavenly Dragon Sword buzzed but the corner of  his mouth was overflowing with brilliance. 


Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood, and he looked ferocious.

He had been fooled! No wonder the All-killing Jiang Chen was not nervous at all and purposely showed his weakness. He was the All-killing Jiang Chen and the All-killing Jiang Chen was him. While he used his sword to pierce through the All-killing Jiang Chen, that also meant he had pierced through himself.

“Despicable guy.”

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell. He wiped away the blood around the corner of his mouth. He knew that he had to come out with a more detailed plan. It was too difficult to deal with this All-killing Jiang Chen. Although the opponent was just an illusion, it’s also in combination with reality, and was full of authenticity, making Jiang Chen fail to recognise the reality. 

“Despicability is the trait of the evildoers, while nobility is the epitaph of the respectable. I want to be reborn and take back that divine status. That’s why you can only be my subordinate prisoner. Hahaha.” 

The All-killing Jiang Chen looked around the infinite immortal palaces, pavilions and theaters with disdain. His imposing manner was rolling, despising even the heavens.

“More precisely, you have already died because no one can escape from this  Peerless Killing Formation. Do you know who had laid this down? It’s Divine Emperor Ba Tian, a Divine Emperor who is closest to being a God Emperor. Even a Divine Emperor might not be able to overcome this Peerless Killing Formation he had laid down. You are not even a Void God yet, how are you going to escape this Overload Heaven Divine Emperor’s Five-finger Mountain? You’re only a fool dreaming. Hehe.”

The All-killing Jiang Chen’s words made Jiang Chen shiver for a short while. In his mind, he became more vigilant after hearing that this was a God Emperor’s masterpiece. He had been underestimating the Peerless Killing Formation. However, since the Peerless Killing Formation could not imprison his spiritual consciousness, his Great Soul Derivation Technique could help him stay composed and not be distiburbed by the illusion. If someone had to spend hundreds of thousands of years here, he would definitely be driven crazy.

Jiang Chen kept thinking how could he overcome this Peerless Killing Formation? This All-killing Jiang Chen was a guise. If he killed him, he would actually kill himself and fall into the trap of the Peerless Killing Formation.

“If I died, I could be reborn like how Tai Ji’s divided in the Two Forms. Amongst the movement and the silence, I can act like moving clouds and flowing water while carrying hundreds of thousands of weight. One can win over those who are stronger with his weakness. One who take action later can overcome those who take action earlier. In this space that’s filled with illusion and reality, one had to defend and attack both the illusion and reality. One shall act according to his heart and be flexible to the changing circumstances. Live along with everything between the heavens and earth, and destroy everything between the heavens and earth.”

Jiang Chen murmured. In this illusion, he knew that if he wanted to kill the All-killing Jiang Chen, it was undeniably the same as killing himself.

In the Slaughtering illusion, had he already died? As long as the illusion was not broken, he would be a dead person undeniably.

“One begets Two, Two bets Three, Three begets all things on earth. It’s  inexhaustible. No matter if you strike with the winds from eight direction, I will still stand on the ground steadfastly.”

“My heart is the heavens while my intent is the earth. I act according to my will, who can stop me?”

Jiang Chen opened his eyes suddenly. His eyes were shining with light of essence while his breath filled the heavens and earth. At this moment, his spiritual level once again advanced to another level. It was a difficult level for him to achieve. Even he did not know about this. Right now, his eyes were like torches that enabled him to see through everything. All the evil spirits were irresistible to his overbearing disposition!  

At the eastern direction of the Divine Tomb, there was a dying old man sitting crossed-legged on an astrolabe in a desolate divine mountain. He opened his blurry eyes, looked afar and murmured:

“Such a great ‘I act according to my will, who can stop me’. This recklessness, this domineering manner, and this all-conquering aura has not appeared for so long. It hasn’t appeared since ten million or even a hundred million years ago……”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth lifted up slightly. He looked calm and his eyesight enabled him to see through the void and the timeline, bringing him back to reality. 

“No! No ! How can this be possible? How did you make it?”

The All-killing Jiang Chen’s figure became weaker, and was slowly fading. His face was filled with shock and fear.

“You’re only a reflection of my heart. I wanted to surpass the illusion but did not want to put myself in the trap. You are me, yet not quite me. You only have my shape and form, but you never knew my intent and will. I act according to my will, who can stop me? Hahaha, the heavens is an exception as well!”

Jiang Chen’s laughter was as loud as a thunderclap, billowing on the rivers and streams! The sound of his laughter passed on for five hundred kilometers and lingered around the ears. 

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