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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2140

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This bronze gateway was like a formation for massacre. As if it was created for the sake of burying all Immortals and Gods from the Nine Heavens. It was covered with a mysterious aura. Particularly, that vague feeling it gave off… it felt like this place was Hell. 

Thinking about Hell, Jiang Chen’s heart twitched a little. From the perspective of the Divine World, isn’t this place already Hell? How could one easily pass through Hell? One must experience a perilous journey to escape this place and enter the Divine World.

Each and every Immortal World expert had to go through countless trials to enter the Divine World, where many were bound to fail, and only the strongest could survive. As the matter stands, the Divine Tomb was much more mysterious and scarier. Furthermore, this treasure of a Divine Emperor must be extraordinary. 

The Gates of Hell, a Peerless Killing Formation! Jiang Chen couldn’t help but think of those eight words. Nobody knew what lies behind that gateway, in other words, nobody else has entered that place ever. Because the bronze gateway looked like it had stood there untouched for ages. At least, this place felt like it was a place of taboo before their arrival. 

Danger was certainly present. Furthermore, it was impossible for their path to be smooth sailing without any trouble when the treasures of the Gods was on the line. Otherwise, wouldn’t anyone be able to enter? 

“This place is definitely different. It’s possible that it’ll be a road of no return if one were to enter it.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“We’ve already come so far, even though there’s danger up ahead, one should still enter and check it out.” Zhan Lingyun said with a laugh. He was fearless, as he was powerful, giving him confidence. 

But those that followed behind Jiang Chen were reluctant. Jiang Chen’s word was clearly telling them that the dangers up ahead wasn’t something that he could bear for them. They have to rely on themselves. 

Nevertheless, these people possessed a greedy heart. They were all aiming for the Divine Treasures, which fool would step back now? If  one were to back down here and now, as long as it’s not venturing into the abyss itself, it signified the cowardice in a person’s heart and it’ll become an insurmountable heavenly moat in their future road of cultivation.  

To enter, one would look heroic but they’ll also have to face hidden dangers from all possible sides. To retreat, no dangers and risk shall be taken, but it’s cowardice; nobody was willing to be labeled as a coward. A fighter should not stop advancing! 

“We’ve already come this far. Brother Jiang Chen, we’ll follow you. We would’ve become wandering ghosts in this Divine Tomb if it weren’t for you.” 

Jiang Chen nodded. He then glanced at Dragon Shisan, signalling the latter to be careful. 

Dragon Shisan’s expression became solemn as he could see Jiang Chen, who’s not always this serious, had some concerns. 

“Brother Jiang Chen, we’ll follow your lead.” Mo Ling Dongchen said with a smile, as he fully trusted Jiang Chen. 

But Jiang Chen knew that this person was the strongest amongst the group, it’s just that he had never shown his true strength. This person was a variable in this journey. But Jiang Chen knew fairly well that he would not lose to Mo Ling Dongchen if they both unleashed their true strength. 

The flame in Jiang Chen’s hand ignited. The five Saint Flames could melt down almost everything. In an instant, the layer of ice covering the bronze gateway was melted away, turning into steam, assimilating into the air. 

The bronze gateway was covered with rusty stains, looking extremely ancient, making one unable to ascertain how many thousands of years it had been buried. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s party could feel several pairs of eyes looking at them. 

“Weird, why do I feel like someone is looking at me. F*ck.” Dragon Shisan shivered. 

As a Battle Saint Ape, his senses were always extremely keen; his sensitivity towards unknown danger was extremely precise. 

Jiang Chen too could feel it but chose not to say it out loud to prevent unrest amongst the group. Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun also felt it, but the two of them just looked at Jiang Chen and chose to be silent. 

Jiang Chen stretched out his hand and touched the bronze gateway. An ancient Sanskrit chant could be heard reverberating in his ears as he easily pushed open the bronze gateway. In which, he was shocked that it opened without any effort. After the gateway was opened, Jiang Chen saw a pathway with luminous pearls lighting the path on both sides, however the place was still dim. 

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and entered first, followed by the others behind him. The pathway became wider and taller after they entered. The pathway was ten zhang wide and a hundred zhang tall, with clouds and fog surrounding the place, and immortal Qi filled the air. A rainbow-coloured bridge could even be seen from afar, connecting towards the clouds. 

Ka kaka…

A sharp grating sound could be heard and the bronze gateway automatically closed. Jiang Chen quickly turned back and caught a glimpse of the stone statues slowly turning their heads back. However, he couldn’t make out any of it, since the bronze gateway had already closely shut. 

Jiang Chen felt an indescribable pressure in his heart. Yet this place was filled with rainbow colours, fogs and clouds hovering the place, countless flora blooming across the surroundings, just like how an Immortal Palace should be. 

The place was just like the legendary home of the Gods of the Supreme Heaven. Further inside, many splendidly built golden and jade palaces could be seen, some situating tall above a glorious mountain that peak to the clouds, some floating boundlessly above the sky. 

“Truly. Magnificent.” 

Someone took a deep breath and couldn’t help but give out praise. 

“Yeah… This is just like the Immortal Realm in their dreams, truly fascinating. The essence of Heaven and Earth here is so thick that it’s suffocating. One could easily reach higher stages if one were to cultivate here.” 

Jiang Chen also felt slightly shocked. Yes, this place is too perfect. It’s too comfortable here, making you not want to leave here, ever. You’ll want to stay here forever. 

The people beside Jiang Chen left his side one after another. Dragon Shisan, Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun also rushed forward with great speed. 

“Little Chen. I’ll go have a look. The environment here is great. I feel that I’m on the verge of breaking through the Mid Void God stage.” Dragon Shisan said and quickly ran towards the golden divine palace that was floating up in the sky. 

In an instant, Jiang Chen could feel that the others had gone towards the front. And, a strange scene happened right in front of his eyes. 

A person looking just like him stood in front of him, with his sword-finger pointing at the void. His lips curved upwards while he looked at Jiang Chen with slight disdain. 

“You’ll never reach my height. Even though you’re an extension of me, however you’re far too weak. How can such a weak person exist in this Divine Tomb?” 

‘Jiang Chen’ looked at him with eyes full of disdain. 

“Who are you?”  Jiang Chen said with a sinking tone. 

“Who am I? Hehe. I am the other you in your heart. The All-Killing Jiang Chen!” 

“The All-Killing me?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

His expression became extremely gloomy. He knew that he had fallen into an illusion. The Great Soul Derivation Technique allowed him to instantly be aware of the situation. Yet, he couldn’t escape from the place and the All-Killing Jiang Chen that was in front of him. 

“Who are you? Do you think you could kill me in this illusion?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

The All-Killing Jiang Chen raised one of his brows while he looked at Jiang Chen with surprise. 

“You actually knew that you’re in an illusion?”

Jiang Chen knew that he had fallen into an illusion but he has yet to figure out the means to break through it. The Great Soul Derivation Technique allowed him to stay sane and be psychologically unaffected. But this All-Killing Jiang Chen felt real. Facing himself, Jiang Chen felt extremely pressured, as if this person was truly him. 

“Even so, you’ll never be able to get out of this place. The Realm of Slaughter, one must kill thyself, if one wishes to kill others! Hahaha!”

The All-Killing Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, his eyes were brimming with killing intent. The surrounding was as real as it gets, with Immortal Qi filling the space and the thick essence of Heaven and Earth, the buildings and structures of the surrounding area were as beautiful as ever. Meanwhile, Dragon Shisan and the others had long vanished from his sight without a trace. 

Jiang Chen already knew that this was a considerably large illusion. The illusion had become active from the moment they stepped foot into this place, furthermore they had never realised when they have fallen into such an illusion. It won’t be easy for each and every one of them to evade such misfortune. Jiang Chen too wouldn’t have been able to get away if it weren’t for the Great Soul Derivation Technique. However, he still couldn’t do a thing even after he knew that he had fallen into an illusion. 

The All-Killing Jiang Chen in front of him felt extremely real. Could it be… he’s my other self? 

“The Realm of Slaughter, one must kill thyself, if one wishes to kill others?” Jiang Chen murmured. 

His heart felt like it has been dragged into the abyss. This Jiang Chen felt like it originates from the deepest part of my heart. His very existence could even affect my own mental state.

“Are you ready? The Realm of Slaughter. I shall be reborn once I’ve killed you! I shall break through this shackle and return to my godly position!”

The eyes of the All-Killing Jiang Chen were prideful, emitting an overbearing pressure, his domineering Qi soared through the Heavens!

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